More info about naughty sorority girls

Project PLEDGE is under development and today I want to present the first 3 girls you’ll able to meet in this marvelous game (you’re playing from Melissa’s perspective).


Also additional note – to celebrate such well responseย of our latest game Living with a Nympho and to gratificate our loyal subscribersย  we’re releasing small expansion with the end of next month including new path for a more passionate romance between Jazz, Francis and Stella.

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  1. Mmm.. Sorority girls. Jazz and Stella look good too, especially in the fourth picture. I can see that Jazz is a maid, but what is Stella dressed as? Also, will you be adding another ending to go along with Jazz and Stella, or will these just be sex scenes?

    1. I still can’t get over how great Stella and Jazz look. There’s just something about them. I think it’s because the have appropriate proportions. The reveal scene where they show up dressed as maids will be great. Their curves in those skimpy little outfits, holding their breasts up, the look in their eyes.. mouthwatering.

        1. Stella could use all the exposure she can get! Jazz is hot, but just look at Stella, I mean those tits are just begging to bounce! I’ve said it before, but I really do think there should be a corruption path for Stella. I don’t know if any other expansions are planned but that should be the one if there are.

  2. Never thought I’d be looking forward to an expansion for LWAN. But the game surprised me in a very positive way, so count me in. Will it “only” be a new path for Stella/Jazz or will other characters get some love too?

    Don’t know what to think about Sorority Girls… I usually don’t care for lesbian-focused stuff, so I don’t think I’ll play this one… even though I like the look of Rebecca.

      1. Then I might give it a go. Anything rendered by ItMakesMeBlush is usually worth a try and if the writing is good, the game might be a positive surprise despite being lesbian-centric and having a female character. It worked with RoomMates on S&G, so it might work this time as well.

        I actually think it’s pretty nice that you, with Rebecca, made a character that very obviously has implants. It sets her apart in a good way. And that haircut is also really hot.

        1. I’m glad that you’ve noticed IMMB touch here but she was only responsible for the character design – BUBX is rendering the game (the same who rendered LWN). Locations as always designed and rendered by SZUGA.

          1. Well, BUBX did a great job with LWN, so that’s hardly a strike against this new game. And location design and rendering has always been great in your games, so I have no concerns there.

            In the (very, very few) instances where I have no interest in a particular game of yours -or down-right dislikes it- it rarely has anything to do with rendering, writing or gameplay (though there has been a few instances of those, fx LwT2 and Dignity One) and more to do with the premise, particular fetisches or genre doesn’t interest me.

            But great renders and solid writing can usually change my mind ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. @Nemo

            “But great renders and solid writing can usually change my mind ”

            Greeaaaaaat…I have no pressure… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          3. Well. You are a good writer and your characterizations and dialogue has kept me interested in games that I usually wouldn’t like due to certain fetishes. But as I wrote in another post, some of your writing is becoming a bit predictable, fx, black female dominatrixes, MC getting cucked, the MC never gets the ass during a DP, the stereotypical black bull. If you could change up some of that stuff then I have basically zero complaints.

          4. @Nemo

            “black female dominatrixes, MC getting cucked, the MC never gets the ass during a DP, the stereotypical black bull.”

            Ummm…are you sure about that statement? I mean sure CVR has everything you mentioned above, but what about Hot Wife Tara, Lily in Hawaii, Snake Valley, Jacob’s Rebound, Olivia Ellie & Paul and Night with Angelica?

            So far I count two black dominatrices, two REAL cuck scenes, and only two black males one of which is the MC. I can agree with the anal for DP just because it makes a better story telling when the MC sees the person’s face when she gets anal. But I will take it under advisement on that part.

          5. Yes. The only two black women you’ve written have been dominatrixes. I don’t know what you mean about “REAL cuck scenes”. There’s been cuckolding in Hot Wife Tara, Lily in Hawaii, Club Velvet Rose and Living With a Nympho… even Night with Angelica had lines about how big the other male characters dick was and the male mc is very often written as being submissive to other male characters (Club Velvet Rose does this a lot). Sure only two African Americans, but both Che from CVR and Uffe from LIH were dominant, dark skinned males… as was the dark-skinned dude in Snake Valley.

            I don’t really think that the ability to see the womans face when she’s receiving during a DP makes or breaks the storytelling. By that logic, writing any scene involving doggystyle would make for bad storytelling. As a reference, while I didn’t care much for LWT2, it did have an excellent DP scene where the MC took the backdoor, so it’s definitely possible to write a scene like that and do it well.

            I think it has more to do with your personal preferences… and that’s fine, it’s your writing and I do think you are a good writer. It’s just becoming predictable at this point and your preferences are becoming repetitive.

          6. @Nemo

            Well, my understanding of “cuckold” is a husband/boyfriend you is forced to observe or have full knowledge of his wife/girlfriend being sexually active with another male. But I guess there are other people’s take on it.

            And as for the “preferences are becoming predicable” you may want to refer to the credit page and read up on who is the writer and who is responsible for the concept. But I will take responsibility for Madam Miranda as she was an original character in the first treatment that was cut, but when we wanted to make an addition, I got to give her scenes and a soul for the game.

            Just you wait, I’m sure there is something down the road that I have planned that may prove to you how “predicable” I am not. ๐Ÿ™‚

          7. I generally go by the definition of a word as written in a dictionary. But even going by your definition of cuckolding, the games I mentioned in my previous post are still correct as they all contain a “husband/boyfriend forced to observe or have full knowledge of his wife/girlfriend being sexually active with another male”.

            In regards to concept and writing: I am not exactly privy to information about what exactly constitutes what in these games. Concept could be as little as “dating sim with 3 available girls” and then the writer is responsible for all other details. If the one responsible for concept has more detailed control of the story and the writer does only, say, the dialogue, then fair enough. But I mentioned the games that have you credited as a writer because so far they are the ones that show these repetitions. If you tell me that is just a coincidence and that Leonizer decided on the issues we’re talking about, then fair enough.

          8. Not meddling to say any of you is right or wrong.

            But, my definition of cuckold is the same as Daman’s. When the husband is aware or even present when his wife is with another guy, I consider it cuckold. Personally, I don’t think this scenario is arousing at all. I normally just read through this scenes and usually don’t reread them.

            When the husband isn’t aware of his wife’s extracurricular activities, I don’t consider it cuckold. This is my favorite kind of cheating scenario. This are the ones that I like to revisit.

          9. Any married woman cheating is by definition cuckolding. That’s what the term implies. Not knocking anyones fetish, but that is what the word means.

            I’d be fine seeing more games where the MC gets down with married women without their husbands knowledge (or with, I’m don’t really care in that regard). I’m just getting tired of playing a submissive dude who always gets the short end of the stick. Hot Wife Tara, CVR and LwN Fx, the swinger scene in LwN was less of a swinger scene and more of an excuse to see your girlfriend get fucked by another guy with the wife of that guy being involved to the absolute mininum degree.

            All of this is, of course, just my opinion.

  3. I usually love games with high school/college setups so i’m looking forward to this one. I’d maybe prefer to play as male character in this one but i’m sure it will be interesting game nevertheless.

    Great to see that LWN will be updated with more content. It’s one your best games personally and i’m glad there will be more.
    I like this approach you’re taking with periodic updates and i hope you’ll continue with it for future and current projects too.

    1. @st1

      In hopes that we can produce good content and games for you, we only focus on certain games that you all wish to play. If a game is released with not that much interest, we would not normally try and improve or expand upon it’s current status. So if you guys like a game, we can make updates and have a constant flow of new material and content on a more regular bases (sounds easier said than done in some cases).

  4. Great news, the Characters for the new game look amazing, looking forward to that game.
    An update to LWAN focused around Jazz ?
    Yes please !
    Hoped to see more of her, great that it comes so soon.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Very promising news, and really looking forward to both parts. LwN really even was far better than expected, the girls were hot, but the story was even better. So seeing that one expanded with the ‘naughty stuff’ is really something to look forward too.

    As for the sorority, looks really promising! Can’t wait to get my hands on those girls hehe.

  6. I’m happy to see that Living with a Nympho received such positive reactions from the members and I admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the game itself.

    But I’m kind of on the fence about the expansion. I’m in the minority which doesn’t really care about threesomes. Be it M/M/F or F/F/M. And since the expansion will only focus on the threesome path. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’ll check the reactions to it.

    As for the other game: Naughty Sorority Girls. Again, another fetish that I’m in the minority. Lesbians doesn’t arouse me. If the game will focus on girl-on-girl actions and will only have a handful of straight scenes, it just won’t be for me.

    Still looking forward to your next endeavors, though.

    1. @vkalvkal

      I’m sorry to hear that, but do not fear my friend. The LWN expansion is more of a shout out to fans who liked and wanted more scenes with Jazz and Stella (some of which were in the original treatment of the game, but were put to the side for time). If the game and expansion is liked, we may add more to the game (no promises) and there may be something in there tat may tickle your fetish bone!

      And as for Pledge, let me also say that there is a great number of scenes not just dedicated to lesbian fetishes. Though there are a lot of lesbian scenes in the game, I assure you it is not like “Outcast Academy” where there is only one straight scene in the whole game. More details will be coming down the pipeline soon and maybe you will get a better feeling of the game, so no worries.

  7. Very good news! Naughty Sorority Girls looks great. The fetish lesbian has a big niche so it will be very well received. And thanks for the small expansion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Saw the latest calendar picture.. are you planing anything with Melissa, because she was my favorite girl in Living With Serena. I loved her shortish haircut. Short and modern, like a good little office worker, but still long enough to be feminine and something to yank from behind! I liked her glasses too, fanticized about cumming across her forehead and covering the glasses!

  9. Awesome news about PLEDGE. Aisha looks super hot. Being an Indian, I must say that you got the cultural aspect pin-point right. Arrange marriage, frowned upon society, everything. Looking forward to playing it.
    Also, great news about LWN. Didn’t think it would get an expansion, but as always the more the merrier.

  10. Hi

    I am a quite regular here, because I think you guys are the market leader in adult games. I’m sure you also checking your competitors and aware of whats going on without me saying it, but the forum is for discussing ideas and opinions. I hope discussing features of other games you wont feel advertising. If you do feel free to delete it. I just played Daniel K’s my girlfriend’s amnesia. Two things what I’s like to highlight from that game. Skin textures with the imperfection (like freckles) made so much alive and likeable the two main female character. Not to mention how cute are reds with freckles. 2 I cant remember when I seen some girl in your game with braid, considering how many guys have a thing for Lara Croft that is a big surprise. I hope I see much more often girls with braid in your games too. Best Regards

  11. So like April end or May? I’ve been waitingfor you guys too start doing monthly updates this is huge. Makes loyal guys like myself not think we losing money that could go to waffle house for nothing lol. Game has been fun to play can’t wait to see more. Wish u guys added club velvet and Jazz o boy.

  12. Dear Community,

    As of late you may have noticed my presence here on this blog and other parts of the site slowly becoming more and more distant. The sad part is, that was all planed and this will be my final comment on this blog. For the past year I have given this much thought and have arrived at this conclusion; after the release of Pledge, I will officially retire as a writer for LoP. I thank you all for your kind words and encouragement throughout the years and I hope that you show the LoP team, in it’s current and future configuration, the same love and attention you have shown me.

    Be well, be happy and take care,


    PS Oh and one last thing; Happy April Fool’s Day.!

    1. @lifeball224

      It’s on my list, so yes. As to when, that’s hard to say. As of today, I just finished some works and touch ups for some projects as well as finalized 5 other walthroughs. So if you like to ask me or anyone here a question about it, go right ahead. Also, if you haven’t already, check over on the Cam Girl Blog page (February 15th, 2018 entry) and see if anyone has asked or answered the question you are looking to ask!

  13. Wow, these updates look fantastic, will Project PLEDGE be available via lopgold or sexandglory? And also, looking forward to those new interactions in LWAN!!

    You’re doing an amazing job, guys, I’m really glad I decided to subscribe ๐Ÿ˜›

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