Eleanor and Tracy update

Today I would like to inform you about the development progress of our key projects – Eleanor 3 and LWT2.


With this project we would like to test a new approach – create complete version of a game (but not as filled with content as usual) and then on a regular basis add new actions and events every month.

Thanks to that approach we may deliver the game you’re waiting for much faster and then keep your attention to Eleanor and her friends for months after the original release.

We’re also doing that to reward our recurring subscribers with new content delivered much more frequent cause we aren’t able to develop more than 4 big games a year. Adding extra scenes to existing projects – we can try to do it more often.

The problem is that couple of days after I’ve announced that Rahvin (Eleanor’s author) is going to write Eleanor 3 story I’ve lost contact with him. He isn’t answering my e-mails so it looks like he won’t be involved in the development of this project. I wish him everything best and if he ever decide to come back he will be always welcomed in our team.

I know how much you’re expecting Eleanor’s sequel that’s why I’ve decided to continue the project without Rahvin’s support.

I won’t spoil anything about the story yet but you’ll be more than satisfied. I’ve taken the lesson from ELE 2 and the new chapter will be logical continuation of events that took place in the older games – with consequences of Eleanor’s and Drake’s action mixed with characters she has met in the past and spiced with breathtaking twists and provocative sex scenes you all desire. Is she gonna be a good wife? Perhaps. Will she swallow buckets of cum? That depends. Will she gonna rock? That’s for sure! So I promise – together with Daman we gonna deliver Eleanor you all love.

I know that some of you don’t like of hardcore grinding in dating sims to this time we’ll balance that aspect to make stat building fun and engaging process (like we did with Living with a nympho for instance).

Rendering is going very well – so far we got all DRAKE and PAIGE daily actions ready (and there are a lot of them). Right now we’re completing 3rd main character’s actions and then we’ll proceed to character number 4. After that we’ll start with events and other required elements. To be clear here – Chestnut shuffles, the same who rendered previous games, is working full speed with this project. 100% of his time is devoted to Eleanor. And for the first time our game is rendered in native 720p (1280 x 720 px) – that wasn’t possible with Flash games.

To sum this project up:

  • basic version of the game delivered much faster than Eleanor 2
  • regular monthly updates
  • story written by leonizer and Daman
  • 720p renders

Living with temptation 2 EXPANSION

As you all know texts are already delivered by Iksanabot so we only need to render and code it. Sounds simple but is very time consuming.

YamYoda is rendering Justin, Tracy and Lisa all the time and we got around 25% of all renders ready so far. Those renders are very difficult cause require a lot of post processing and many characters on one screen – so setting several characters pose and rendering takes much more time than regular render of kissing couple.

I want you to understand the whole programming process – original LWT2 game was developed in Flash. We weren’t able to expand it with any additional content cause of this format limitations. Thanks to our new UNITY engine we’re able to build much more complex games with probably unlimited amount of assets. The first step is to rebuild LWT2 in UNITY.  Then when we’ll get the original game working in that engine we’ll add extra content from expansion.

Despite the fact the rendering process is far from completion yet, I’ve already started to code the game and 90% of the texts (from original version) is already put into UNITY format. Now I need to create connections between scenes, solve some technical issues and beta test it. So we got a great progress in that department

Summing it up:

  • all texts are already here
  • 25% of renders done
  • switching the basic version of a game from FLASH to UNITY already started

I’m sure you all want to know is WHEN we gonna release those games. Both ELE3 and LWT2EXP still requires humongous amount of work – we try to render then as fast as possible but despite that, we need several months to complete it.

I can promise you this – I’ll do everything to release at least one of those titles this year. We’ll see which will come first. If we’re able to render them, build, test and make it shine like a diamond faster then you’ll get both Eleanor and Tracy this year.

But please – don’t rush us. I know how bad you want to play those games but remember that good stuff need time to grow.

60 thoughts on “Eleanor and Tracy update”

  1. I was actually expecting bad news from you but luckily I was wrong. I thought you were far behind but it seems you’re doing ok.
    I really like the idea that you can update E3 each month, that was one of the positive things about E2. It’s a pity that Rahvin won’t be involved in the story because I like his writting but I have faith that you and Daman can do a great job.
    Obviously the game I’m expecting the most is LWT2 exp and, according to Iksanabot, this time it’ll be so much better.
    The fan inside me wants to play these games ASAP, and I guess I’m not the only one, but don’t rush it. As a personal opinion since both games are the most expected, try to inform us how they are going. (Every 2 months or so)
    P.S: your latest Calendar pic was excellent. Is it from the expansion or only for Calendar?

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this site and a lot has happened since then. So here goes:

    Just got done playing LwN and it’s a really good game. It was not a game I was looking forward to, but it really surprised me in a very positive way.

    – Visually it’s your best game to date, and that’s saying a lot. The animations are the awesome and all the visuals look great. All the girls looked great and the sex scenes looked stellar.

    – The story is interesting and I felt very invested in the narrative. I liked that there was the option of steering Jazz towards a “better life” or leading her down a dirty path. All the characters felt real and had very distinct personalities. I wasn’t really wow’ed by the fact that you used ‘old’ characters and would rather have seen new ones. That being said, I liked both Jazz and Stella in this game. The dialogue was hot, though sometimes a little too cheesy for my tastes. On a side note, it was actually really cool to see a friendship between to male characters that were both pretty decent human beings rather than an antagonistic rivalry between abusive, braggy douchebags/superior bulls and weak cucks. Also dug that the cuck action was rather limited in this game, that was a big plus.

    – Gameplay was good with stat building that made sense and earning money wasn’t a chore. I loved the mix of repeatable and one-off sex scenes. Tried the cheats for lols and while I don’t see myself using it in the future, I can understand why others would. The idea of accessing sex scenes without playing the game will likewise please certain people and is good for a quick fap. I know Vkalvkal suggested you put the entire scene as an extra rather than just the animation and I second that suggestion. The dialogue and sequencing is key to a good sex scene and without that the animation loses a lot of steam.

    – Music and sound were good and fitting. In fact, your last couple of games have really hit a good note (haha…) with the music and it adds a lot to the games’ atmosphere.

    Additionally: Daman, I like your writing… but you seem to be stuck in the same lines in a lot of your games. 4 games with a total of 9 dp scenes and in all but one of those scenes, the MC is relegated to the pussy. 2 black dominatrixes in 2 games. And in most cuck scenes it’s the stereotypical black bull. Just a suggestion, but… try to switch things up… it’s becoming a tad bit predictable.

    Snake Valley was also a great game. Great visuals, interesting story and nice looking girls. I don’t usually enjoy games that aren’t contemporary. But when the story is interesting and the visuals are amazing then I can live with it. Snake Valley delivered.

    The expansion to Jacob’s Rebound felt a bit too small for my taste, but still added to the game and I’m glad it got made.

    I haven’t tried Camgirl confessions and don’t plan on it… but who knows…

    About the LwT2 expansion and Eleanor 3. Personally, I really don’t care about these games. I feel like you’ve told everything there is to tell about Eleanor and don’t need more. LwT2 soured the LwT-series for me completely…. the fact that the expansion seems to crank up the cuck action is an equally big turn-off. I may give them a shot, but…. I doubt I will. Still, I can understand why you’re progressing with both, since they are your most popular series and the majority wants more. So the best of luck in that venture.

    I am more interested in the Serena sequel and hope to hear about that soon. Sorry about the wall of text, but a metric fuck-ton of stuff has happened since I was last here, so….

  3. I hope there is a greater sense of urgency this time around. For example if Justin declines to climb the mountain with Lisa, Richard will go, if the score is right, he gets into her pants. I think more background information about Richard’s sex stuff that he’s into. Maybe Justin doesn’t want Lisa dressed up in leather and dominated by Richard. Maybe he wants to do it himself!

    I hope that if there is a scene where Tracy is Richard’s fucktoy, then there is one where Antoinette is Justin’s! From what was seen in the first edition, she definitely has a desire to cheat on her husband by letting guys treat her like a piece of meat. I hope that impulse is expanded upon this time around!

    Also, what is with Gabrielle? What’s her angle? Will her biker friends come for a visit? I recall there being mention of Lisa getting doused in cum by like 10 guys. Hopefully these bikers are up to the task!

  4. Thanks for the update Leo. It’s informative and tells us the progress of the development of the games. I actually thought you would be more far behind in the progress of the games. You have really stepped up in your update posts.

    I agree with @BigArgieCock that to make sure these games are fully completed before release, just keep us updated every few months, and I believe people won’t lash out at you.

  5. Thank you for providing information about these games. I was sure Justin would fuck two blondes in the sauna. Hopefully in one month or so you’ll report new information about these project.
    P.S. I am very interested in why Gabriel hides from everyone that knows English. Maybe she’s not who she is. Maybe she’s preparing for Richard’s robbery.

  6. i remember in lwt2 the you can choose which decision made in previous games in the beginning of the game and it would effect an unlocked event or two in the 2nd game, in eleanor 1 when its not decided what she is and you decide its like playing 2 games in one, with the at least 2 routes of having her a full faithful woman that brings home girls (really good for the drake wife side pov and her being a good girl) or not, like having the cake twice, in the second i feel they should of had that option like in lwt2 even though overall after skipping the intro the game is like the first (minus some jestful lines) which was good leaving the game open, but lwt2 added a layer with choice of what you did with the previous game and how it effects the current one which would be interesting to see, was she a fully faithful woman or not in previous should be definitely good choices for eleanor for a few unlock events but not to many i say, and if they can put it in the third game. (also eleanor is mentioned in lwt2 and tracy in the 2nd eleanor)

  7. Looking forward to LwT 2 exp! Specially new scenes with Gabrielle and Antoinette. Also more cheating Tracy!

    As for Eleanor 3, I agree with Nemo. I feel like everything about Eleanor was already told in the previous 2 games. Perhaps I’ll give it a try after a reasonable number of scenes are added to it, but probably not from the beggining.

    Sad to hear that Rahvin isn’t answering your e-mails anymore. I hope all is well with him and his life.

    In the next couple of days I plan to send by e-mail some suggestions to you guys in regards to cheating scenes. I’m not really into cuckold scenes (the ones in which the husband is involved and enjoys seeing his wife with another dude) as I’d rather see more “cheating behind his back” kind of scenes. I hope my suggestions will open the possibility to the exploration of others kinds of scenarios.

  8. Thanks for lenghtly info Leo
    Both projects look fantastic and it’s great to hear that progression is going along nicely.

    Regarding Eleanor3,i also agree that monthly updates with new content is good decision. I’ve been hoping to see that kind of approach for your games for quite some time now,many of them still can offer more and would benefit from monthly or periodic updates,i’m really glad that with Eleanor3 we will see exactly that.
    Sorry to hear that about Rahvin but i’m sure you and Daman will do great.

    As for LWT2 expansion,it’s the game i’m looking forward to the most. From the looks of it and from what we know it’s going to be nothing else than mind blowing,for me atleast. I might not like the bdsm inclusion but i surely won’t make a fuss about it,i’m sure there’s lots of other stuff i’ll like.
    There really is huge amount of work to do with this game,from switching to unity to coding of new content,so good luck with it,i hope there won’t be any problems.
    I have only one question about it if you can answer,would you be open to further expanding LWT2 in a similair way as ELE3?Not neccessarily the story but the scenes,like adding new scene here and there or expanding the existing ones?

    Lastly,big praises for your artists,they’re doing amazing job.
    Keep it up

  9. absolutely an excellent idea. Monthly updates. the best. It’s a reward that’s sweet. Thanks for improving the day. Otherwise, the choice of Daman and Leo is a great choice for me. Daman showed his talent and I love his story. And Leo is experienced. So for me, great

  10. A few of us have had problems with our save state disappearing in the recent Unity-based games. I know issues like that are hard to diagnose, and may not be preventable, as users might have 3rd party software that deletes local state, there might be browsers that clean up “temp” data, etc…

    Given all that: will you consider adding a backup option that lets us save our state and restore it? Especially if you’re going to have a game that persists over several months.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. As mentioned in a previous post, those issues are identified and caused by INCOGNITO mode of your browser. In order to avoid them you need to turn the INCOGNITO mode off.

      But yes – we’ll be developing on-line saves which will be working even with browsers in INCOGNITO mode. And probably till LWT2 or ELE3 shows up this system will be ready.

      1. I appreciate the on-line saves. In my case, it wasn’t INCOGNITO mode: I use Google Chrome with a profile. But I don’t expect you to solve my weird local storage issues: I’m happy to hear you’ll have an on-line save solution! 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. Your last game was amazing and I am hopeful that you guys will knock it out of the park with Lwt expansion and Ele3 as well.
    I am a massive Lwt fan and hope that you have a lot of new storys for Lisa, Tracy and Justin.
    By the way using “old” characters is genius in my opinion.
    Jazz turned out to be amazing, maybe you can use other characters too, why develop new ones when you have beautiful girls that we know nothing about yet.
    Also mixing characters from diffrent games is also a big plus in my eyes, maybe Gabriele needs a lawyer after hanging out with biker gangs at one point :D.

        1. Wasn’t it one of the girls from the lakehouse party game? I still think Lexi makes for a better tennis instructor though! She is just so fit and has that hungry look in her eyes!

          1. @moondoggie

            Oh Lexi is a tennis instructor, but she has a male co-worker who has made an appearances in another LoP title.

  12. I’m really glad we’re getting status updates like these, the extra information is much appreciated!

    I’ve not subbed to LOP Gold for a while now, but a more consistent flow of content like the one you’re suggesting would defiantly be a hook that would keep me interested!

    Take your time folks, there’s no rush! We’d all prefer to have a good game later than a bad game now.

    Good luck!

  13. Thank you for the detailed update. It helps to understand your process to know why the games take so long to develop. I do 3D tool design on SolidWorks at my job. My work is simple compared to what your people are doing. Keep up the good work. I am really looking forward to these two games.

  14. This news was great to read. I unlike some feel like there was so much story left out in Eleanor saga. The nextdoor neighbor the intern at work bringing back the strip club owner Grimm first one Eleanor. Maybe letting her start the porn career and playing with that. Question though @Leo @Daman why not use update for all games? Think your world’s can all be expanded.

    Do you guys have any update news about LWS? Lol

  15. I was just wondering about a prequel game of LwT where you’re playing as Justin before he was merried to Tracy, the days in university where you could also fuck Eleanor and bunch of other girls around, that’s would’ve beem fantastic setting to explore.

    1. And even better, when you could fuck your female teachers just to get higher scores in tests.
      And also playing football or Ragby at sport club and be the captain of your team, while Richard being jealous of you, because you always get the best chicks and respect from your friends.
      And it aslo will explain the problematic relationship between Justin and Richard on why they hate each other so much.
      You could also go to gym in university just to train harder for upcoming games, and be on your shape to win the match.

      1. And Eleanor being the cherleader of your team, where she promise you if you win the match, she will fuck with all of you at one, so after winning the match you could get some gangbang scene with Eleanor and her friends.

  16. This is all great news and I am eager to see what Eleanor, Tracy and Lisa have in store for us.

    Tbh, I am quite glad that Rahvin is not writing Ele 3 as I thought her character took some wrong turns in Ele 2. I sort of got the feeling that Rahvin didn’t like the character anymore and I’m looking forward to seeing if Daman can get her back on the right track. I think she has a lot more adventures in her.

    While I’m here, I would also like to say that I have been really enjoying Lwn. For me the gameplay is what makes it. Visually, there have been other games I have preferred, but the gameplay and storylines keep me coming back. The only slight issue I had was that I was surprised to see Rose turn out to be a dominatrix. She didn’t seem the type, but I guess you never know!

    Finally, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, as you guys have been doing great, but I believe we were also promised an expansion of Seducing the Throne. Is that still planned?

    1. @Phlebas

      “I’m looking forward to seeing if Daman can get her back on the right track”

      I’m going over his notes and character bios to be sure to stay as true to her roots as possible, but at the same time I want try to flush her out a bit more and, in my mind, resolve all her previous demons and to finish her paths and stories so she may be bale to move forward in her life.

      In short: I just want to do a good job and not screw the pooch or shit the bed! 😉

  17. Further thoughts, Elenor is looking better and better! I hope we can see an Antoinette/Tracy threesome with Justin. I would love to see some Lisa/Richard action too. I hope he is rough with Lisa, make her into his personal toy, kinda hope this is one of the new endings maybe, give her a good spanking and domineering anal fuck. I think Lisa needs to be punished, after all, you can’t just go around fucking married men!

    1. Personally i wouldn’t want to see Lisa becoming someones sex toy and being dominated,i would rather want more scenarios with her,Tracy and Justin.
      But i respect your opinion,lets hope we all get what we want to see.

  18. I really hope we get to see Amelia again in Ele 3, more scenes with her, Ele and Drake would be brilliant. Or scenes with Amelia, Ele and some other guy(s) would be great too

  19. Will Samantha be in this game too? If she is then I would love to see the nympho Elenor turned her into! Maybe she and Elenor could be gal pals and go out drinking together. They could run into someone from Elenor’s past adventures, Kevin. He could hit on Samantha and Elenor could either warn Samantha that Kevin likes it super rough and is gonna do some filthy degrading shit to her, she could play it cool and encourage Sam to go with Kevin, knowing that he’s gonna treat her like his slut, because Elenor gets it in her head that Samantha is gonna love doing everything, even when she hates what Kevin does to her, or Elenor could join then and her and Sam could experience being Kevin’s fuckbunnies.

    1. That is, If Samantha is even in the game. I hope she is. She had a pretty stereotypical type, blonde, big tits, board housewife, but sometimes the classics are great! I guess I would want to see her with Kevin because I just like senario where Elenor knowing sends Samantha off to get degraded and manhandled. I guess you could preface the whole thing with them talking about their fantasies and Sam could mention she has been thinking about rough sex and Kevin could walk in. Elenor could get Sam to leave with her somewhere else or the gears in her head could start spinning. She could think “if Samantha wants it rough, he can make it rough.” She could then get Kevin’s attention and make a deal with him, not that he would need much convincing, to go over to Sam and talk her into doing it with him. I guess then at this point he would just take her to the bathroom at the club or bar or whatever and go to town on her, gag her with his dick, fuck her six ways from Sunday, spank her ass, fuck her ass, whatever he wants. I guess Elenor could watch or join in. If she just watches she could say, “well you wanted rough, I got you rough,” as Samantha walks crooked from the reaming she just took.

      1. Or in another senario, Elenor could be blackmailed into meeting Kevin, who has all kinds of things planed for her, pretty much run her through the gambit, throatfuck anal, dp, full on gangbang. You could go with Elenor herself, or Elenor could convince Samantha to go. This would obviously piss Kevin off, but Samantha is there and she is hot. So with Kevin being pissed he would only go harder on Sam, it might be rough on her, but I think she, like Elenor, would get off on the degradation she gets put through. Then at the end, after either Elenor or Samantha had been finished with, they just blast cum all over their faces. Thats if Samantha and Kevin are even in the sequel, but you can tell I hope they are, as I want to see how far Sam will go in her newfound nymphomania!

        1. I’m just in love with idea of Elenor offering up Samantha to get ravaged by Kevin.

          I think it would be well within Elenor’s character to mislead Sam about the exact nature of Kevin’s desires. She wouldn’t outright lie, but she could answer Sam’s questions sarcastically. She could say something like “come on, we’re friends, aren’t we? Do you really think I would send you to get degraded?” She would be lying, but she did technically say what Kevin would do to her.

          Then you could have one of Elenor’s internal monologues. “Actually yes I would send you to get dominated. Damm, now I’m getting hot, maybe I should have went myself. No, no, Elenor, have to make healthy decisions. I’ll just send my friends to fucked.”

  20. Am I the only one that has to highlight the text on the blog front page to read it, because it’s black text against a black background?

    Can we do something about it?

    1. Probably yes 🙂

      Have you been changing theme settings or something in the WORDPRESS menu? Maybe try to use different web browser and see the results.

      1. Thanks, you are awesome!

        I’ve had this problem for months and it just turned out to be somehow I changed the wordpress theme to darkmode without knowing haha

  21. Eleanor looks great, just fine. That’s how I like it.
    If it is going to continue, Samantha will not be missing. Or at least Samantha’s husband, whom Eleanor learned he had a big cock.

  22. I really hope these games will be long. Recently I played Eleanor1 after having not played it in a long time. I remembered one of the reasons I liked it so much was that it was a long game, I really felt that I was getting my money’s worth. (Not that I care about spending the money)

    LWT2 felt short when it came out and I just hope that the new ones are nice long games. I am encouraged by games like Snake Valley (which takes a long time to play) so hopefully the new ones will have a some length to them.

    Thanks again guys and can’t wait to play them when they come up. No matter what happens I am a lifelong fan and subscriber.

  23. You know what I think? I think Eleanor needs a rival, Amelia could be potentially be a good rival for her like maybe Drake gets angry and decided to demote Eleanor as Amelia’s secretary or something and as long as Amelia isn’t satisfied with her she won’t be able to redeem herself from Drake.

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