Incoming free games

As I mentioned before in 2019 we would like to release FREE games more often.

Wild Wet West
First we’ll start with a small relationship sim based on a wild west – the same where you were able to meet Snake. 3 girls – sherif, girl from a brothel and native Indian hunter. We got all visuals and texts ready for this game – as soon as I complete SC project I’ll start developing this one.

Beneath steal clouds
Another sim – this time with dystopian theme. I love sci-fi projects and I hope you’ll love our game too. We got 95% of visuals and still waiting for texts (Agrippa said he is almost there but… still waiting – hurry up dude :).

Waiting 4 love
I don’t know if you remember Looking 4 love – our free game released many year ago. We try to make a spiritual successor of it. This is going to be special project so we invited Angelica to participate in it and she said yes. Together with this black haired beauty with body worth dying for we’ll meet Jessie who… got some secrets.

We’ll release those games as “PLAY IT FIRST” – which means that those titles will be available for MEMBERS as exclusive for two first weeks and then we’ll release it for free on

8 thoughts on “Incoming free games”

    1. Probably yes – this game was rendered as one of the first BUBX project (he later did LIVING WITH A NYMPHO, PLEDGE, PARTY WITH FRIENDS) and for my opinion those visuals very outdated right now.

  1. Looking for love is still one of my favourite free games of yours actually,with Tina also being one of best girls that appeared in free games. Curious about it’s succesor, I’m glad you decided to bring Angelica back for this project. Hope to see more already known characters return or making cameos in new games,whether they are free or Gold titles.
    I think I’ll like Wild Wet West,I remember the girl in second pic from calendar,is it Blue Raven? She looks amazing

  2. Apologies if this has been asked before or is a dumb question, but have y’all ever possibly considered releasing one of the older games from either of the pay sites as opposed to making shorter, new ones from scratch? Just with how much you bust your collective tails pumping out games I feel like that might lighten your load and let you focus more on making the new games for the pay sites, plus I wouldn’t expect any complaints from the non paying consumers.

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