Incoming projects

After a short break I’m back in the office and I’m pushing hard to release CVR EXP soon. I predict that we’ll be able to release this game in the first half of next month.

Also IL team is making great progress with BOUNTY HUNTER and also we plan to relase it in not so distant future.

Our next GOLD game will be SNAKE VALLEY and it will be our first project developed in UNITY. I’m very excited about it cause I believe that thanks to that technology we’ll be able to develop games much more faster and be able to not limit ourselves in terms of number of visuals used per game.

A small surprise – we plan to add rather small but highly erotic expansion to JACOB’S REBOUND concentrated about threesomes.

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  1. I also think the Calendar is a very nice touch but I’d like to suggest maybe including a title or something to let us know who each update is featuring. Thanks again!

    1. @The138

      “to let us know who each update is featuring”

      Are you the kind of guy who flips through a 12 month calendar and looks at all the pictures or maybe the kind of person who reads the last page of a mystery novel before starting the book? LOL

      It’s a fun thing to show characters from the LoP universe. If you’re wondering who is who, check the wikia page, all the girls are featured there!

  2. I’m very much looking forward to the CVR expansion, of course. Thank you for the projected release estimate.

    Interesting comments on Unity, too. Faster development is going to just be awesome for everyone involved, sounds like a no-brainer. I didn’t realise you were previously limited “in terms of number of visuals used per game”. I don’t really care for flash in any way, but just out of curiosity, what was the limiting factor?

    1. @genome

      We are limited in terms of just everything in terms of flash. If we have too many of anything (animations, images, sound, etc.) the game slows to a crawl slower than a sloth on a freeway! With this we can now make more content per game without the fear of crashing or long load/buffering times! Hope you and everyone else enjoys it once it is officially released.

  3. Hi, LOP team, thanks is just a little word to appreciate ur great art work. I never saw such majestic work. A humble request to you to pls bring one more time eleanor, she is most exotic and sensual character I ever came across. Pls consider req and revert me. Thanks

  4. Sir, I have send few mail to u but never got any reply but I don’t mind becoz u delivered such great stories which is amazing and I m fond of that but I req u to pls make one more story on ELEANOR, I WILL BE GRATEFUL TO U.

    1. @Cole


      Haha, having fun. I can’t speak on behalf of Elanor or it’s creator, but her name has been brought up at meetings. I will say no more.

  5. once again,i hope unity engine will turn out good and with no problems,seeing that it can allow you to make your games faster,bigger and without limits regarding amount of renders you can put into games i most certainly looking forward to new projects based on unity engine
    waiting for cvr expansion,i like what’s been said so far,can’t wait to play it
    jacob rebound expansion looks very interesting,if that’s brand and isabelle on first pic then it’s going to be awesome

  6. Guys i think you really need a lot of time for some games, maybe because others using unity, but for less then month they releasing very big updates with a lot of events and scenes maybe you should start using it. Many times new games have bug or two i know many scenes to be put in order needs work and in right order programming its complex think maybe its flash but for some games you need over year for example LWT 2 and only 7 days? So i guess its time start unity!

  7. i’m sorry but that is the reason why i canceled my account,

    more promises and nothing new the timelines are being pushed forward again an again , when a game finally comes out like the last one it’s so vanila and weak that you prfere the free games from outher sites,,,
    again sorry i prefer being patron to a new game developer than being a member in the site,,, good luck in the future , hopw you’ll get a grip on the work again

  8. sorry but i gotta criticise your plans this have already promised living with temptations 2 and blind date 3D expansion(and im sure the latter is canceled at this point).i’d like an update on at least lwt2.dont put too much on your plate just release your short term planned projects

    1. to clarify i dissaprove only the development of the jacob’s rebound expansion.thebother games look really good and im looking forward to them.JR was a good game but an expansion is unecessary

    2. Sorry to disappoint you, but I quite clearly remember, LWT2 have delays, because of its writer. Last time I read about it, he said earliest possible is around Jan-Feb next year. 🙁 If i remember wrong or it was updated since Im sure Daman will correct me.

      1. i doubt it will be jan-feb next year,we would get some news already if that was the case
        since lwt2 is getting overhaul with the expansion i wouldn’t expect it before may-june of next year

      2. @Lebig

        Actually yes you are correct. If fans picked up the chatter from over at the lagoon page, they will find out some more info on the progress of LwT2 from it’s writer.

  9. Eleanor is best game. For me. Interest is. I also wrote, and nowhere answer. I do not want to finish. I want and not just me, the answer. Yes, Eleanor will continue. Not this project is over. Thank you very much for the answer.

  10. Eleanor and LwT are the best and most rated projects. The appearance in any new games of any characters from Eleanor or LwT (together or separately, in the main role and in a secondary role) will contribute to success.

      1. I think Eleanor helped de Didi very successfully. But, of course, it is not the only reason for success.
        But you will agree that Eleanor, Tracey and Lisa are very popular girls.

        1. In the game Eleanor-2 there is a small scene with Kim from the City of Love.
          And in the City of Love there is Gina from Prima Ballerina.
          Crissy from Prima Ballerina participates in the History of Didi.
          I like it when the participants of some stories eventually get new adventures in new games.
          Eleanor, Tracy and Lisa, as well as Justin, have no competitors here.

  11. I am trying to keep the faith that maybe we will get so many games at once we will have a hard time just playing one but that’s just a hope. Eleanor 3 needs to come before Jacob or anything she’s the best. Games in demand need to be brought back to the fold to keep viewers happy are Eleanor, LWT, and SERENA. Excited about CVR but JR before Any of those 3 is a mistake. Game was cool but need to go back to one of those 3 soon. Hell even Didi was better than that and Roomate.

  12. LMAO you been having a rest for four months. Paying for a year is a joke. Payment should be just for each game then you will pull your finger out.

    I expect the amount of money you get in 2017 is 200% less than 2015. Its because you bring nothing out.

    Its just you guys who struggle to bring games out. Next game will be released in 2-4 months. two games a year is a joke. The games are short and shitty anyway.

    1. @I_laugh

      “two games a year is a joke”

      Funny that. I count differently. That is, of course you mean just the free games we released then by all means you are on point then good sir and/or ma’am.

  13. We r just the fan, who can appreciate ur work or can put our request across you. Finally its ur decision. But as a True fan, i believe that Eleanor is your best character ever made in flash game history. Nothing harm if you can create Eleanor games as series. I don’t know how many will be agree with this but its just a request. Thanks, hope to hear from u soon.

  14. Let’s sit back and relax with a tea/coffee as this is gonna be one long post!

    Let us ask ourselves, the people who play adult games, are they simpleton perverts? Nope! We are Gamers! We enjoy the gameplay as much as we love our fantasies coming to 3D or 2D life! We enjoy the challenge, to beat the game and enjoy our kinks alongside them. We bask not only in the afterglow of an orgasm but also of that of beating a game.

    Let us think back on the two most successful LOP games; Eleanor and Living with Temptation. What did they have in common other than stat grinding? They posed a challenge for us. Not a very hard challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.

    Eleanor had to improve her relation with her husband while earning money to prove she is not a liability to their relation. Or she had to find other means of supporting herself without Drake. What happened in Eleanor 2? No direction! You just wander around aimlessly in a new city to find the next sex scene. Hot graphics, but Boring for gamers! Might as well watch porn and fap!

    As for Justin, he had more in his plate. He had to repair his relationship with his wife, take care of the house and child and also figure out how to deal with the hot little nanny! LwT2? You could just click randomly and still probably get the final threesome, apparently all LwT fans wanted a Justin-Tracy-Lisa threesome and that’s exactly what we got! BAM! Fan service!

    But the Dark horse of LOP Gold, Living with Serana, had all the correct ingredients from Eleanor and LwT and more. I really do care what direction the LOP team takes as the flash era comes to an end. I just hope you guys remember that we’re not your everyday perverts, we’re gamers as well. Challenge us! I dare you!

    1. I’m a new player and I agree with you of lot of points 🙂

      The 3 best franchise for me are LWT, LWS and Eleanor, Jacob’s rebound is good but misses how to say “chili” and I do not know if a simple 3some will change things in its entirety

      I like LWT2 in the principle Justin is shape like a sportsman so no need to redo it, the problem according to me of LWT2 is its simplicity in the mechanism of game and I hope that it will be worked in extension, And a big addition of events, they could add other guests who arrive a few days later for example ..

      For Eleanor 2 why do we need everything started on Eleanor’s physique and her money, this is for me the main error on the game,.
      If there is an Eleanor 3, I hope it will take into consideration that Eleanor Is simply irresistible to everyone, and that she is not yet at the mercy of Drake.

      About Living with Serena sequel, there are plenty of interesting points to start the suite especially on the photos of Serena and those of Nicole if they were taken.
      With his photos have little thought to a blackmail and a revenge of Serena and Nicole, Julian will have to catch the blow or to lose all control on Serena;)

      Here my 2 bucks and sorry for my frenglish 😀

    2. Totally i agree about challenge and build relationship, hard work of choices and decisions right or wrong game could go in different directions, also once you must choose one direction for certain scene, next time the other. You needed to play the game multiple times to see all different scenes, hidden scenes, events etc. because games were long and insightful.

    3. @Taihen_addict

      “Bravo, monsieur, such spirited words!”
      Phantom, “Phantom of the Opera”

      With our Unity project finalizing I can guarantee that your outspoken cry for a product that can test your wit within a game will be met with the same vigor and emotion as your comment above mentions. I have several tricks (as well as many secrets) being conducted that I can not disclose to you nor the public at the present juncture. But I do promise to deliver that challenge you speak of and so desperately crave for! Consider your challenge unequivocally accepted!

      I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

  15. I agree with rohm above except for Eleanor, yes no need to depend from Drake, but she is lazy cunt don’t wanna work and likes her luxury life. But yeah she very hot slut can everyone mind upside down and drake its not that rich so i think next expansion they need to divorce, and she will be hunting rich bastards but will be hard because everyone knows her past, so she must work hard, fuck even harder to catch the new bilioner.
    i’ve seen and read many ideas and i think LOP need to start to think that people want to see characters mixed at least the story that match with each other, also all people insist to see good old characters like: Eleanor,Tracy,Lisa,Serena etc. instead to cr8 new shallow ones this is my analyssis and tell me what you think guys.
    I think LOP Team its in a hurry to cr8 more games so they cr8 not so well investigated characters. This days new couple of games characters are not deep with not much behind story or story that can be extended and their personality are kinda transparent and i think cannot be used in other direction or used in future, they are more like one time use. I know you guys work hard and trying very hard i know that, and you trying to cr8 more themes and angles and satisfy all fans and customers. But even if you cr8 new games you can at least use one old character all people love that. For example in CVR can be adapted many characters. The game is very adaptable so you can use other older characters instead adding new ones. Also if you can see people insist on expansions on 2-3 games or mentioning same old characters like: Lisa,Eleanor,Tracy,Serena and others.
    Why don’t you cr8 Table “List” with games or characters and let the fellas on forum vote which character or game wants to see next. Just idea ofc, but will be nice if you implement that and i think fans will appreciate that, and you can also know what to expect, its very useful and effective way, and seen it on 1-2 website its very successful, think about it.
    For example some games are good but their characters stay unfulfilled. Arkham long good story with details but characters well either way. CVR finally Great Game with a lot of options nice creation of characters and open possibility for extensions and adding characters new or old. Also what i really like about that game is the story, like one of the endings the story can go outside the CVR in someone home to continue with the actions :). One more thing people want to see characters Elegant slutty bitches cunts but still high class like Eleanor and very sexy with make up not ordinary. OEP ok but not impressed if you ask me Lana was ok but still, in “Sensual Hunting” womens were actually ugly if you ask me, work more on make up, clothes design, especially on the face, chicks must be with nice slutty smile In “Jacob Rebound” only i liked Irina, one of the finest chicks ever, really want to see her again also we saw Serena there in the Jim will be nice to be stretched by BBC Sry if i am to rush and radical but that’s how i see it from my perspective. Sry for being to long and boring maybe, but i was playing many games this days from LOP and that’s my analysis. If possible i really want to see the hot bitch from “Ryan Blender” Blue Santana & Lexy from the “Divided Heart sry for being to long Greetings!

  16. i admmit that im also tired of all these promises about expansions and new games, it`s been more than six months you telling us about the CVR expansion, and the only reponse about it “coming soon”, “be patience”, if you are going to develope some new content games, expansions, calendars…, you should be more specific at the time of saying the date on which they will be released. Also you should keep worjing in the best content you made like eleanor and LWT, instead you release games with poor stories and contente like lily in hawai. I think that more than of one is complaining about this, in every new post of this blog you put CVR expansion soon or coming, and then for weeks we know nothing while you keep announcing more and more projects, that after months after we can see. If your are preparing somethin new, an expasion or a game, i think that the best is that you annouce it at least one month before the release or with a specific date.

    1. “On December 5th, 2016, LoP announced that Club Velvet Rose would be released at the beginning of 2017” this is what one of your posts on Wikia says, what a shame

    2. @WatsonCrick

      “you should be more specific at the time of saying the date on which they will be released”

      We put most of our budget into computers, programs, editing software and office space. We ran out so we never bought a calendar! LOL

      I know we keep saying things but sometimes we are spinning so many plates we have to worry about going over to one and fixing it before returning to the case at hand. I will take full responsibility for the CVR expansions delay as I wanted to add, subtract and try and make it better in hopes it can live up to the hype. So sorry for the delay, but I do believe we have a dynamite add-on that you will enjoy!

      1. “We ran out so we never bought a calendar”…

        ROFLMAO…Daman, that’s like the comment of the year. LOL.

        Still a humble request to you, please make CVR exp a game to behold, full of amazement and surprises, don’t let us down take the time, I’m not complaining, just produce your finest works….and also…

        Do present Lily in your future games, eh? LOL, I just love her!!

        With best regards

  17. slayer, watson…all the rest are true. I think last year under nick ben hurr I just predicted this. at that time I was one of the very few critics of the never ending promises and trubles with the fans in near future.. well here we are. at that time I suggested as the most people here, just forget the shit experiments and go back to the roots, to the very succesfull games, like eleanor LWT, LWS CVR… To be honest I started write my post last week I guess, but then just give up, as it has no sense to give any advise to this guys..but Mr. Slayer…believe or not, I was writing nearly the same…the CVR is offering unlimited possibilities to bring back tle LWT characters – they are swingers, or Eleanor…as an escort or stripper… and yes, yes, yes slayer is right, create instead of shits and promises an panel for creative advices, or voting, cooperate with your fans and work with them, it can bring you back. you can use ideas , or voting results as a clue for your creations …helps you and helps your fans…in the period of endless waiting. with no doubt , it was time when the games here , were the best , the plot, the graphic, hope this can return. last year maybe two….except CVR was very bad, the games all the same …one man , wife or girl or two, than threesome as a biggest challenge. I think this is not the top what you can achieve in the fantasy world like this. the popularity of LWT , eleanor, CVR, are based on the gangbangs, swingers, cheating, cuckold, gloryhole and the rest of bold ideas. not the always used FFM threesome, which seems to be an unsatisfied dream of the creator.

    1. completely agree with you man, the thing is that they are trying to develop too many things at the same time, and when something comes out it doesn’t have the same quality as the old franchises, or the coming dates are never the expected. So that´s the issue and as you say i think they should focus more into the content we are intersted and not some random things without enough quality.

  18. I sry if insulted anyone i hate to be insulter just want to tell you guys not only me everyone wants long successful deep story, good created story, with good explained history of the characters, with a lot of scenes places and events. Guys better work on game like LWS or LWT or Eleanor longer game but successful game and when you are available work on small games like before, not like now you trying to push new projects big number of them non of them with good story or long story or details. Characters not so hot though, not even close like Tracy Lisa or Eleanor CVR finally offered sexy womens and slutty most importantly 🙂 in LWT all are total sluts and that’s what we pervs want :).
    Eleanor and LWT are nice why: A lot of opportunity you can screw Lisa or Tracy every single day in every room and you have scenes that you can achieve them only in certain day that makes you to play the game again, and while you reach the level ( built relationship) big enough to screw the chicks that’s pressure but interesting challenge and you have at least 40 days in same games even 50 days which makes the game fun long with a lot of different challenges and opportunities Your sincerely Slayer 🙂 Greetings!

  19. “Sept is coming ” lol (play off game of thrones). This is the month that loyal fans like me are hoping for some surprises. You guys are so right to much new games how about go back to old ones that made people by subcriptions and just keep adding to story make it a universe. With Eleanor and Lwt and Lws and even Didi. Add to the universe u already have that should take less time right? Like Eleanor nothing ever happened with the neighbors son but one thing in each Eleanor. How about adding that to story where she can constantly chill with him. Or even the boy in the office just one sex scene wasn’t enough. That’s what made both Lws and Lwt good because u could constantly go back and have relations in bedroom or for lunch and even constant fucking in office with Julian and Secretary and in clothes shop with that chick. Just add scenes every week for your loyal customers. Can’t be that hard to add a scene in each of old games while working on new stuff right? Just keep universe/city as is and add away. Not asking for new characters in game though that would be nice asking for updates sooner and there is my suggestion not that it was asked 😉 But think it would be cool as hell.

  20. since you’re switching to unity engine which will hopefully allow you faster production and bigger games with more content,i thought it would be good if you decide to do remakes of your most loved games such as eleanor,jordan500,living with serena and ofcourse still my favourite of them all,lwt1
    all of those games are well made and can still offer much much more,and if unity allows you to create bigger games and more content,i’d pay double to see lwt1 remake with more content,interactions and more new scenes alongside with those fantastic could expand that weekend when we go with tracy to that cabin,maybe add extra day in vegas,return to swing club,expand pool scene with tracy,much more scenes with lisa if you’re cheating (and we all know we do 😀 )steady move from no touch rule to HJ/BJ then sex,sex with her in shower,her bedroom,justins bedroom,pool,terace,living room,maybe give bigger role to derek and sandy,spy on them when they’re with lisa…posibilities are endless for that game
    same goes for eleanor,my two favourite scenes could be expanded,game night and james scene,maybe have them repeatable
    i’d love to see jordan500 remake too,she’s always been one of my favourite girls,it would be great to see her again in a new game or the classic one but with new content added

    i know the chances are very slim,but these are proven and great games,your best titles,can’t go wrong with them,you can only make them greater,i know all of you strive for new projects and new games to work on but in my opinon,this would be granted as great decision if you decide to do it

    have a nice day

  21. I had forgot about pool scene in Lwt like when you two win maybe something occurs or maybe you you two watch LISA again though this time with the boy friend and play in front of each other. There is so much that can be added to the universes that you guys already had . Updates every week or two weeks could be just what doctor ordered.

  22. Sry if gave very rough critics i hope LOP guys don’t hate me but that’s my opinion and i am glad most of the mates here agree with me. st1 great analysis i totally i agree with you mate and tnx for mentioning Jordan 500 one of my favorites girls i really hope to see her again. Jordan 500 and Tori 500 one of most beautiful girls and very good games although the sex scenes in those old games very limited. If CVR its created in episodes and story goes around the club not around characters can be involved many characters, lets say only owner and some of the chicks that work there and the bartender others characters can come and go can be created on episodes or something think about it. Maybe i am boring but don’t totally forget the old characters Tori, Jordan, Lexi, Blue Santana, Sylvia Alice, Didi also was good story i loved it and others. Lets not forget male characters also like Ryan Blender can be hired by Tracy for example if she suspects you shaking Lisa if you avoiding her and not go for the weekend with her or by Drake if he realised hes wife banging her ass around more then pornstar :). Let’s not forget to hire Johnny Bullet from time to time to take care of someones problem or person 🙂 if you know what i mean. This two characters can be optional or secondary used by will of the player. Also really like to see Blue Santana from Ryan Blender and Lexi from Divided Heart she was like wet dream also Alice from City Of Love, i really love those characters, they are very sexy and sexual and slutty hope you will reconsider. Almost forget the mate above mentioned possibilities in LWT good ones but no one mentioned the gym, you can meet and fuck random or secondary characters, the chick that sterilizes you said seen you in gym. Best wishes and successful work Greetings!

    1. @slayer

      “i hope LOP guys don’t hate me”

      *Puts down voodoo doll* Of course not, why would we? *Jabs needle into doll*

      Just kidding! We love to hear from everyone (new, old, loyal and not so much). We can make our games better and know if we make a product good enough for you and if so if we can continue. With the our limitation ceiling being raised with the new Unity engine, many new projects we have been showing off and hinting at (as well a few still stashed away for shock factor) we can present them to you without interruptions, problems or even re-usage of images and scenes. We hope that once the dust has settled and players get a good look at what we have been toiling with for long nights this year will finally pay off for everyone!

      Greeting back to you too, good sir/ma’am!

      1. @daman

        “With the our limitation ceiling being raised with the new Unity engine, many new projects we have been showing off and hinting at we can present them to you without interruptions, problems or even re-usage of images and scenes.”

        thanks for info,this is great,can’t deny i’m hyped for future projects on unity

  23. I don’t really know why you guys will release an expansion for Jacob that game was fine but there are other games u guys should focus on, and and don’t know but this year 2 game has been release for lop that’s not close to be good.

    1. @Heylop

      Truthfully? It was meant to be in the original game but was scrapped due to time restraints. I wanted to finish it so that we can give you and others something to play with during the wait and also to complete Jacob’s story.

  24. I’m excited for Bounty Hunter and in particular Snake Valley because I love westerns so much. (2 questions about the game: is it set before, during or after the American Civil War? and are we able to change our weapons?)
    You’re doing a good job team!!!

    1. @BigArgieCock

      “is it set before, during or after the American Civil War? ”

      A bit of during and after.It is the LoP Universe so things like world history don’t truly apply.

      “are we able to change our weapons?”


        1. @BigArgieCock

          If you won’t say anything and I don’t say anything, I’m sure everyone would be just-*Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

  25. Daman mate first i am Man dummy not ma’am, second if i am chick probably i will be miss but ma’am that’s lame, ma’am’s not playing such a games i guess. Third voodoo dolls cmon man i said before i hate dark magic and shit you breaking my heart i consider my self atheist, and i don’t want to be boring or pain just saying like many others what we expect long games with a lot of days events multiple choices, building stats and relationships. About characters i expect more sexy, slutty, ambitious, make up, expensive clothes womens, in games ofc i respect every person but here prefer slutty babes to bang 🙂 .
    New characters they don’t have sexuality, somehow i don’t see or feel vibes from them to excite. However i really liked Sylvia & Nick. How girl from considering sexual option turns into total lioness slut. I think you can cr8 gold game from that game how she is managing to fix her grades, with studying or diplomatic relationships with her professors 🙂 . Sylvia was character that i really liked and then there was CVR. Margaret and Walter was not bad but lately those games were cool if you ask me, so Daman ma’am 🙂 guys fellas mates see around till the next time Greetings!

  26. You been away since april LMAO. Last full game released was april. Then two short bonus games.

    Whats the point of have lop gold , sex and glory. No games ever comes out. Time to fire most of the team. Useless caunts.

  27. @LOP_daman – u have killed Eleanor, that’s brutal ..Do u knw.why nokia lost their prime position? Becoz they became like u. Meeting & No more ?? That’s sort of reply shows Curt reply towards yr fans. I know and accept u r becoz of ur work but u will get finished coz u ignored ur audience. Tc bye

  28. Words from iksanabot
    “Hi all,
    I’m working very hard on the LWT2 expansion script and it’s almost written. I’m exhausted. So far I’ve written 11 new sex scenes. I’m adding character development, and new days, and God, I’m just adding so much to try and correct the major flaws people identified. Again, I’m exhausted. Remember, I have a demanding full time job, as well as three children, so fitting in this kind of writing is very, very, very hard.

    Once the script is done, it will be several months after that before the rendering is done and an alpha version can be built. So please be patient. I will post more details once I have sent the completed script to Leo (It will be sometime in the next ten days). Do not expect the complete game to be released in 2017, though of course, once I’m done writing, the timing all depends on Leo and YamYoda.


    1. Hello Big,
      No problem, LWT2 is one of the last game. And a very good game. Great job.
      Why we are not so happy ?
      Promise and nothing happening for the moment since several months, about other game CVR ext., etc…
      Of course Lop Games are really great game, but we are gamer and are waiting too long. And when you love Lop game it’s difficult to accept to be patient more than 6 months

  29. The biggest problem for LOP its the release date delaying etc.
    If you see the patreon developers they always say released date and never late, never longer then month. They develop on episodes and expansions but when update its done ( always the date they set) and the update needs 5-6 hours to play or days if you play 1-2 hours per day, very long very detailed scenario with more options to choose where the story can go, and when the story will be fully finished you will need months to see all options choices events of the game (some of them 300-400 days or unlimited until you finish some quests etc, you can play as long as you like). Like i said its ok to be longer the waiting but say the release date when exact day month etc. at least you can tell this week for example. In meantime while we wait you can release more photos on calendar or instagram no need to be gold member for calendar if you ask me, you became capitalists to much, on patreon after month or two the expansions are free totally no cash need or well i mean credit card you still have games like “Tori 500″ and Jordan 500” from ten years ago maybe more still can’t be played for free that’s a little lame no offense. People are impatient by nature they want set date i am sure that will easy the pressure for them and you, more the people wait more “Stress” 🙂 and losing confidence so guys think about it.

    1. well it’s hard to compare patreon with lop,creators on patreon have it easier because they are making monthly updates for one game only whether lop makes completed games on release,which means that patreon creators have freedom to develop their games gradually,adding more and more content that builds up on previous updates which makes the game bigger and packed with various contents with each release
      lop on the other hand releases completed game,the beginning and ending in some way limits them to put everything they want into the game
      i’m a patron myself for couple of creators,and i don’t want to offend leo or rest of the lopteam but that way is much better regarding how much content can be added into game

      i talked a while ago that lop could benefit that kind of approach for some games because the story is usually too good to fit and offer everything into released game,mostly lwt2 because of its concept of 7 days which could have been developed and released similarly like patreon creators do,7 big episodes for each day which would let the story of the game to fully unfold

      again,i hope unity engine will sort this out,lop games usually come with very interesting and different stories (unlike most of patreon games),i hope the team will be able to use unity to bring out full potential of the games,characters and stories they create

  30. Sup LoP Community!

    It’s been a while since we had a bit of a sit down and chat about things. I would like to first off by saying sorry for the delayed CVR expansion. I am not a perfectionist but I’m also a person who is afraid to (pardon the western expression) piss the bed. I want to be sure that the expansion lives up to it’s expectations and you enjoy the added experiences back at the Velvet Rose.

    As for what if fixed for the later part afterwards, well I can say with the most upmost confidence we have a some gems in store for you all for the remaining part of this year and leading to the next year as well. Yes, you can say we have been working on many projects as of late (some say too many), but it will all be worth it now that the fabled Unity engine is completed.

    I hope to see you guys for the release of CVR’s new expansion!


    PS. When will it be released? Let’s just say you won’t have to wait much longer! 😉

  31. @LOP_Daman – Sorry for my expression but I love Eleanor pls make an effort to bring her back. I appreciate yr work including ur team. U did what, we can’t ever do. But we expect more with our preferences. Pls Bring my Love Eleanor back, just one more time.

  32. st1 yeah cool analysis again lwt2 can be cr8 like patreon games every day can be 2 episode with hell a lot of options, well could be, also some games on patreon or other websites are complete or like LOP expansions not on episodes and like above and always before i will say lop guys will cr8 stress if they don’t say accurate Release date.

  33. @LOP_Daman – yes thanks to Chestnut Shuffles and Rahvin, and you as well, pls ask Mr. Shuffles & Rahein to make one more Eleanor episode, with yr permission Sir. Thanks

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