LOP GOLD update


I’m working as fast as I can with this project. FAITH is open for co-operation and we’re making progress with almost every day. Still it requires huge amount of time to complete it – I’ll do everything do deliver this game this year but I can’t promise that.


As mentioned before – all renders are complete but still… we continue rendering to provide as much new scenes as possible in incoming expansions to this game.

Right now DAMAN is doing his magic with texts but there is a lot of work ahead of him. Scripting all interactions with DRAKE, AMBER, PAIGE, FLAKE, daily actions, events, endings. Still a lot of work. I can promise you this ELE3 should be our first PREMIUM game released in 2019 and we’ll try as hard as we can to deliver it ASAP.

It won’t be version 0.4 or game with 50% of content – you’ll get complete, huge and amazing game with the first strike. And then when you want more ELEANOR we’ll provide expansions to the main game. So I’m sure you gonna be fully satisfied with that solution.


YamYoda’s exclusive task is to render LWT2 expansion. As fast and as efficient as possible. In most cases those are very difficult renders – mix of several numbers of characters on a scene together with very specified body position and other details. Also Yam was busy with our 3d projects so the rendering speed wasn’t at the rate we all anticipate. But now… he is fully devoted to this and cause we got all texts ready for this game there is a huge chance that we’ll deliver it just after ELEANOR 3.

Next week I’ll tell you more about our FREE games – there is a lot going on in this department.

21 thoughts on “LOP GOLD update”

  1. Thanks for lengthly update,everything looks absolutely great!
    With each new bit of news about LWT2 I get hyped even more,same goes for Eleanor. And I like the decision of further expansions or periodic updates you’re planning for Eleanor a lot,this is something I’d always wanted to see with your games. I hope you can do it for some other games too,like LWN,CVR or Call girl Denise and of course LWT2 at some point in the future after expansion drops,new scene here or there once in a while would be great if possible.
    Props to artists,keep up with great work!

    1. @st1

      Hard at work on ELE3 as we speak and I’m loving it all the same. I’m doing my best to make the game more to the style that I would write a game, but keeping the spirit of Eleanor alive for the players that is certainly beloved by all (by that I mean her mind and her wit). So far Leo likes it and says it sounds and feels like her so I’m on the right track.

      Working late nights and early mornings to make this a game players will love and I hope it will be worth the wait! 🙂


      1. You’re doing tremendous job. Being involved with so many titles with various themes and styles is really impressive, can’t wait to see what you’ve prepared for us with Eleanor.
        I can see how much effort is being put into production of these games,I appreciate what you guys doing,I know i’ll love final products.Keep it up!

  2. Great job and thank you for all the hard work! I’m definitely looking forward to Serbian Casino and LWT2 Expansion. I just love games that you all dish out and love the multiple endings 😀

    1. @Dinorawr21

      I hope you like it. Leo hasn’t said anything about it and I won’t go into too much detail, but it will have somewhat similar choice base elements that “call Girl Denise” has. What parts do you ask? I will stay silent until then. 😉

      “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
      -Benjamin Franklin

  3. Damn really looking forward to these, keep up the great work! Just a small request for the LWT2 Expansion, maybe there could be more scenes between Tracy/Lisa and Richard? The scene with Tracy and Richard was one of the best from the original, would love to see more of that!

  4. I wish to see more variety with camera angles,most pics here look like they are on set of porn movie. 3rd person view is good but it would be way better for first two pics if the angle was closer to characters,over the dudes shuolder or right next to girls on sofa. Justins pov in both pics would also be rather great given the circumstances hes in there. That way player feels more connected to the game and playing characters. Patreon games are good example of what i mean,many of them create great looking scenes putting the camera angle or pov closer to the characters,their faces or bodies. If you could mix that with 3rd person view like above,look of your games will improve further more. Just a suggestion,not criticism.

    1. @Tomasson26

      Never say never. I am working as quickly and diligently to try and finish this all ASAP. It’s the only project I have in my hands and There will be no walkthroughs, wikia updates or many words from me on the blog until I get this done. I will make my promise to you and everyone else; I WILL finish the texts for the game before the end of the year is through so we can get this game out quickly to you all!


  5. Very excited for the new Serbian casino game, Eleanor 3 & LWT2 expansion. Everything looks great & you guys seem to be working hard. Nothing else to say other than thanks and good luck. You’ve got a bunch of gamers chomping at the bit to whatever you release next.

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