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We’re glad that you received Serbian Casino so well. It makes us happy even more cause we put a lot of effort and heart into this game.

Despite the fact, that we believe that the story is full and complete, we still got great ideas that we would can add to the game to make it even better.

So I just want to ask you guys if you want to see an expansion to SERBIAN CASINO? Please let us know in the comments and in our poll.


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    18 thoughts on “Do you want to experience more?”

    1. I have a more general question, not specifically to do with Serbian Casino. This will probably sound dickish, which I don’t mean it to be whatsoever but do we have many future games not written by Daman?

      I’m not saying I think Daman is a bad writer because he isn’t. He’s pretty good and many people enjoy his work. But apart from iksanabot, who’s writing the LwT 2 and STT expansions plus Agrippa with the upcoming free game, I have no idea if I should look forward to other games since Daman’s writing doesn’t do much of anything for me and I don’t know if there are other projects with different writers out there.

      Like I mentioned above, I hope I don’t sound like a dick. If most of the games lately were written by iksanabot, I would still have this problem, even if I enjoy his writing more.

      A few years back it seemed like every other game had a nice rotation of writers to keep it fresh. I know some writers have vanished like Rahvin, which is why he’s been replaced on Eleanor. Even though I didn’t think Rahvin was the best writer on the team I still looked forward to the Eleanor games because I know I’m going to get a different writers take. Now however I’m still interested in EL3 but my interest is much lower than it once was. Same for Serena.

      Once more, I don’t mean to offend. I would just like to see more writers taking on projects because currently if you don’t like one writer then it feels like there’s no reason to get a membership that often. Variety is the spice of life.

    2. If you guys think you can make it even better then I’m all for it.
      With possible expansion,could it be possible to also extend some scenes that are already in the game?Like shower scene with Senka for get more options or different poses? That’s something that I always wanted to see with previous expansions of your games.

    3. An expansion to Call Girl Denise would be insane. With biggest respect to the developers and artists, but I think in CGD you put more love and effort in it…
      To me, the characters were more real and had more depth. It was also very enjoyable to read. Overall the whole setting of CGD suited better, but thats a personal opinion 😉

    4. hello daman i would like a threesome with senka ,jelena and of course faith,i saw it was mention by another person above here,so i think many people would like that,with strap on in jelena,s house,or with the bodygard with faith in the kitchen,but i like the three girls together a great option,faith get a double penetration from the girls,or jelena with faith at here home ,with a new mature woman who is into strap on,for so far daman you do a great job,keep up the good work

    5. Would definitely love to see Senka again.

      I also wanted to add that I love Damen’s writing and I believe he has improved with each game he was written. Keep up the great work!

    6. Hi is it possible to add cheats for pledge before you add the expansion as it is obviously going to take a while and pledge is a pretty grindy game. I want to play over and over again to see the different outcomes but the grind really puts me off.

    7. Hi,
      Would really like to see more from faith as it was a good game.
      Could there be more added for Viktor as even after playing I still don’t really see why he has a relationship meter.

    8. I would love to see an option in Serbian Casino where Faith embraces her role of pleasuring the guests of the casinos and have a few more of those types of scenes. I think it would add another side of faith that the player can choose. There is the ending where that’s what she chooses but we don’t really get a chance to see the extreme slutty side of her.

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