Bounty Hunter on-line!

Today we’ve launched another game.

Michael β€œMike” Smythe is a bounty hunter trying to score big so that he can live a life of luxury and wealth with his girlfriend, who wants him to retire to a quiet, safer occupation – despite his wishes to the contrary.

Things come to a head when he gets a tip on a score that can set him up for life, leaving him running up against a fellow bounty hunter for the prize and a mark who might be willing to help him get it if he’s willing to let her go.

Bounty Hunter is a SimLife/action game where the player takes the role of Mike as he goes about his job, trying to get the biggest score he can while planning his everyday life between risky missions – many of them tied to individual women and unlocked by improving his relationship with them. Depending on how things turn out, he can end up rich, in a working relationship, retired, or alone (or dead in a ditch, but that’s part of the job).

The game system works on a 24-Hour cycle with two distinct phases (Free Time & Mission), with certain actions available only at specific times and phases. These actions take time and will progress the day accordingly, so the player must carefully decide on their chosen path – each opportunity taken is another lost.

There are several endings to be found in the game depending on the relationship achieved with each of the women that you can have sex with. Completing their side-quests will earn special items and extra cash (and other, more enjoyable rewards).

Dive into the magical atmosphere of the neon-filled 80s and play as a bounty hunter trying to catch bad guys while flirting with adorable girls: BOUNTY HUNTER –

81 thoughts on “Bounty Hunter on-line!”

  1. I love to see RPG game like this but with Tori 500, instead being victim she can be assassin. In one of the endings she end up with that mafia guy, right hand of the boss. He can teach her to be killer, cold sexy irresistible killer, mostly using her deadly body, instead being poor victim. They can work like guns for hire. One of LOP guys or there were only rumors about this scenario, which i really love to see something like this in future they can travel around the world doing missions and being chased by interpol, something like the HITMAN movie tell guys what you think!

  2. The game itself is pretty decent. Girls are different enough from the typical models you use to draw me in. Gotta comment on the difficulty, though. I’ve had 69% body hit rate and would miss 6 shots in a row. Getting the necessary cash to level up your Physical is pretty frustrating, especially since it becomes important very early on, when I finally did get it up pretty high, I hit the end point with Alice (with her at 100) and despite the game telling me to “Talk to Lucy”, she had nothing to say. I bought a ring, but that didn’t do anything. I’m assuming it has something to do with what you pick up on one of Sandra’s rescue missions, however, the time and money needed to get Accuracy AND Physical up doesn’t really seem possible. I also got through to Sandra with 100, then it told me to “Talk to Nelson in the bar”, which I did. Nothing happened. No interaction options change from what I could tell with Sandra.

  3. i dont know if its just me, but the loading times are amazingly long in this, i feel like everytime i go somewhere new the game goes black for like 10 mins before the scene , maybe it’s just a unity thing

  4. Like the game, but I agree with the other guys.
    There is definitely something off with the RNG.
    Also there is to few days to really do anything, by the time I get high enough strength and accuracy I’ve got like 4–5 days to get all the quests done.

  5. Hi, I just started and everytime when I train physical and than confront that biker Rudd, I get double-1 with the dice… tried this over and over: 1s only.
    Bug or feature?

  6. Guys couple of advices:
    1.When you finish game let the stats you builded during first time you played be the same at least +50% from what you achieved which many before offered and asked for that.
    2. Don’t use Roll – “Dice” system like “City Of Love”, random damage yes i mean bigger the damage you build in you stats more
    damage you make, but still random depends from opponents absorption, lvl, armor etc.
    3.Either make the game longer or stats a easier to build, not to much but still enough to make most of the choices or stuff
    thank you and think about it.

  7. Only been able to play a few times so far.
    Love the girls, love the premise….but…
    I’m not against games being difficult or only being able to play one path, but this one is hamstrung by sketchy odds….seriously, 89% that fails 4 times in a row – should be like a 1 in a hundred chance of that. Should be a 60% chance of hitting ALL of them .
    I’d not recommend this game in it’s current state.

  8. The point about rolling 1 every time against the biker early on is interesting because if that’s happening in missions as well then that could explain why the actual change of hitting is much lower than what the percentage would suggest…

    1. Yeah Girls are more realistic this days movement and animations and all that, which is for big compliment but, not so hot, kinda average, looking ordinary like i said before, i don’t mind to be more cartoony like first games, but to be more hot. I don’t know how to explain my self the body’s of the chicks are cool, but faces in couple last games not satisfying in exceptions of CVR, the game, the story, the chicks are awesome, but arkham, 2 of the girls nothing special,Lana is ok but still kinda missing something, sensual hunting bad. Girls lack of hotness staying behind away from old games like: 1.LWT – Lisa-Tracy-Sandy, LWT 2 Gabrielle and others
      2.Divided Heart – Lexi definitely one of the hottest chicks ever, i really to see her in other games
      3.College Romance chicks, not remember the names
      4.Ryan Blender – Blue Santana one of my favorite chicks, someone mentioned about scenario on one of the forums about her and Eleanor, both divorced cause Ryan Blender, and now they plotting revenge against him and chasing rich bastards, is that’s true?
      Those two slutty girls can be nice combination if you ask me.
      By the way Blonde chick looks very same like the one from Eleanor, when goes on her vacation with Drake, and very look a like like the girl from College Romance.
      5.Chick’s from City Of Love they were amazing, and Elena from Jacob’s Rebound the only chick i like in JB and Extremely Hot.

  9. Along the lines of previous posters, the game difficulty is absurd. I’ve played the game from start to finish 10 times (at least), and stats level up too slowly. I adore the amount of choices in LOP games, but progress to different endings in this game requires god like patience and maybe some hacks πŸ˜‰ All in all though, thoroughly enjoy the game. But maybe some tweaks regarding the difficulty

  10. Great game!!! But… I’ve progressed to having sex with Alice, but twice now I’ve received an “out of memory” error and chrome says if you are the developer you should devote more memory and recompile. Then the game freezes up and the only option is to reload, which loses all game progress. Is this a bug on your end or mine?

  11. Been a fun game so far and adding the gallery is the best thing you have ever done. EVERY game should have one of those. I am having a lot of loading issues, especially when I invite the girls over to the house. I’ve had to reload the page a ton of times because it would not load.

  12. Looking for the last two “Other” section scenes. Found the boob job at the beach and the chick in the park who sprained her ankle. Anyone know where the other two are? Guessing one has to do with the gym chick.

    1. 1. Get Lucy to suck your dick by sparring 3 times and winning.
      2. Do the Biker Bar mission, collect ring near the bar on the right side, talk to Lucy while Alice is in gym, give ring to Lucy, hear about blackmailer, do Blackmailer mission, bring photos back, talk to Lucy while Alice is in gym, (may need to do 1 before doing 2, and may need to have Alice at 100 before doing mission), have threeway!

      1. Thank you for telling me how to get that three way. I have all other achievements and all endings. I had been thinking that the last thing was related to judging the wet tee shirt contest. I have been playing this game for three days. It’s a good game.

  13. Havent been able to play the game much. The load times are really long, i am only able to play the first mission and then when i go outside all of my options dont work (its like its an image without active links on it, clicking bar doesnt do anything).

  14. Ok My first review.

    Gotta Say The game is decent enough with a few pros and cons.

    Pros include good visual imagery, real life looking girls (Sandra takes the lead in my book), extensive complex game play comparable to any real time mission based first person video games and well built storyline. Like what you guys have done with the game. Keep it up.

    On the contrary, there are some pitfalls like extremely slow loading time, short duration (20 days too short!!) to play the game, complete the mission and building stats while at the same time get the action with the girls going. Also some game bugs like my fellow players mentioned above. Please look into it and also extend the days a bit (to standard 30 days) for better enjoyment and game play experience.

    Overall, a good endeavor from you guys. Good job and thanks. Would expect to see this level of product from you guys in the future in your upcoming games.

    @ Daman & Leo: Could you please oblige my request to add Lily (from Hawaii) in your future game? I love her and would definitely like to see her in more involvement in your future game.

    On a side note, I liked Club Velvet Rose. But already having been experienced about the bondage play in its original game, the expansion didn’t surprise me that much with the actions involved, however, still a decent gameplay.

    Hope you guys will work on the upgrades.


    1. @LOPfan001

      Thanks for the feedback.

      As for Lily and company returning…no comment at this moment πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for enjoying the expansion for CVR as well as Bounty Hunter!

  15. Perhaos i found a bug: My phyisical condition is at 11, but when i go to the warehouse to look for Sandra it always starts at 7 points so that i cant win the fight aigainst the guy at the beginning. Or am i doing something wrong?

  16. i’m sorry but this is one of the worst games you ever made
    yes the graphics is not bad but thats it
    no story , no good scenes , it’s like playing demo R mainstreem game like GTA or something.
    what’s up with you guys 3 months for something like this is an insult to the paying members , from spicy and good games to boring vanila game like this and to a western (!) game afterwards ?!
    that is the reason i’m not a member anymore it feels like your’e make a fool of the rest of the members

    1. Could you please specify why do you think that the game has no story neither good scenes? You compare it to GTA only because in both games there are guns and shooting on the streets?

      And it took us much more than 3 months to complete this project.

      1. Hey Leo. As a tangent to the comment(er) above, as much as I like the game, the implementation is still a bit rough. In both Firefox and Google, the load times are pretty long – especially the first time you visit a location, and a couple times, towards the last few days of the game there is a “stack error” that crops up. Thank goodness you’re auto-save between some scenes works extremely well.

        But, I hope that you guys get the Unity engine figured out a bit better. The game itself is really nice with the different elements, but needs a bit more tweaking to make it smoother in terms of overall game play.

        Looking forward to Snake Valley (sometime soon? πŸ™‚

      2. hi, leonizer
        don’t get me wrong
        the game as a game looks like a hard work, and the technical stuff looks really good
        but comapring it to other games like lwt (1or2 ) or eleanor (again 1or 2) from the looks of an adult game is a real not even close. it has vanila scenes and virtually very short story
        i compared it to gta (the old version) because of the high pov and the mainstream story.
        i am very dissapointed because it looks like in every game youre getting better with the quality of the pictures and the technical game and from the story and imagination your’e becoming too mainstream

    2. If you’re not a member, then how are you playing this “boring” game?
      As a long time member, I think this is one of the more successful SAG games they’ve released since SH. But, that’s why I’m still here. If you have a comment, make it constructive instead of just spouting off at the mouth – or, just go away πŸ™‚

      1. @tperos

        i’m glad for you, as you are so were i , so shut up .
        i patroned here long time up until recently and am not happy with the last game if you like such games be my guest,

        btw, i could play the game through another member, he also didn’t like it …

  17. One of the best SAG games it is awesome but there are to many errors like memory error that i get in journal mission.
    The graphic is very good but please fix the bugs because they are ruining the game.

  18. One of the best SAG games it is awesome but there are too many errors like memory error that i get in journal mission.
    The graphic is very good but please fix the bugs because they are ruining the game.

  19. This can probably be a good game, but it is a pain in the ass to play! The game freeses upp on me, sometimes It wont even start up. Memory is another issue. In the beginning it was way to hard to advance. Im pissed.

  20. Ok My honest review of this game – Bounty Hunter.

    @Leo and others (pardon for not mentioning the large team members’ name), you guys really outdid yourself this time…!! KUDOS to your amazing work. I loved every aspect of the game.

    Visuals: What to say? The screens are really crisp and the complexion, texture and graphics looked to notch. I think this game sets the benchmark for all other S&G games and also LOP games in the future. Great job on rendition.

    Characters: I liked the real facial textures, the angles, the body design and the overall layout. Personally my favorite girls in order are: Bella, Sandra, Lucy, Alice (although Alice’s face seemed a bit plastic to me like Barbie).

    Gameplay: Really liked the non-linear storylines and also how the plot branches out to different scenarios leading to fight scenes followed by sex scenes and endings. I especially liked the introduction of parallel action sequences, a unique feature that really sets this game apart from other games of yours and establishes it as a classy game, I would add. A game play that made me feel like I’m in Vice City GTA at one point and at other times I’m boinking the girls….the feature really allows the players not to get too bored by the one-liner sex filled game, rather it keeps them engaged and interested to explore more of this game. Kudos to your creativity in this game.

    Sex Scenes & Dialogue: You guys really outdid yourself in this game when compared to your previous productions when it comes to the sex scenes, the primary feature of Bounty Hunter. Sex scenes are top-class, the visuals, different angles of pussy-anal shots, also the lively complexion of the coitus during the actual sex scenes are stellar!! To top it off, the dialogues act like the foam on top of the shake. THe eroticism infused in the dialogues alone are sufficient to evoke carnal lust while reading through the words. Well done!!

    Overall, a beautiful production you guys have produced in such a long time. I think you guys have to start a trend like this game if you want a dedicated pool of avid fans, not the ones who just subscribes only when a game comes out. Instead, I think this is the type of benchmark that will attract your fans & lure them to keep them subscribed for a whole god damn year!!

    Although, I understand that since this is the first time you guys have developed such a huge game using Unity WebGL, there are a lot of unknown factors that played negatively when it came to playing this game, such as, “Out of memory” issue, “Blackscreen” issue, “Screen Loading” issue, “Save” issue and many more like that. So I earnestly urge you to resolve those bugs ASAP so that more fans can derive maximum enjoyment from this game, cause I know I did..!!

    Again, a big thanks and congratulations and gratitude to the entire LOP team for this novel and wonderful game. Hope to experience similar (or even better) games from you guys in the future.

    With warm regards,


  21. In continuation to my previous post, I found out while playing this game that there are a total of 17 achievements with 4 girls (Bella, Sandra, Lucy and Alice).

    I’ve unlocked the following:

    Bella – 4 achievements
    >Sex in the water – beach,
    >Sex in the motel room,
    >Sex on a date
    >Starting a new life

    Sandra – 5 achievements
    >Night drink – bar
    >Sex on the beach
    >A bet’s a bet – shooting range
    >Sex on a date
    >Sex for solace

    Lucy – 4 achievements

    Alice – 4 achievements
    >Sex in the woods – park
    >Jacuzzi sex – gym
    >Sex on a date
    >Just reward

    Also, I’ve unlocked 1 of 5 endings where Mike doesn’t get engaged to Alice and goes out of his way to stay single in the end and living his life in his own terms fucking random girls.

    I need help in finding out…
    > Lucy’s 3 other achievements, and also
    > 4 other endings

    If anyone has been able to unlock Lucy’s 3 other achievements and 4 other endings, could you please share, I would much appreciate it.


    1. It is not lucy achievements it is other woman achievments
      an you can get them:
      1-jog several times in park
      2-spar 3 times in gym and win
      3-swim several times in beach

      I did’t get Threesome and wet t-shirt competition yet.
      can anyone help me?

      1. Thanks I’ll try to find out the scenes by doing the actions you stated above.

        As for threesome, you’ve to help Lucy get the photos (of her and Alice’s back when they’re lovers in college) from the Blackmailer. There will be a mission to retrieve the photos from the “Blackmailer”. Complete the mission and then go back to the gym and talk to Lucy and Alice (I don’t exactly remember although the scene automatically starts the moment you go to the gym), then the dialogues of Mike propositioning a 3some will lead to the scene. Hope this helps.

          1. Do the Biker Bar mission, collect ring near the bar on the right side, talk to Lucy while Alice is in gym, give ring to Lucy, hear about blackmailer, do Blackmailer mission, bring photos back, talk to Lucy while Alice is in gym, (may need to do 1 before doing 2, and may need to have Alice at 100 before doing mission), have threeway!

  22. How awful!
    the loading time of the scenes is of several minutes under firefox in connection by satellite. The game is therefore unplayable.
    Have others had this kind of problem?

  23. Just a quick post in response to those with slow loading times.

    1. Unity is recommended on Google Chrome, so those of you with firefox, have you attempted it on a browser that is better suited for this program?

    2. Even on Chrome when it was first released it was indeed slow, however now the first load was about a minute but locations after take about 20 seconds to load in comparison to the multiple minutes it took before.

    So if you’re still having slow issues you may want your computer checked because after the initial flow of customer traffic onto the game, the loading speed has gotten much faster.

    Also I have been enjoying the game quite a bit. I work a lot so I’m still far from as much completion as other people with the 17 achievements but I enjoy the story and graphics. My opinion now has increased quite a bit since the loading issue seems to be cleared up (at least as of 1:46 PM 29 Sep Tokyo time).

    1. The overall layout of the game along with the different storylines and descriptive scenes are really long and vast. That’s true. But if one plays the game at a stretch without break for around 3-4 hrs, the game is likely to be completed. That’s what I did. Besides working for 12 hrs a day, I spent 2 hrs per day and completed almost 90% of the game in 2.25 days. And NO, as opposed to those who are thinking its a “1 week worth of long duration” kinda game, they’re totally wrong. If one puts undivided effort in this game, it takes really fast for one to complete the game. No Offense intended.


  24. Can we not have a save feature?

    I know you can resume the game but as soon as I exit the browser I’ve lost all my progress. It’s hard to find the time to play through an entire game sometimes. A more permanent game progress save feature would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, is there any chance of extra galleries like we get with LOPGold?

  25. Hello !
    The game is good but I have some problems with “Bug?”. When I invite Serena I get a Black picture et the game freeze. try 3 times always the same … Can you see it please

  26. I haven’t been able to get the wet t-shirt competition yet, I will look for that.

    I have to say, this game is awesome. It looks great, the girls are hot, the stats were too hard at first, but now the pacing is very solid. The whole style of gameplay where some of it feels like a regular SaG/LoP game, but then the missions are action based is really cool. There is plenty of content, and I’ve had fun on several replays now.

    Absolutely great work.

    1. @slayer

      It’s in my stack of “projects” (which seems to be growing by the day (O_O)). But yes I will get on it once my other priorities have been sorted!

  27. hi, leonizer
    don’t get me wrong
    the game as a game looks like a hard work, and the technical stuff looks really good
    but comapring it to other games like lwt (1or2 ) or eleanor (again 1or 2) from the looks of an adult game is a real not even close. it has vanila scenes and virtually very short story
    i compared it to gta (the old version) because of the high pov and the mainstream story.
    i am very dissapointed because it looks like in every game youre getting better with the quality of the pictures and the technical game and from the story and imagination your’e becoming too mainstream

    1. Yes your analysis are correct like i said before, and they not involving older characters that can be added in other story’s cause they can be mixed or their storys are similar or matched or can be combined, instead they creating new ones, or for example i really liked House Party from S&G, but that girl they want to add in future game (which i really liked) have nothing in common with other games like game type or story or history of the character. Instead making retro Bounty hunter story they could’ve extended or created new “Johnny Bullet” story very similar game type and mechanics like this one, could’ve been with new places or chicks if necessary we all loved Johnny Bullet he was bad ass fancy character so i think its time for going a little in the pass.

  28. Sorry it was not serena but sandra. After invitation If I try to give a gift or date or everything else I get a Back picture and can wait 20′ … nothing happen. Why ?

  29. Too Good Too Good This Is Best Ever Game Leonizer And Lopgold Team Done So Far.
    I Love This Game I Got Ending 1 to 4 Unlocked All Three Girls All Sex Scenes.
    No Words To Described This Game Greatness.Leonizer Brother Plz Make More Games Like This No Matter Of Game Sizes
    10/10 For Bounty Hunter For Any Help Guys U Can Ask Me Happy To help.
    I Love Leonizer And Lop Team.

  30. Leonizer I have several comments which all come as a long time user of both lopgold and less so of sexandglory.

    this game is 80% great-not good but great- but the 20% makes it poor. the difficulty is too high. mostly i play to score with girls and when I get repeatedly beat up it makes the game lame.
    I would give it all high marks with two changes:
    1) make game 30 days
    2)make it so when you start after first play through you start with half of stats you accumulated.
    Either change would make game better. I understand I can not do all things during one play through but to play once without any good scenes is annoying.

  31. Great game guys.

    The scenes and the overall story might not be exactly my cup of tea, but man, it’s vanilla so it’s all fine. It doesn’t hit any wrong button at all. There is absolutely no reason this game isn’t great.

    You added a ton of features people begged for, like new game +, save function and especially the gallery. So yeah, if this is a sample of all Unity can or could offer, we are looking towards a great future.

    If you’re planning on ever expanding this, expand on the Wet T Shirt Contest please πŸ˜› I loved the Wet T Shirt in both House Party and especially Living WIth Temptation. Man, House Party was such a great game.

    Anyhow great stuff, really. The scenes, although vanilla, where hot as fuck, especially the point of view from the Alice scenes, wow.

    1. @Cole

      I can’t speak on the Eleanor’s creator, but rest assured she is a loved character and has wonderful fan base following and would love nothing more than to give her public another appearance.

      But we should be cautious and not simply just, and forgive the terminology, “throw her around” because we think she is valued asset that can make us money. When characters and their stories are created, we put lots of love and a tremendous amount of care into each one and not a single one is are more valued then the other. And to make too many games featuring one character can be damaging to their core.

      When we decided to make sequels or standalone games featuring already established characters of the LoP universe, we came to the conclusion that we can only do that if, and only “if”, the story is rock solid, the gameplay keeps players involved and the character or characters who are transitioning from the original game to the new one stay true to their roots. Many passionate players were unsatisfied with how we handled the Eleanor character and games after her debut (same can be said for LWT as well).

      So to you and all her fans, we would love nothing more than to put her back into the spotlight once again, but only in a role we find suitable for her and that you, the players, would enjoy seeing her in. I hope you guys understand the methods behind our madness and we truly hope you guys love the products we producing to you.

      Thanks again for your support!

      1. Yeah your analysis are totally correct and yeah Eleanor 2 was misscariage, LWT2 was ok but way to short, at least if you used more hours per day instead Morning Afternoon Evening events, could expand the game and the options and events and more interaction with all characters.

    1. @Blade
      You need to get your accuracy to between 10 and 12 and win throwing darts 4 times. Then the bartender invites you to judge. Wait till near the end of the day to view it. You will then be able to view it every 7 days. To be honest it isn’t very exciting unless I am doing something wrong. Seems like 3 times is the most you get to see them and there is no sex with them unless I just haven’t figured out how to unlock it yet, but I doubt that since I have achieved all the possible achievements in the gallery.

  32. @LOP_Daman – Dear Daman, tks for yr prompt reply & balanced explanation. I don’t know about yr business but liked ur explanation on famous characters stardom and how business run. Well !! I think Eleanor is master piece in history of flash games. You created a miracle . And being Eleanor fan, for me nothing matters than herself. It is like a beautiful art which speak it’s own. Words not required. Further I am also aware on fact that u don’t make episodes on the request of just one fan. But I will wait, don’t know how long it will take to see back my Eleanor comeback, but I will keep my fingers cross. Thanks for making my favorite “Eleanor”.
    Cheers !!

  33. I have been a S & G member for only a short time. This is possibly the best game on it. I like the live action fight scenes. The art work is great. The sex scenes are well done and varied. The various tracks the story can take makes it interesting. I would be greatly pleased if you were to come out with a sequel. As I write this I am imagining the sequel as Mike and Sandra together with the option of playing as Mike or as Sandra. It would make for some interesting possibilities.

  34. In my opinion the two endings that seem to work out best for Mike are either staying alone or choosing to partner with Sandra. The other choices are as follows: Alice who dislikes his work and would eventually nag him crazy about it, Bella who tires of him and leaves him taking with her the rest of the money, and a threesome with Alice and Lucy who eventually decide they don’t need him.

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