Play it first: Sue

So as promised we’ve just launched a new section on – PLAY IT FIRST. With LOP GOLD MEMBERSHIP play our
FREE MINI GAMES 2 weeks ahead of everyone else and get access to exclusive BONUS MATERIALS.

Out first game in that section is SUE: After the valley.

38 years old (still not 40, that’s important!), a successful lawyer and a soon to be partner at his firm, Milton Price had it all. Except a date. And that, to a perennial single and workaholic in a conservative environment, was also important.

Though there are people who specialize in being good companions. People who, for a price, would accompany him to his mandatory events and dazzle his partners with charm and class. Milton has just called one of these people. He just hopes it doesn’t blow up in his face.

“Sue: After the Valley” is a short adventure that unfolds throughout a single scene that can be thoroughly explored through dialog options and interactive sex scenes. Rediscover Sue’s character from “Snake Valley” in this modern setting and look out for all the possible endings!

If you like to meet Sue just visit Milton’s office here: Play it first – or wait till 2018.09.14 and you’ll be able to play this game for FREE on, and other sites with erotic games.

6 thoughts on “Play it first: Sue”

  1. Visuals are great as usual,gonna check it out later today.
    Since it’s new section,I wish if you could use your older and well known characters for these games,like Sue or Kim as we can see on the page,but aswell as some others like Didi,Jazz,Lily,Veronica,Serena etc. and of course most belowed girls Eleanor,Tracy and Lisa

  2. Intriguing game because she first refers to her ancestor from Snake Valley but later thinks about Jack from Snake Valley as though she is some kind of ageless being.

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