Girls are here!

Today we’ve released our latest game – Pledge.

College, the realm of superior knowledge and the gateway to a better future for all the young men and women that pass through the hallowed institution. At least, that’s what the brochure said. The reality is closer to a non-stop partying, drinking, fucking and whatever else those hyper-hormonized barely adults can wrap their tiny attention spans around.

Melissa was one said barely-adult college-goers. She was part of one of the biggest sororities on campus, which only meant one thing: she partied till the sun came up, drank like a fish, and had the wildest sex she could whenever she didin’t black-out from near alcohol poisoning… which was most of the time.

This continued for her entire four-year tenancy on campus and Melissa soaked in every moment of it. But with her parents picking up the tab and seeing her grades dip lower and lower and with her not having even picked a major, they felt like enough was enough and, with one phone call, they laid out the ultimatum.

And there Melissa was: one semester left in her senior year on the the razor’s edge of passing or failing and with no financial support of any kind from her folks. And something maybe even more crucial laid on the horizon: her duties as a Senior Sister from her sorority (not actually crucial… except that the sorority was her last lifeline after removing daddy deariest’s wallet).

What can I do in this game?

  • Change Melissa’s attitude and help her pass all her exams to graduate
  • Focus on your sorority duties, win the bet and punish your rivals
  • Start your career as a webcam girl and perform naughty shows for money
  • Seduce your exotic roommate and teach her how to make love to a woman
  • Stay with your boyfriend and make dirty things to him whenever you like
  • Uncover the secret of your history teacher and follow the ugly path to reveal the truth
  • Parties, pranks, sex – live your life and become the slut you always wanted to be

Enter Mellisa’s and Aisha’s room here: PLEDGE –

187 thoughts on “Girls are here!”

  1. I started getting the hang of it about half way through. I think I am going to like it. I was ready for a new game. I only noticed a little slowness a couple of times. Otherwise I found it to be glitch free. Good job, guys.

  2. Hey Guys and Gals,

    This is my third game that I made for LoP (After Lily in Hawaii and Snake Valley). so please don’t be afraid to ask questions and give me some feedback on this one too. Have fun!


    1. great game any updates for this one ,and a question about kim also if there going to be a game with her ,ghost from the past was also a good game and kim is hot

  3. On day 25, I can’t seem to go back into my room from the map. I am getting an error, saying that exception handling hasn’t been turned on. The only glitch I’ve seen so far

  4. I had the same issue on day 25.

    I suggest working as a waitress enough to buy the webcam kit very quickly, so money becomes less of an issue.

    There are study and workout together options that both boost the stat and relationship with that person.

    Pushing your relationship over 100 (not sure the exact number) seems to unlock some new options, like fun in the shower (at least with James and Aisha when working out in the gym).

    1. @xxhaloslayer420xx

      True that you need to be over 100 with Aisha for fun in the shower, but if I recall correctly you only need to be over 30 to do the same with James in the library and/or the shower, in case you hadn’t noticed. To unlock sex with James in the library study with him 3 times and have 30 or more with him. Have your SXP 40 or higher to do more than blow job in library.

  5. We’ve found the issue causing problems with day 25th (in a scenario when you win the sorority bet). Right now we’re preparing new build and we’ll upload it on our servers in 10-20 minutes.

    UPDATE: New build is already on-line and it’s fully working. Sorry for that issue guys.

  6. I have not had her win the contest yet so I didn’t get that glitch. What I have noticed after playing several times and getting three different endings is that the gallery keeps track of the accumulated achievements with the various characters but it does not keep track of your endings. It only displays the most recent ending.

  7. I wasn’t very happy with the first two game of Daman. But improvements are obvious. Lets hope I will have some more time to play and give a bit more detailed review on the weekend.

    1. @Lebig

      The first one (Lily in Hawaii) was my first Choose Your Own Adventure style game and the second one (Snake Valley) was my first adventure/RPG game. I’m remember you not liking them as much because you preferred more stat heavy games. I’m glad to like this one. Thanks for playing!

  8. I have managed to get 19 of the 23 achievements listed. Who is Greg, and how do I get James and Rebecca into a bathroom together? I am thinking I need to get high points with both James and Rebecca and win the sorority fund drive and let Rebecca go when Emma chickens out of the gang bang. The last game I played I thought maybe Greg was the tall guy she flirts with at the club, but in spite of flirting with him a ton a scene between them never materialized.

    1. having trouble myself. i got as far as to get the date and the dress from emma but forgot the date and never got it. going to play again and pay more attention, but it has to do with annet and emma meetings at the cafe around 21:00

      1. @slay004

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll pursue that approach, but I have two questions. Do you need to have a high or low score with Rebecca? Do you need to win or lose the sorority contest?

      1. @Phlebas

        You are correct. I think your score with James needs to be low too. I had her get gang banged in two different games. In the first there was no bathroom scene with James. In the second there was one at one of those late parties.

    1. @slay004

      Spoiler alert!
      To get Melissa teasing in the bathroom you must keep meeting Emma and Miss Delfino at 21:00. After a few times you will get an opportunity to eavesdrop. Then you will keep dwelling on that until one night you can’t sleep. You have two choices. One is to go to the bathroom and masturbate. You choose that and you will have that achievement.

  9. To get thr annet story line keep talking to emma in the changing room at 17:00 and then keep talking to emma and annet at the 21:00 and 22:00 and it unlocks.

    @Daman great job on this one man. Even though lily was a little short i loved it and i think youknocked this one out of the park. A lot of variations to keep me coming back and all the girls are great. The idea for this game is a great concept and you delivered!

    1. @vkalvkal

      That depends on how you direct the action. Melissa and James can have sex in the gym shower, the library, and her dorm room. Rebecca gives her boyfriend’s best friend a blow job. Rebecca seduces James in a party bathroom after she is gangbanged although gangbang isn’t exactly accurate. She gives head and hand to three other guys while James fucks her while she is blindfolded. Presuming I have discovered all the M/F scenes that’s it.

  10. @Daman great game, but could be more events.. :>

    I would like to play a game someday, where we would control a really bitchy girl. Something like a storyline with two friends who meet for years. Our heroine is a single girl who envy his friend a rich husband, lover, and yet other things, and seeks to destroy her marriage, what would be our task in the game. I think it would be fun. I

  11. @ leonizer

    I have noticed a glitch that I forgot to mention before. A long workout is listed as 2 hours for Melissa, but it always advances 3 hours instead of 2. It makes time management difficult.

  12. Hi all !
    Is it me, a bug, or I missed something… How do you go back to your room ?
    Even if I am on the main page (when I click on the map) , I find only 3 options: the fresh juice, the university, and the class room..

    Thank you help..

  13. Now I am really frustrated. I was playing the game for maybe the tenth time with one goal, the scene with Melissa and Greg. I had the dress. The morning of the 20th came. She announced it and said she needed to get Aisha to help her dye her hair. I never had a single option all day for her to dye Melissa’s hair until 8:00 PM, so we went to our room. I figured the option would pop then, but NOOOO! James calls. She is forced to answer him and pick him up throwing off my whole thrust of that game. How do I avoid this crap the next time I am shooting for the Greg achievement? Booty call should not fool with the other achievement. Crap! Do I have to ignore James in a game if I want her to fuck Greg?

    1. @lachis17

      Melissa has to attend all party invitations. Both scenes are in those after hour parties. The one of Rebecca and James comes after Melissa wins the sorority contest and punishes Rebecca because Emma chickens out by having her give a hand job to wo and a blow job to a third member of the football team while James fucks her. I think the party scene requires a fairly low score with James. I don’t know precisely how low.

  14. These comments are based on 2 complete games – currently on my third.

    For gameplay I think this is one of your best. I really like the story lines and the way you can make the game go in different directions.

    Visually, I would say it was ok rather than outstanding. For my money, the backgrounds are better than the characters (except that the clock in the school hall always shows the same time – inexcusable!). None of the girls really light my fire. I guess Emma isn’t meant to be really attractive, but Molly isn’t much better. I really can’t be bothered developing her storyline! My favourite is actually Aisha, so I’m a bit disappointed that she only plays for the ladies’ team.

    Which brings me to the sex. The webcam scenes send me to sleep and girl on girl is not much more interesting. This is a pity, as the hetero sex is obviously not intended to be the main event.

    As with some other LOP games, there seems to be a lack of any really good male characters. James is just a complete moron and although I haven’t met Cody or Greg yet I assume that they are only one scene appearances.

    Sorry if this ends up sounding a bit negative – like I say at the start, I think that as a game and as a story it is great, but what’s lacking for me is the erotic element. I do wonder whether maybe this game is primarily aimed at a female audience?

    I’d be interested to hear whether other guys have a similar reaction.

    1. @Phlebas

      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear it came up short to your expectations. The reason for why I did what I did in terms of characters and story elements is to try and capture the real feeling of a college lifestyle (work, school, relationships, ect.). I wanted to make it less “Outcast Academy” feeling by introducing more hidden actions and secrets than everything being out in the open and predictable like in our other games (judging from the feedback and slew of questions, it seems to have worked).

      As for the characters, we had to go with a different approach for them. As of recent, most of our male and female characters looked thirty and older and had to dial down their ages to make them look early twenties BUT at the same time to look and pass for looking over eighteen to avoid getting into trouble. The first renders we had looked great, but they also looked too young and to avoid having to mention their age in the game all the time (which was going to sound stupid), we went with slightly modding their images to make them a bit older. I am happy to did like Aisha, she is my favorite and always played on the same team from the start as I wanted players with different responses to being away form family and on their own discovering who they are. And in this case, it was finding out who she truly is as a person and her sexuality.

      I really think, and still think, that the webcam idea is great as the original idea was her working as a stripper (kinda like every other game). We thought it would be a better approach and open some fun ideas rather than simply dancing and stripping on stage.

      Your review is not negative, nor is it unwanted by any means for me or anyone else. We welcome it as it can point us in the general direction of what some and/or a majority of players like.

      Thanks for the feedback and thank you so much for playing!


      P.S. Sadly we can not do anything about the clock though, 🙂

  15. I have played 10 or 11 times. I finally got her to have sex with Greg. In case you are attempting that keep your score with James low because if you don’t he can prevent Melissa from dying her hair for the date by making the booty call that same night.

    I have completed 6 of 9 endings and 21 of 22 achievements. Can anyone give me any hints or tips on getting Aisha’s Garden Teasing?

    1. @JimMorrisonlsAlive1969

      You need bikini and between 18 and 19 go outside house, talk with Aisha using options “put your hand under her panties”. The second or third time should show the right scene.

      1. @xinsaqu

        Your tip was helpful but the game wouldn’t allow Melissa to put her hand under Aisha’s panties until a score of 50 with Aisha. I just wanted to post this in case someone else was reading it looking for the key to that achievement.

  16. @Daman and/or leonizer

    I just finished a game where Melissa had sex with Greg and turned down Annet’s offer to work for her. She lost the sorority bet, turned down Aisha’s offer to move to India, and finished with a score of 205 with Molly and a grade average of 82. How can that result in Ending 9 which calls for her to fail the semester? Explain that failure to me, please.

      1. @leonizer

        Thanks. I appreciate your quick response. Take your time. I don’t know why I like to rip through these games in just a couple or three days, but I do.

        1. You were right Jim, Melissa was indeed causing some troubles. I’ve changed the condition for her ending and now everything should work as indented.

          1. @leonizer

            Thanks. Now all I have to do is try to repeat the conditions of that game again and see if it might be the yet to be achieved 6 or 8.

  17. To anyone who may have achieved Endings 6 and/or 8, may I have an idea of what they are so I can determine an approach to my next couple of games. In exchange I can give you tips on any or all of the other endings and any of the achievements.

  18. realy nice game i love it so far i played couple of times and it looks good ,now i hope to discover the history teacher is she also in a sex scene ???? i hope so .i got the webcam and some outfits and under the shower with her boyfriend and with here roommate and got in the bar a hot scene with the other girl you can get there if you let here walk away from the gangbang so she get 40 relation ,so i will play again to discover more ,good game for me so far

    1. @paling 1234

      The only way to see Annet in a sex scene is if you get ending 7 which is completing the sex scene with Greg, confronting Annet, and accepting her offer to work with her and Emma. And you only see a scene or two in the ending. That’s it unless there is more in either Ending 6 or 8. Those are the two I have yet to achieve.

      1. @Monkey

        If you attend all the parties at one of them Mellisa will be waiting outside the bathroom and she will see Rebecca give Cody, her boyfriend’s best friend, a blow job. She will video it with her phone and post it online. In a day or two outside school Rebecca will be crying. Choose to comfort her.

    1. @paling 1234

      It isn’t necessary to buy either the leather outfit or the strap on to get that scene. About the third or 4th web cam show with Aisha she puts on the dominatrix act and uses the strap on if Melissa has SXP of 40 or more. That having been said it is a good idea to buy the strap on.

    1. @Monkey

      I have played this game over 20 times and achieved all endings and achievements in the gallery, but have yet to discover a purpose for the sexy bra and panties. Perhaps they have some purpose in future expansions which Daman has hinted at.

  19. @leonizer

    Okay, I am still a bit confused about the ending when Melissa has highest score with Molly. I just ended the game with 218 Molly, 154 Rebecca, 108 grade average, lost the sorority bet, and Mellisa fucked Greg. I was given Ending 5 which I had already achieved. Regardless of why that happened, please give me a clue or two to get endings 6 and 8, the two I have yet to attain. At least point me in the right direction. please. My frustration is mounting.

    1. Jim, some hints:

      ENDING 6
      Related to your sorority status – if you lose the bet as well as keep low relationship with other characters you may end up here.

      ENDING 8
      To get ENDING 7 you talk with ANNET, right? Imagine what could happen if you talk in the changing room with the other person who took part in that conspiracy.

      1. @leonizer

        Thanks. My next attempt was going to be all study and no social life, so Ending 6 it is. As far as talking to Emma instead of Annet after being with Greg I suppose I would have eventually tried that, but you surely saved me a few failed attempts at 8.

        1. @leonizer

          I endeavored to get ending 6 and succeeded, but when I endeavored to get ending 8 I got ending 6 again. I had over 300 with Aisha, a good web cam business, I lost the sorority contest, average grades of 67, had sex with Greg, talked to Emma instead of Annet day 21 at 17:00 and 20:00 with no new pop ups. I continued to do the same until the end of the game. Did I make an error? Do I need to win the sorority contest? It shouldn’t come into play if the ending popped when talking to Emma the way it does when talking to Annet.

          1. That sounds impossible. I’ve just tested that and there is no chance you could miss the ending after you talk with Emma about what you did with Greg.

            Unless you clicked SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP till the end of a game 🙂

            I’ve just uploaded a fix that would prevent skipping that event with spamming SLEEP button.

      2. Wow!

        Ending 6 is rather depressing. I understand why she was voted out of the sorority because she participated in no activities, but I don’t understand why she was not graduated with a grade average of 95. I also had her making plenty of money with a thriving web cam show. I do not get how some of these endings work out.

        1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

          Here sorority was sponsoring her with a scholarship, in exchange or them to allow her to stay on campus with room and board for free she has to help the sorority. With her neglecting her duties, they report her and get her evicted from the house and as a result she looses her scholarship with them and has to pay the entire bill herself, and anyone who has or had school bills know, that is not an easy thing to do,

  20. Hey there,

    i’ve just finished a game with an average of way above 50. Not sure about the single classes endresults. In the end i got an ending as if i’ve failed exams, you sure this is right?

    Otherwise an awesome game. Still trying to figure out how to uncover the Emma/Miss Defolio case and some other hidden stuff. Bc after i’ve listened to them at the Bar whispering nothing happened anymore.

    1. Hi you need to the locker room where Emma is at talk to her and you need to look at her phone then you get the greg scene .

      you need to trick her by saying theres a hidden camera in the toilets.

    2. @ZugangKryptisch

      Spoiler Alert!

      Be at the restaurant at 21:00 three days in a row. On the third day select eavesdropping. The next two days be in the changing room outside the gym at 17:00 and click on Emma. First day with Emma wait for her to go to the shower, then watch her twice, then go back to the phone and discover it is locked. The next day tell her that there might be cameras in the showers. When Melissa goes to bed that night choose the first option. (If you choose the second option you will get an achievement, but you won’t get the option of her having sex with Greg.) The next day or some day before day 20 buy the $250 dress. On day 20 at 20:00 click on Aisha. She will dye Melissa’s hair.

  21. I have an issue when playing these games. My webpage would jump back to my previous one. Ruining all my progress up till my save point. This is rather annoying because I would also have to reload the game. Anyone dealt with this kinda of problem before ans fixed it? Please let me know.

  22. @leonizer

    Impossible you say. When I approached her in the gym changing room at 17:00 day 21 there was no option to talk with her about what Melissa had done with Greg. I am early in another attempt. I did not hit sleep a number of times and end up on day 22 or 23 by mistake. I’ll let you know if I get the error again. If so I will take a screen shot for you if there is a way for me to share that with you. I am not beyond making a mistake like you suggest, but I did not do that in this instance. This time I plan on being ahead on the sorority contest just in case that helps although to be a true test I would ideally play exactly the same way as before but that is practically impossible unless I recorded every move. It isn’t important enough to go to that extreme. It’s just a game.

    Did you ever check out why when Melissa takes a 2 hour workout it always takes 3 hours? Doesn’t that have to be an error?

    1. As I mentioned before, you should approach her in the gym’s locker room where you can talk more privately than in a pub. By constantly hitting SLEEP button I meant that it was the only way to skip the final event after you talk with her there.

      I’ve fixed this glitch with 2/3 hours workout.

      1. @leonizer

        I didn’t see this before my last post. Why I am not getting that conversation I don’t understand. So is there supposed to be a new conversation option besides Chat and Call her a slut? If so, I do not have a third option except Back.

        Thanks for fixing the time glitch.

        1. Okay, I see what the problem is here – if you want to judge Emma (that’s the point of that meeting) you should visit GREG but DON’T have sex with him. Only in that case you’ll be able to unlock new button in a dialog option with Emma.

  23. @ leonizer

    I am at the same point after sex with Greg and after school on day 21 at 17:00 in Gym changing room. Click on Emma and have three options: Chat, Call her a Slut, and Back. I chose Chat the first time. I have taken a screen shot of this condition. I have selected alternately chat and call her a slut by reloading the game after neither selection resulted in a conversation with her about what Melissa did with Greg. When and where is this conversation to take place? I am currently waiting with the game on day 21 in case I need to do another reload. I don’t really want to waste all the effort again on the wrong ending. Is there a way to send you a screen shot or two?

    1. @Daman

      I like the game, or I wouldn’t have played it about 20 times by now.

      I am a little disappointed that when she fails to graduate in Ending 1 that she ends up as a stripper. Why not have her continue and expand her thriving web cam business? The ending would be more positive, and it would follow your logic of having her do web cam instead of stripping in the first place like so many other games.

      There are a couple of minor dialogue typos, but it is pretty well written.

      Someone else opined that there should be another guy or two. That really isn’t a bad idea. I agreed with him too that James doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb on the tree.

      I would offer the suggestion that if Melissa has a high score with Rebecca before the locker room sex scene. There should be an option where she asks Rebecca if she wants out or wants to go through with it. I would also like to see some kind of retaliation against Emma for being a chicken.

      For frame of reference I have all achievements and 8 of 9 endings. I am about to get ending 8 as I write.

      As I was writing this I just had what I think might be an original premise for a new game: The Dog Sitter. She could be any ethnicity and would have various customers of either sex. I’ll give it a little more thought and come up with a full blown story concept. If you come up with a game like this in a month or two, I want a cut. 😀

      Back to Pledge. I have very few criticisms besides what I have already said. It’s certainly better that Snake Valley even though I liked it. In fact I have the title for your sequel, Grad School.

      Keep up the good work.

      1. Glad to hear it. I wanted to make a more, and I mean this work with all the respect intended, “realistic” school simulator with a bit of a Outcast Academy vibe. As I wrote it, I originally had more male suitors to pick form, but then it got too complicated and then I came up with the idea of juggling life and work, so having a relationship with James and balancing school work over fucking the entire campus was a more plausible outcome.

        The ending 1 was a bit dark (not the darkest ending I made by any means, just wait and see!) but the idea of her relying on her looks and physique for cash was the only thing she could do after school without a diploma.

        As for the ideas of Rebecca going through with Emma’s dare, I have an idea for that (can’t say anything know, but give it time).

        Thanks for playing and I hope you find ending 8!


        1. @Daman

          I found Ending 8. It was exactly the opposite of what I had hoped it would be. I didn’t like it at all. I like Melissa and want to see things work out for her in all endings as much as possible. I have a hard time buying that she trusted Emma enough to accept a drink from her. That is one ending I will never return to. I liked the endings with Aisha and Rebecca the best. Ending with James was okay except he is kind of a dummy. So Endings 3, 4, 5, and 7 will be the ones I will shoot for in future plays until you come up with expansions as you hinted at.

          Even though I didn’t like seeing Emma win I accept your artistic license. It is simply not what I would have chosen. I wish you would consider an alternate reaction, having her simply say this, “No. What I want you to do is to do exactly what I say when we win the sorority fundraiser without asking anyone to take your place. If you do I will report you and Annet to the school.” Then when she wins have the football team do Emma instead of Rebecca. That would be sweet.

          1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

            Glad to see you are passionate about the game. Fun fact actually, she is one of two people from the game who went to the Outcast Academy (more fun details can be found on the wiki page).

            And not to spoil much or nothing, I will part with this: the feeling you have towards Emma is what I wanted players to feel when around her and what she does to others. But rest assured, what goes around, will come around!

    2. From a gameplay perspective, it might be the best LOP game yet- a nice mix of needing to improve stats and trying to explore characters. It doesn’t quite feel like there’s too much time but it doesn’t feel like you have time for nothing but stats either.

      The characters are smoking hot- I think what is missing is more male/female possibilities and more interaction between characters. For example, a scenario where Emma steals Molly if you neglect her would be cool. Maybe Molly has a boyfriend who comes to visit and “bad” Melissa seduces him. Maybe Melissa and her bf open their relationship completely to Rebecca. Maybe Melissa can guide Molly into a corruption path or a “good” path.

      At any rate, it’s the best game I’ve played in a while- I think that the only missing piece is relationship tension between the characters. That’s what makes the sex scenes hot and why LWT is such a favorite.

      Good work!

  24. First, the things I LIKED:

    The female characters are gorgeous. Each has their own distinct look and style.

    Backgrounds and locations are extremely well done. The hub system works for the most part. More on that later.

    Storylines were well thought out, and early decisions can affect options later.

    The game doesn’t rely on a “get the highest paying job, and buy everything” dynamic.

    When you order something online, it’s not there immediately. This adds the need to plan ahead.

    Things I DISLIKED:

    Aisha has a very well fleshed out story. It’s as if the game was designed for you to end up with her (not that I’m complaining). Rebecca has her moments, but you have much less control over your interactions with her. Molly is there to advance the story and farm stats (sexperience), and James is a mere afterthought.

    No access to your inventory. You may buy outfits or sex toys, and forget you did, wasting precious hours to go to the store again, only to find that you did it previously.

    Hard to distinguish between the faces at the top of the screen, making it difficult to know your progress with them.

    The hub system works, but my main issue with it is that on Fridays, any trip to your room starts the party, whether it’s its 1900 or 2400. You may have other things to complete, such as planning a prank, but you can’t bypass the party option.

    During the intro, Melissa is made out to be kind of a bitch, but never do you get to see this (that I know of). A slap or a punch, just once, to Emma’s face, would be immensely gratifying.

    This is by no means my way of blasting the game, this is merely constructive criticism. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have played for hours. I have completed most of the achievements, and have found six endings so far. I love your work. It’s games like this that keep me here.

    1. @Whisper9191

      Thanks for the feedback! I did want Melissa to be a bit of a bitch but not like how Emma is. And the reason for not slapping her is in fear of getting kicked out of school for fighting. but that does not mean you can not get even with her down the road.

      The party mechanic for when you go back to your place was a way to infuse the college experience on a Friday night. Everyone wants to party and even the students who want to study are faced with either books or booze. So sorry if I kinda shoved it into your face.

      The idea of each character is to provide a different personality to the college experience. Aisha represents the person or people who discover who they truly are sexually and embrace their true self. Rebecca represents the person or people looking to be accepted for who they are and not how they look or act towards others. James represents the person or people who go with the flow even when they have no idea what they want out of life (he got a scholarship and decided to go to college because he had no idea where to go after high school). And finally Molly represent the person or people who quietly skate through school but have a real goal as to why they are in college (for her it’s to open her own sex toy line business).

      All in all, I love the feedback and what you liked an didn’t like about it. It helps us see where we might do better down the line!

      Keep of playing and I hope you find the other endings and achievements/gallery images in the end!


      1. I love the different directions you took with the characters, and I get who they are. To me it just felt like James, for instance, could be skipped, and you wouldn’t miss a thing. I guess that’s kind of the point. As for the party thing, looking at it from that point of view, it makes a LOT more sense. When they come to get you, it doesn’t really matter if you’re ready or not, and so you’re put on the spot. I actually LIKE that now, since you put it the way you did. Much more realistic.

        All in all, I absolutely loved this game. I’m already looking forward to an expansion/sequel. Thanks so much for all the hard work that you put into it.

        1. @Whisper9191

          “To me it just felt like James, for instance, could be skipped, and you wouldn’t miss a thing. I guess that’s kind of the point.”

          How right you are on that! In fact, the only reason you get most of his scenes and endings is if you spend time with him. He’s a very passive character who is focusing on his sports career and not so much his future. So you hit the nail on the head!

      2. @whisper9191
        I played for hours too. I loved the twist where we think he’s such a confident alpha who’s so into her, but instead we find out he prefers fake AND he’s just a cuckhold. She pays attention (or ‘overthinks’) and follows her instincts which unlocks the secrets. He becomes insignificant, after that pathetic scene, and for the rest of the game a very sexual character with a massive cock and stamina takes over! Really happy with the game now as there are MANY gratifying opportunities to get to see her really take it ALL, like a GOOD GIRL ! When she cums over and over it was so REALISTIC…. I could almost feel it!

    2. I agree with you and would like to add one more plus! The scenarios are so realistic that I feel they are entirely possible in real life, which of course, is even better than a game!

    3. @whisper9191
      I played for hours too. I loved the twist where we think he’s such a confident alpha who’s so into her, but instead we find out he prefers fake AND he’s just a cuckhold. She pays attention (or ‘overthinks’) and follows her instincts which unlocks the secrets. He becomes insignificant, after that pathetic scene, and for the rest of the game a very sexual character with a massive cock and stamina takes over! Really happy with the game now as there are MANY gratifying opportunities to get to see her really take it ALL, like a GOOD GIRL ! When she cums over and over it was so REALISTIC…. I could almost feel it!

    4. @Whisper9191
      Industry say, played for hours too. I loved the twist where we think he’s such a confident alpha who’s so into her, but instead we find out he prefers fake AND he’s just a cuckhold. She pays attention (or ‘overthinks’) and follows her instincts which unlocks the secrets. He becomes insignificant, after that pathetic scene, and for the rest of the game a very sexual character with a massive cock and stamina takes over! Really happy with the game now as there are MANY gratifying opportunities to get to see her really take it ALL, like a GOOD GIRL ! When she cums over and over it was so REALISTIC…. I could almost feel it!

  25. Still missing the Rebecca-Cody scene…. Do i have her NOT to get fucked in the changing-room scene?
    BTW: Rebecca is one of the hottest chicks ever… Would love to see her in a „Living with Rebecca“-Game :):)…

    1. @lachis17

      It’s multiple parts. To get it, you will need to win the bet, make Rebecca go through with the bet, go to the party and catch Rebecca and James and then go to another party after that and you should catch them.

    1. @lachis17

      The Rebecca/Cody scene is at the day 26 party if Melissa loses the bet. She publishes photos or a video online. That is her revenge.

      The Rebecca/James scene is at the day 26 party if Melissa wins the bet and punishes Rebecca in Emma’s place. It is Rebecca’s revenge.

  26. @Daman and leonizer

    With a couple of hints from leonizer on endings 6 and 8 I got all endings and all achievements in 4 days. I know there will be people asking for a walkthrough if someone hasn’t already, but I don’t think a walkthrough for this one is necessary. I think that even without leo’s help I would have got all the endings in 4 or 5 days. With everything else you guys are doing to get Eleanor 3 and Living With Temptation 2 expansion ready as well as other things we likely don’t know about, I think a walkthrough for this game is a waste of your time. Just my two cents worth.

      1. @Daman

        As you wish. I just offered that suggestion hoping you would consider it when organizing your priorities so that (this is totally selfish) I can see Eleanor 3 and LWT 2 Expansion as soon as possible. 😀

  27. i got a issue.

    I’m trying to have the ending with Molly.

    i have 40 math , history 48, Business 42 ,math 42 , social 291 and 173 with molly.

    On the last day when i’m reading my score the game stop and i don’t have the ending

    1. @kenshine2103

      No ending leaves you with Molly except Ending 9, the one where she lets you back in the sorority and makes you her plaything. It requires Melissa to flunk out.

      Here are the endings.
      1. Did not Graduate end up as a stripper Felixia
      2. Graduate Alone
      3. Graduate with James
      4. Graduate with Aisha
      5. Graduate with Rebecca
      6. Kicked out of Sorority
      7. Go into Business with Emma and Annet
      8. Tricked by Emma
      9. Sex with Greg, Turn Down Annet Fail to Graduate. (This description is how I achieved it.)

  28. Hi,

    I have been a big fan of you guy’s game for a long time and this is my first post in the blog since I just got a blog account. Just want to say you guys have been doing great this one or two years and really appreciate you guys efforts.


    Man, you are definitely improving! This one is much better than your last two games so keep going. But I do have some suggestion. I think you put too much effort on Aisha. That part is pretty good. But on Annet and Emma there are definitely more work to do. Your game start with fundraising competition with Emma so people expect deeper story line with Emma. But in the end seems nothing much with her besides the escort service. You don’t even have a gallery regarding her. So I think this part of story can be improved instead of a sudden end after finding the dark secret. And because the lack of this the game becomes very repetitive in the last 10 days.

    Overall I think you have done a great job. Looking forward to your next one!

  29. @Daman and leonizer

    I broke your game. Well, maybe not broke it. But I have confused it to the point where the game is completed and it doesn’t know what ending to give me. I even refreshed the game to reload the day with the same result, a screen that will not advance to an ending. I played without entering the gym so there was never a bet. I did the fund raising and member recruitment and attended parties for the sorority. I ended 143 Aisha (after turning her down) and 165 Molly with 0 for James and Rebecca. Grade average of 68. Look 48. SXP 25. Money 82. If you could possibly tell the game how to react to that, so I can reload this game and see what ending I get, I would greatly appreciate it. I am guessing you didn’t expect anyone to play without entering the gym dressing room which she did not in this game.

    1. P.S. Out of curiosity and FYI, I reloaded the day, walked into the gym instead of the dorm room, which unlocked the bet and our respective scores which were $109 to $730 in Melissa’s favor. After returning to the dorm room the game still doesn’t know what ending to give me.

  30. @leonizer and/or Daman

    More than 24 hours ago I shared a problem I am having with the game. Please see the above message and subsequent notes 2:32 PM May 30. I created an unexpected condition and I have the game confused and stumped. I am waiting until this is corrected so I can reload and see what ending I will get. Please take a look at it. Thanks

      1. @leonizer

        Thanks. You guys are usually so responsive I wondered why it had been so long. I feel better now that I know you got the message.

    1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

      So far I recreated the stats and conditions. The problem is that there is a mandatory story mission that needs to happen (The Bet) and it was passed over thus the game is confused (as am I a bit) how you were able to get through the game without once going into the gym (I applaud you for your cunning, BTW). We will look into this, but I’m still kinda dumbfounded that it even happened.

      However I can say, with confidence that your ending will be the second ending based upon who you have romanced and your score that you posted earlier.

      1. @Daman

        I am an engineer, and I like to take different approaches to games sometimes. I half expected something to happen on day 25, but it didn’t. I got her looks up by sunbathing and dancing. She made plenty of money working as a waitress and occasionally in the library although normally working in the gym is the best return on time invested, I admit. I just like to try things differently sometimes.

  31. Im having a problem where I reach my goal which was 44 and I had molly states go high to like 150 when I reach the end of day 30 I couldn’t load my ending it froze. Will there be an ending for molly in the future or no?

    1. @vincentkm3

      Did you avoid entering the gym during the game? If you do that it confuses the game and it won’t give an ending. There is no true ending with Molly. Two of them involve her, but nothing like the endings with Aisha, James, or Rebecca.

      1. I been going to the gym but when i raised the states up high for molly at the end of day 30 that when I didn’t get the ending.

        1. @vincentkm3

          You don’t get any ending, or you don’t get an ending with Molly? I ask because if your grades average 40 or more and you didn’t fail your sorority, your score was low or you turned down Aisha, Rebecca, and James, and your high score is with Molly you will get ending 2.

          1. Correction. You cannot turn down Rebecca. If your score is high with her at the end and your grades are 40 or above you will get ending 5 as long as you didn’t agree to be with James or Aisha regardless of your score with Molly whether you win or lose the sorority bet.

            There are many nuances to this game.

          2. oh okay when I raised the states for Molly I didn’t get an ending for Molly so I started over and pick a different ending though. Thanks for telling me. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

  32. @Daman

    “Glad to see you are passionate about the game. Fun fact actually, she is one of two people from the game who went to the Outcast Academy (more fun details can be found on the wiki page).”

    I was looking through the wiki page for the Outcast Academy alumni in this game. Interesting, but I thought I also recognize Becca in a cameo in this game. Am I mistaken?

    1. @xinsaqu

      You do not get any ending at all or you do not get an ending with Molly? There is no ending with Molly per se. I ask because if your grades average 40 or more and you didn’t fail your sorority, your score was low or you turned down Aisha and James, you have a low score with Rebecca, and your high score is with Molly you will get ending 2.

  33. I’ve been a member of both SexandGlory and LOPGold and honestly enjoy the games you guys make, but I’ve noticed a big theme that isn’t in all of your games which it’s not expected in all but highly desireable in my opinion.

    Pregnancy as an endgame/failure or unexpected risk with say a 50/50 chance I don’t know how that can be developed or incorporated into some games based on overall theme or setting, but in a game based on college/sorority life I was halfway expecting that kind of risk to come up not necessarily with the main character but side characters perhaps. Yes this may not fit into this game, but I’d like to see it utilized more in upcoming games as it could turn into a nice little cautionary mechanic or give pervs like me the satisfaction of taking those risks I know in previous games you guys made it seem like certain options might be available to choose where to cum but lately I’ve not seen those choices of where and it should be an option even on characters asking you to pull out it’s just my two cents since I hadn’t commented before and felt this was a good spot to make mention of it.

    1. @evildave86

      There’s mechanic from “Story of Didi” where if you let Didi have sex without being on birth control she can become pregnant Also, in “Living with Britney” there is a chance to have sex and if you cum inside her multiple times, she can become pregnant before the end game. Is this the kinda of mechanic you were referring to?

      1. More or less I just tend to see the potential for very similar options in more of the games you guys create I know pregnancy has been present in a number of the games and Story of Didi fits the game over scenario I mentioned it’s why I brought it up. I just see potential for storylines that take this approach to next level like maybe have a game where the point is to knock up multiple characters with both willing and unwilling concepts available. I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it can be hot for example in LWT 2 the Birth Control Sabotage was pretty hot and similar aspects of this in new games would be pretty sweet. I have a number of ideas in regards to story scenarios, but you as the developers have final say on the content you deliver it won’t change my opinion of the exceptional work you all do, it’s just a matter of us all having our own little fantasies that excite more than some things.

  34. FYI to anyone interested. I like ending 5 because when Rebecca and Melissa build their business together they take good care of their employees. I’m in favor of that. Just so you know, I played a game yesterday where I intentionally lost the sorority contest by only doing a couple of pranks, I did not do a web cam business, I had 282 points with Rebecca, and I had 100 grade in every class. I also attended every party. It resulted in Ending 5. If you try that, work in the gym most often and occasionally work at the restaurant. The gym gets you $16.66 an hour versus $10 an hour at the restaurant and $7 an hour at the library. It’s a matter of yield versus time management. You don’t have to lose the sorority contest to end up with Rebecca, but if you win it you need to drop the bet and not have the football team gang bang her.

  35. @leonizer and Daman

    Since I have been playing this game so much since its release I have been fielding a few questions from other players. You two must get very tired of the same questions being asked over and over because players don’t take the time to read the other posts to see whether their question may already have been asked and answered. Now I have a taste of what you go through on this forum. I really appreciate the patience you both demonstrate. I don’t have that much patience, but I will restrain myself here, so I don’t cause any disharmony on your blog.

    1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

      “Patience is a virtue and Time is a magazine”
      -Motivational poster hung on the office wall

      Thanks for contributing and talking to players and I’m glad we have made a game that you are very passionate about. We read all the comments (so to others reading this you are not being ignored, trust me!) and on occasion we simply instead of replying “look up” or “already answered earlier” we just don’t answer so that they can find it themselves. Thanks again!

  36. Sometimes I got an error in chrome trying to speak with James with high 70 relationship points:

    An exception has occured, but exception handling has been disabled in this build. If you are the developer of this content, enable exceptions in your project WebGL player settings to be able to catch the exception or see the stack trace.

  37. I have no end.

    I won the bet. Rebecca is offended. Molly wants to set up a factory. I rejected James and Aishe. The average rating is above 40. I did not agree to the Anett offer.

    On day 31, I read the results from school and the game jams.

    The second thing :

    When with Molly, we play the dildo and come back at 24 to the room, the clock begins to show the hour of 25.
    You can not do anything.

    But the game is great anyway !!!

  38. Is there a hint on how to get ending 8 or 9 because i turned down the offer for the history teacher I tried to talked to Emma but I still got ending 2 where I pass the class. Do I have to fail to get one of the endings?

    1. @vincentkm3

      To get ending 8 you must go to Greg’s and leave before having sex. The next day instead of approaching Annet at 17:00 in the library you approach Emma at 17:00 in the gym dressing room and talk to her. Ending 8 will pop.

      To get ending 9 I had her have sex with Greg, Turn Down Annet and Fail to Graduate.

      1. for ending 9 I did what you said but at the end I still got ending 1. was there another step for ending 9? or was that the only step I had to do?

        1. @vincentkm3

          To be perfectly honest it has been several days since I got ending 9, so I don’t remember whether there were any other steps in it. I just looked at it again. I think you need to have a pretty high level with Molly, but don’t hold me to that.

  39. @Daman

    Since there is no current thread about Living with Serena I will post this here. I know you are reported to be developing a Living with Serena sequel. For some reason I didn’t like Serena as much as I liked Melissa and Nicole, especially Nicole. Melissa is a sweet girl. I hated that Serena fired her after the threesome. Nicole is super hot, but then again in real life I am married to a short blonde with large boobs. Go figure. I was hoping for an alternate ending where he ends up with Melissa and Nicole. Just my two cents worth, and probably too late to have any effect even if you happened to agree with me. I know better than to ask when the LWS sequel might come out.

    1. @ JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

      True I do agree with the idea of branching out Julien’s possible romance choices, but with him and Serena engaged it can be a bit hard and troublesome.

      But as we like to say here every now and again: “never say never”.


  40. @Daman

    On May 27th another player asked this same question. I just went through everything since then and found no answer. I have played this game probably 30 times and achieved everything including breaking the game as we previously discussed. I can find no function for the $150 sexy bra and panties at the online store. Is this item not yet involved in the game but will be in some future update, or have I yet to find its function? My last game I had her be a total sex addict. She ended up with $3500 from her web cam business. She owned everything sold at the online store. No scene presented itself involving the aforementioned bra and panties. Will you enlighten us?

    1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

      I would like to evoke my fifth amendment rights at this time as to allow me not to answer the question at this present time. 😉

          1. @evildave86

            No. The Charity “Fun Run” in sexy lingerie. Requires sexy lingerie, not sexy bra and panties.

  41. @Daman

    (To bad we can’t edit or delete posts after we hit enter.)
    Speaking of her earning $3500 from her web cam business. A thought occurred to me today for a possible new ending if you are considering expansion of this game which I believe is warranted. Set a dollar amount to be achieved by her web cam business by end of game and she ends up going into business with Claire from Camgirl Confessions on Sex and Glory. That’s another good game and it would be fun to tie them together at the end.

  42. Guys, do you want to get more?
    Daman got ideas for much more scenes and we’re ready to develop them – just give us a sign that you really desire it in comments below.

    1. I sure do. I also think that quite a few people don’t frequent the forums as much as others, but they would be on board for more as well. Personally I’d love more with Molly and the teachers, or even the other Elder Sisters.

  43. Hey! Guys and/or Gals! Wake up! We have been asked whether we want to see an expansion of this game. Daman has the ideas and is ready to run with it. Leon wants us to speak up. You have no trouble talking when you have a complaint. Throw in some positive remarks, please. To respond to leonizer look for his question June 5, 2018 at 9:57 AM.

    1. I’m just happy someone else finally responded. I have probably played this game 50 times by now. I’m curious to see a few new directions and outcomes.

      1. @JimMorrisonIsAlive1969

        So far we have a few takers, is there anyone else who would like to see something? I have a few ideas pending and just seeing is anyone would like to see more!

  44. I can’t seem to get Greg, I get the dress and wait for Aisha to leave school, but I can never actually ask her about dying my hair, not sure what’s up with it, but if someone can explain how to get the Greg scene, that would be awesome, thanks.

    1. @ViSno

      What I always do is have Melissa go to school until 16:00 do something else until 20:00. At 20:00 go to her room and click on Aisha. She will then dye the hair. Just make sure you don’t have high points with James or he can make the booty call that night and she will never get to meet Greg.

      1. It’s not working, I’ve discovered that Emma is going to that date, bought the dress, my relationship with Aisha is rather high, could that be a problem? I am basically pretty much ready and Mel even says she needs to dye her hair, but she just doesn’t do it, so I am not sure what’s going on, might be a bug for me or it just might be something I am missing, but I’ve no idea what.

        1. @ViSno

          Yesterday I again went for the Ending 7 which requires the date with Greg. I had over 500 with Aisha and 4 points with James. I attended school that day until 16:00. I went to the gym at 16:00 and worked out with Aisha. I went back to the dorm room and took a nap. At 20:00 I clicked on Aisha and she dyed my hair. It will work that way every time as long as you have already bought the dress and do not have a high score with James. If that doesn’t work for you I don’t know what to tell you. Good luck.

  45. LOP_Daman

    i wanted to thank you for this really great game ,i likeit more when i play it more so keep up the great work and this one is one of my favorite its awasome just what i think of it it,s looking great thanks again Daman

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