Night with Veronica

Get ready to experience an unforgettable evening: the one in which Veronica convinced James to visit the Club Velvet Rose.

  • How did the young wife manage to get him to try swinging?
  • What kind of dirty tricks did she use to make him say yes?
  • Did she entice him with the promise of other, eager girls?
  • Or maybe there was no need to tempt him, as he pictured Veronica being taken by two guys… at the same time?
  • And will their evening end with a cumshot over her pretty face, or one inside her tight ass?

Give it a try, and see what Veronica is capable of.

Download BASIC version for FREE or go PREMIUM and get:

Including new animations and camera settings, and even a POV option that will let you experience all the kinky scenes in close detail.

Add diversity to the scenes by trying James’ three additional outfits and Veronica’s six sexy costumes.

A sexy reporter will dare to ask the adventurous couple those questions in every fan’s mind. Among them: will there be a sequel to Club Velvet Rose?

Visit Veronica’s apartment here: Night with Veronica –

14 thoughts on “Night with Veronica”

  1. Interesting game,nice little backstory for Veronica and James. I like that rumor of CVR sequel.
    As for the game itself it is a good effort four your second 3d game but there’s also room for improvements which I hope you’ll be able to fix with the experience you’ll gather with these kind of projects. I liked rather huge variety of options,from clothes to positions and cameras during the scenes. I understand there is big difference in developing 2d and 3d games but if it’s possible I’d like to see some of those options being used in your 2d games in the future.

    1. @st1

      Thanks for the feedback. I had some fun writing it and it felt wonderful to revisit CVR and spill a bit on the backstory of the two characters (hopefully it’s not too cannon for the players).

      As for the potential, you have no idea what we have in store. This was the start…I just hope you brought your pooping pants because you and the rest of the players are in for a surprise! 😉

  2. Good job guys! It was fantastic seeing Veronica come to life in 3d!

    Some feedback:

    I felt the music was a bit too fast paced. The jazz is good stuff, but slow the tempo down a bit so we can get in the mood 🙂

    I loved the camera angle and dance when selecting the *ask about her outfit* option

    I’m happy you guys aren’t worrying too much about voice acting.

    I’d like to be able to move about on my own a bit more like in blind date. A freed up camera is also high on my wish list.

    Congrats on a solid second 3d effort!

  3. I’ve purchased the Night With Veronica and downloaded the versions for Mac. However, I can only get to a loading page where nothing but a blank, dark screen appears with music. The game quits running and I have to force quit and shut down. I did try leaving a message (twice) on the LOP site but I don’t think that worked. Any help is appreciated.

      1. I didn’t receive any message from you by now (or at least not from e-mail address you are using here). I’ve initiated an e-mail correspondence with you – please check your inbox.

  4. To my opinion Veronica is by far the most gorgeous woman in LOP verse , she’s sexy af and it was a pleasure to share her with other guys in CVR, can’t wait to play this and a future game !!

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