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Much Ado About Nothing is here!

Yes! Our latest sexandglory.com is ready!

  • based on William Shakespeare’s comedy
  • a simple point-and-click adventure game
  • distinctive and memorable characters
  • non-linear dialogs and actions that lead to 7 different endings
  • beautifully animated sex scenes with a gallery of already unlocked events
  • mini-games that let you unlock extra content

Benedick is a lord of Padua (a northeastern Italian city near Venice) and is the closest companion and highest military officer of the Prince of Aragon, Don Pedro. The charming Benedick has a sharp mind, a witty tongue, handsome looks, and a relaxed manner that is easy to like.

On his return to Messina he is about to meet Lady Beatrice, a previous dalliance whose sharp tongue and thornier wit made enlisting an attractive proposition, or, at least, a safer one than her companionship – frontline battles were ever less dangerous and tricky than love jousts. But the war campaign is over now, and so he follows his prince back into Beatrice’s territory.

His newest junior officer on this past campaign was Count Claudio and, although he outranks Benedick by birth and by wealth, they are already as close as true brothers. And now the impulsive Claudio has fallen in love with an innocent and very beautiful maiden called Hero – the daughter of Messina’s Governor… and Beatrice’s less caustic cousin.

A happy wedding is expected, but… here comes Don John, the bastard brother of the Prince of Aragon, Don Pedro. Don John presently believes his relationship with his brother is once again faltering because of Don Pedro’s growing friendship with Count Claudio, as if the prince has found a better, happier younger brother; so, Don John’s hatred for Claudio grows, fed on spite and envy. And the gloomy princeling always liked to share his feelings.

The player, as Benedick, can choose to be fully in Don John’s service, or merely pretend to be. This Bastard Prince will try to lure Benedick and turn his loyalty and goodness into darkness – and if he does, Benedick will help him in executing the humiliating ruin of Claudio and Hero’s wedding.

Join Benedick here: Much Ado About Nothing – sexandglory.com

3 new games are coming

Last weeks are very busy for us cause we’re finalizing 3 different projects:

a) lopgold.com – CALL GIRL DENISE
b) sexandglory.com – MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING
c) reallove3d.com – NIGHT WITH VERONICA


Right now I’m just setting the game balance, adding achievements and image gallery. Still there is a lot of tests ahead of this project but I got a very strong feeling that I’ll be able to release it this month.
At the beginning of next week I’ll send working version to internal tests and we’ll see what my team will say about it.

We’ve put a lot of effort into this project and I like it very much – you’ll be able to feel the spirit of our older games like TORI and JORDAN but mixed with the latest gameplay mechanics + some new features not seen before. Visuals are just stunning and I just can’t wait to show you guys this game.


Something new for us – game based on Shakespeare’s joyously liberating comedy. IL made and adventure game from that with multiple endings and cool animations.


We love to develop 3d games but as always – it’s so much time consuming. We’ve predicted to come up with the game before the hollidays but… hollidays are over and the game isn’t released yet. But don’t worry – we’re on the right track and we plan to launch it soon.

What’s interesting with this project, we’ll release core, fully playable version for free and we’ll charge small amount for some additional extra elements.

BTW – we’ve just releases SUE: AFTER THE VALLEY which is playable here : SUE – playforceone.com

MAAN is almost there!

IL is doing really great job with MAAN and finally we see the light at the end of the tunel – we plan to release this game soon. This time you gonna experience adventure game with items you can pick-up and interact with characters and environment. We’ve also mixed this up with non-linear dialogs and unique choices that could lead you to various endings + intersting mini games during which you can unlock some sexy stuff.

I’ve already played the early version of the game and I need to admit that IL did a great job with animations – every single render is slightly animated (something like breathing in my early flash games) but this movement is much more complex and realistic, giving a feeling that characters are alive.