22 thoughts on “LWN EXPANSION: Jazz and Stella desire more”

  1. The expansion seems to have fucked the game up. Whenever you reach 24.00 o’clock, instead of starting the new day at 08.00 o’clock, the game continues giving you another action, making it 28.00 o’clock and the game then locks, continuously saying there is no more time and you are unable to progress.

    1. Working on it.

      UPDATE: We’ve found the reason of this problem – as a last minute fix we’ve updated LWN UNITY ENGINE scripts with a latest scripts from the Pledge game where there is a different way of day / night management. We didn’t expect it may cause issues like that. Sorry. Right now we’re building fixed build of the game.

      UPDATE: Issue mentioned by Nemo is already fixed – sorry for that.

      1. Hi leo. I’m sorry i’m here to bother you with my accouts issue. I’ve got login problems since several days before . And i submitted a report about it by following the web’s guide, which i believe your team should have recieved. However i get no replies since then and my accouts issue has been existing ever since. This issue really embarassed me. Did your team recieve the accouts issure report? Or please give me an email address which your team do get someone answering it and i can sent screenshoots about my problems and the proofs? By the way, my last reply in the blog to ask for help was deleted. That really disappointed me. I don’t know why your team do that.

  2. If you mess up the date after taking them home from the club, does it give you another chance or do you pretty much have to wait for another play through?

  3. Leo i play the game on multiple computers depending on what is convienent, is there anyway you can put in a password when you complete a level so i do not have to restart my stats from scratch each time i change computers. Basically the one i use most often is the slowest but i would love to be able to continue on my new computer when it is available.

    1. We’ve mentioned before about on-line saves – saving your game on our sarvers. Those saves would be later available from any PC you login using your MEMBERS account.

      But we need time to develop that solution – probably end of this year.

  4. How do you trigger Jazz asking about Stella?

    I know its supposed to be at 20:00 in the bedroom, but its only happened the first time I played through.

  5. Sounds promising. But after playing it for 5 minutes, i got bored. I think I’d pass this new content pack.


    Due to over-repeative slow-medium-fast time intervals. I don’t know why you guys insist on this system. LWT series do not have this time wasting good-for-nothing thing. I’ve completed LWN several times and now, waiting 15 secs every time to pass a scene that i’ve seen millions of times in my previous games is getting really disturbing.

    My for the first time it’s acceptable. But after completing the game -as with like the cheats -great btw- – I’d like to click&pass those scenes because it’s a hell amount of time consuming process.


  6. I love the new content and the new ending. It’s one of the options I had hoped would be possible with your ongoing expansions. Please keep it up. I’m looking forward to other options with Rachel and Rose. Well done, guys!

  7. Jazz really is one of your hottest characters,the more i play the game the more i like her.
    Hope to see more additions to LWN like this one,i think it is right way to go. Would it be possible also to expand existing scenes alongside the new ones,for example adding more options,poses or extra renders to scenes already in the game? If animations are tricky or time consuming to constantly create and implement for one game,you could add static render or two in between sequences to spice the scenes up

  8. actually i didnt find game engine of this game.. Grapichs arent good as past lop games for example lwt or eleanor. story also very simple. i gave 3/10 to this game

  9. I also did not get the maid 3some although having had Stella and Jazz after the club earlier. It did not pop up at day 27, as someone mentioned above. Any tips?

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