Tracy and Lisa are closer and closer

July 31, 2019 16 By leonizer

Last couple of days mean constant development of LWT2: Revelations. My task was to rewrite the whole game, from FLASH to UNITY, so it isn’t only adding extra scenes operation. It’s building the original LWT2 game from scratch, in new engine, and then adding the new content to the base version.

The whole process is going okay but because the fact, that the script is very complex with a lot of variables and tricky jumps between scenes (depending on various conditions), beta testing process is very complicated and time consuming. I’m trying to test every scene in every single possible variation and… my brain is almost melting.

So what is left?

– more and more betatests
– final text verification
– some cumshot images
– add AUDIO & SFX
– add GAME+

How do I see it so far?

New scenes are adding extra tension and depth to the game – you can learn a lot about background of the most desired characters, their experiences from the past and understand their role in this story. From the gameplay point of view, achieving the most erotic scenes, will require using smart approach and staying focused on your target for the whole game.

The game is much longer – we’ve managed to stretch it from 6 to 11 days and what’s important – every day matters and offers a lot of interesting activities. So no fillers – only fresh meat.

In terms of sex scenes – I’ve made a short calculation and I’ve counted around 14 sex oriented scenes in the original game. This expansion will add around 24 new sex scenes so as you see it’s a huge progress.

Is it going to be awesome?

If you loved LWT2 you will be just amazed with the expansion. Really. For some, who said that LWT2 was to short, this will be also great addition cause this time Tracy and Lisa got much more to offer. Not only much more scenes but also the variety and context of them.

Yes. This game is worth waiting for!