Pledge: Naughty sorority girls

This week LIVING WITH A NYMPHO enters beta test stage – we gonna spend another days with the game checking the balance and all other stuff that is important for the game release. We’re also adding new small tweaks to our new engine to make everything as much enjoyable experience as possible.

After the release of LWN we’re starting the development of our new game called Pledge: Naughty sorority girls.

Melissa Roberts tricked her parents into thinking she wanted to go to college to better herself and to get a well paying job and even joined a sorority to help lower the cost of tuition.

Little did they know that the second they pulled out fo the college parking lot, she tossed her books aside, cranked the music up, and partied like a rock star for almost the entire four years. But once her parents caught wind of her not taking school seriously and blowing their savings on tuition, the gave her the ultimatum Melissa did not want to hear; pass your classes or pay the whole tuition yourself.

Now, on top of balancing her sorority duties and personal life, now she has one last semester to pass all her classes with flying colors!

48 thoughts on “Pledge: Naughty sorority girls”

  1. Oh yeah! this is a great setup for a new game especially of all the girls you can make out with.

    Just curious though, think you can make an antagonist for the main character in this one, because there’s always this one bitch that gives you a hard time or back stabs you in a sorority.

  2. good to hear that LWN is approaching,i’m really looking forward to see older characters back in action
    as for the new game i like high school/college themed games,this one has the similair vibes as outcast academy which was an interesting game,but it can only be better since it’s not girl only college

  3. What can I expect from Living with a Nympho? Is this another status grinding kind of game? Will there be any cheating girls on it or are all of them single?

    1. You can expect great adventure from it. Yes, you’ll be building your stats, as well as relationship with characters but as far I’m aware only you vkalvkal aren’t fan of that kind of gameplay πŸ™‚ The rest of players like it a lot. So the gameplay will be similar to LIVING WITH LANA / OLIVIA, ELLIE AND PAUL – both very praised games (despite not being to long).

      LWN will be much longer, it got 4 date-able female characters and yes – Rachel is in a relationship with Hank and you could interfere with that. On many levels. But don’t forget that you also got someone who is living with you under one roof.
      So it’s going to be so fun.

      1. Oh, I’m aware that I’m the only one that don’t enjoy this kind of game. Just like I’m aware that I was the only one showing support to the team here and on Shark’s Lagoon after Living with Temptation 2.

        LwN seems like a fun game, to those that enjoy that kind of style. It probably won’t be for me. πŸ™‚

          1. @LOP_Daman

            I’m not sure. After being indirectly criticized for not enjoying status grinders games in an ironic way, I don’t think I’ll play it.

            I was looking forward to it, but after the way I was treated, not anymore.

          2. @vkalvkal

            I don’t see that. After reading Leo’s comment above, he is just stating that you did not like stat grinders as much as linear style gameplay or CYOA style games. It was not a jab or insult or anything of the sort, I assure you.

            On that note, if you do pass on this game, is there a game we announced recently that you are looking forward to?

          3. C’mon vkalvkal. I’m sorry if you’ve taken it this way – I can assure you it wasn’t my intention.

            My point is that the majority of the players like stat builders but we’re also open for the voice of others who are looking for different gameplay experiences. For instance LWT2 as you mentioned in your comment (and yes, I remember your support on SL), Lily in Hawaii, Club Velvet Rose and couple more.

            To cheer you up I’m gonna spoil that the next game would be a point and click adventure game so probably something more in your style.

          4. Ok, apologies accepted. πŸ™‚ I misread @leonizer’s post, then.

            To answer @LOP_Daman’s question, I’ll make two lists. Games that I’m looking forward to and games that I’m kind of on the fence here.

            Looking forward to: LwS sequel; LwT 2 expansion; new Kim’s sexy adventure; Do what I say; Stoper’s secret project; Sex and Glory next game that Leo mentioned above.

            On the fence: Eleanor 3; STT expansion; possible Arkham expansion (?).

      2. last few stat builders were nicely done,as you said living with lana and OEP,i would add snake valley and jacob rebound too,it was not too complicated to reach required number of stats to progress
        LWN sounds really interesting so far,it has everything to become one of my favourite lop games,looking forward to see how will it turn out

        1. @st1

          I will not delve into the inner secrets of this upcoming game, but if you like the outlay and style of OEP, than I think you will enjoy this one!

    1. @jabrown94

      We are hard at working to make sure that when it is released, it is perfect and well received by you and the others. Once we get closer, we can give you more of a accurate launch date.

  4. This looks fun! Quick question, though… will there be a time limit?? I am really enjoying the “no time limit” freedom it gives you in games such as Snake Valley =)

    1. @OrangeBug

      There will be. But one you start playing and dive into the story, you will see why (I can say no more).

      As for games with no ending until you want it to end, I am in the mist of-*Whacked in the head with a frying pan* SILENCE, YOU FOOL!

    2. In general, there will be a 30 day limit but I’m thinking about some kind of cheat mode / free play.

      Do you guys believe it would be wise to implement such feature? Or it will be just to tempting to use those codes and spoil the fun?

      1. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to implement some kind of cheats,like an option to toggle max stats after reaching 100%. It would be useful for when you just want quick playtrough

      2. Yes, please implement some kind of cheat mode, you could make it accessable after you finished the game.
        Nobody has to use it if they don’t want to.
        I think it is a great idea.

      3. A cheat mode would be great- I think it would help to enable it after three full playthroughs, or after unlocking two different endings or something like that.

        People could still experience the challenge and wouldn’t be turned off by the fatigue of starting again, which gets old as soon as you figure out the optimal path to stat building. I think having to figure out the path to stat building is a key component to these games, though- it slows them down a bit and gives a better feeling of reward when you get scenes.

        Something that might add to the “reward” satisfaction is to inform the player when the player passes a stat check- it is like a pat on the back for doing something right

  5. Is there any update on Blind Date 3D?
    And when will you start the development of Living with Temptation 3?
    And a one little request for LwT 2 expansion, please add more choices, and add the ability to be the only one who will get the blow job in the glory hole scene.

    1. BD3D update is still deep in our hearts. It was postponed a little cause the same guy who is developing 3d engine is also providing support to our UNITY engine – so when he is adding new features to 2d engine he need to take a break from BD3dD development.

      But as I heard – it shouldn’t take to long to finish this game. We believe in 3d games and we gonna create more products in that technology. We’ve made amazing improvement in image quality (both backgrounds as well as characters) and in animations department (fluid facial expression, great sex animations with random variations, etc). So we got the skills – right now we need time to complete the update and then we’ll go with another games.

      Before we start thinking about LWT3 we need to complete LWT2 expansion. Renders are looking great but still – it’s a long road ahead.

      1. It is a long road ahead but i like you didn’t immediately shut down the idea of lwt3
        But if i may ask,what do you think about possibility of remastering lwt1? I feel there’s so much more potential left in that game for more events and now with your unity engine,i think it would just blow us away

        1. That would be awesome! Even the normal game with better graphics would be something that the majority would like to play (again). Though that would be the chance to implement some new scenes as well.

  6. Guys I know this is not the place to say this and I don’t want to be disrespectful to the artist but the latest LOPGOLD CALENDAR pics have been pretty shitty. They were all pinups of characters we don’t know and the same style of pic (do a sexy pose or a sex scene from time to time).
    There are many beloved characters like Kionavaar, Didi, Flick, Serena, etc that don’t have pics.
    Again this is just my opinion

      1. I’m not saying that the girls are bad, in fact they are super gorgeous but the pics lack the sexy and naughty things that would make them perfect.
        I remember that in the old blogspot you had a lot of pics that were used for the magazines in Mysterious Island and one of those was Tracy wearing a BDSM outfit with lots of dildos and whips. Something like that would be so cool to see either with her again or with another character.
        Thanks for listening and this is a personal opinion

  7. I’d like to give a big compliment to the team for the releases lately. Not only are they top notch fun games, there were also plentiful, with a lot of different genres and styles. It’s a huge fun to play and even go back to play again.

    The match game, it’s very time consuming, but storywise pretty fun with some cuckolding etc.

    Keep up the amazing work and I’m definitely looking very much forward to LwN.

    Ps. the new announced game: AMAZING! Can’t wait to play such a game!

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