We’re coming back to…

Today we got important news for you!
We know that you want to continue the story of your favorite characters so right now we’re not only developing new games with new protagonists and adventures but also recently we’ve started to create expansions to our older titles. We’ve started with LWT2, then Serena and…

Can you guess the game title basing on the image above?
It should be easy to guess. If you’ll do that we’ll present some images from the incoming game.


Iksanabot come up with idea to not only add a new mind blowing character but also add extra cool scenes to the previous ladies.

Elluna the Sorceress is the new character – let us know in the comments if you like her.

We’ve decided to make a full scale update, the same technique we’re doing it with SERENA. All images are now in native 720p (no upscalling) and everything re-wrtitten in UNITY. Texts are already here, most of the new locations are already designed and rendered – just waiting for character renders (massive number).


Who is your favorite female character from Seducing the Throne?

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    About Serbian Casino
    Planned release date is 22th January 2019 – we still don’t have all verified texts and this prevents us from launching game this week. We should receive all fixes just after the weekend so we will deliver game this Tuesday.

    17 thoughts on “We’re coming back to…”

    1. If it’s a LOP GOLD game then I would say it’s “Seducing The Throne”, which I’ve been waiting for an expansion too for so long.
      My only other guess would be “Arkham – The Dark Legacy” if we are including S&G games.

      I like that you are revisiting older titles. Some of the characters are too good for one and done games. As long as you’re keeping LwT and Eleanor as your flagship series’, whilst bringing back and introducing new characters on the side, I’m always going to have an interest in what games you are releasing in the future.

      Hopefully one day you guys will revisit “Sensual Haunting”. Love the characters and game concept of that title.

    2. I was hoping for Arkham. StT wasn’t my favorite. The Queen was repellent her personality and dialogs with her was cardboard cut outs. Full of cliches, like a real bed porn movie.: “-Hi. I’m a pizza delivery guy, now let’s fuck.” Bloah. The Priestess was not much better. They had very minor role, and wasn’t written in an interesting way. The only well written character was the thief, unfortunately, she is not the type of female character I’m looking for. Short spike boyish/feminist hair is not really sexy especially with the grandma gray coloring. So join the voice too do Arkham or preferably Sensual Haunting.

    3. Very good news for me as SST is my favorite game and the queen one of the hottest character.

      About the new character I like her but as a sorceress she should have fancy hair color instead of the classic black.
      I’m thinking of multi-toned color like shades of grey, dark blue or dark red.

    4. wel i wait for eleanor so long pfff and lwt,and now your going to another game i just thought so yes i am right just another game ,when eleanor comes i come back so i will just wait and my membership is expires ,i come back when eleanor is ready

      1. Don’t know if you’ve been following the previous blog update but this is just an announcement for STT expansion. Release order seems to be Serbian Casino, then Eleanor 3, then LWT2 expansion, then LWS expansion, and finally STT expansion.

        But who knows? Leo is full of surprises.

    5. Excellent news! STT is one of my favourite LOP games and the Queen one of my favourite characters. Yes, she is not a nice girl, and not exactly a complex personality either, but at least she knows what she wants. The new character looks like she’ll be interesting to get to know too, so definitely looking forward to this one..

    6. Excellent news! STT is one of your games at the Top. It is interesting to see that you have not forgotten it and that you are planning a follow-up or an expansion. I love the queen and the priestess. Less the thief (but only as regards the physical appearance of the character). The sorceress you are introducing looks great !!! I would like to see in the following or in the expansion some more political intrigue …. for example Lola who plots against the throne to bring down the queen … or the queen blackmailed for sex … or even the queen who has sex in the dungeons with some prisoners …. STT has a lot of potential and I hope to see new things about it in the future!

    7. Just saying, Kionavaar is a very appealing, slightly evilish self centre slut like charecter who wants sexual adventures and dominate in bed, is the real star or attraction of the seducing the throne game. So a complete expansion or an update related to Kionavaar would be best. Protagonist taking advantage of Kionavaar or Kionavaar scene at dungeon or, the garden scene among kionavaar and 2 men can extended or repeated maybe with more elixr application into 3some sex scene. Possible ntr between lord vasquez(dont remember the name) and the protagonist for Kionavaar can be developed. Kionavaar being queen would be exciting to see her in random sex scene with number of men at bar which the protagonist is being the puppeteer for making money or other interest. Kionavaar has a great potential

      The new charecter Elluna looks good and hopefully be successful. But another charecter, the blonde Courtesean, not sure about the name was awesome and maybe you guys can consider in near future.

    8. Elluna the Sorceress looks great, now to see what have you prepared in this part of the story, and you could actually make the mini game like Snake Valley more encounters maybe some bonus scenes like the farmer daughter.

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