Eleanor 3: Blue Orchid

June 25, 2019 38 By leonizer

As promised, today we release the first expansion to ELEANOR 3 game called Blue Orchid.


  • additional erotic foreplay options with Amber (sauna and club)
  • extra scene with Drake where Eleanor can show him how much she desires him
  • amazing gangbang scene with football team
  • quest from her Master – she need to seduce and humiliate innocent instagram model
  • plotline with swinging dinner with our old friends from the Club Velvet Rose
  • 2 more endings

Right now ELEANOR 3 got almost 1000 static images and 80 animations, 30 frames each.

Daman is working with the EXPANSION 002 and Chestnut already started to render it. So you should expect it after the hollidays. More info about what to expect soon.

Experience new scenes here: ELEANOR 3 – lopgold.com