Call girl Denise next week!

We plan to releases CGD next week. The game is almost ready – I just need to add music and sounds, work with a difficulty balance a little and run some more tests with my team.

So now we’re ready to give exact release date:

Monday, 1st October 2018

At this moment the whole game is almost ready – we’re just waiting for:

  • Agrippa’s final text verification (the previous verification, made by someone else, wasn’t made with the quality we were expecting),
  • some last tests and tweaks of the stats to balance the game.

We’ve implemented ACHIEVEMENTS, ANIMATIONS GALLERY and CHEAT MODE – depending on how many times you’ve finished the game you’ll get access to special perks (more money, boosting stats).

There will be 30 awesome 30 frames animations and around 700 static images – so there is a lot of content to discover.

Some awesome images below – photos were taken during her working hours 🙂

18 thoughts on “Call girl Denise next week!”

  1. Cool trailer,loved it. I have high hopes for this game,it really looks great,looking forward to next week.
    I know that all your focus last couple of months have been on Pledge,Blind date and Denise,i don’t want to disregard those projects but may i ask when can we expect new info on LWT expansion?It’s been a while
    Keep up with great work guys

  2. Hey I know you guys got a lot of projects going right now but could you do some walkthroughs/guides for Living with Nympho and Snake Valley? A few endings/scenes I have been having trouble getting. Thanks!

    1. @Dreezy31

      I am currently half way done with them both, but am focused on a few projects at the moment. Once there is a break in the storm, I’ll finish and publish them.

  3. As a viewer of that trailer, you can see how the developers put their heart in this game. Took a shit ton of time, but I think it will be worth it. Lets hope the final product, looks promising as the trailer here! Wouldn’t mind if that game gets an extension/addon <3

      1. To Dear Daman & Leo,

        I’ve a grievance and also a sadness. You guys listen to some while ignoring others. I really appreciate your efforts for Lily in Hawaii as others do I’m sure. I just request you to please make a sequel of Lily in Hawaii or include her in some other theme for a 30 day period because I’m in love with that character. Please, just oblige this heartfelt request from an eager fan of yours.

        1. @Loplove001

          I would love nothing more. I haven’t forgotten the cast of my first LoP title nor would I want it to fade away into obscurity. To be honest when writing this game I did in fact have a concept for a sequel in mind and even a small solo game starring the original cast.

          The only two things I can say at this point is; “you are not alone” and “never say never!”

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