Arghh! Pirates!

September 29, 2019 2 By leonizer

Together with Daman we would like to introduce two first characters from our incoming game – “Under the black banner”.

Shawn Grey

Shawn is a bastard both by real-life and society-like standards. His mother dies of the plague and his father knocked her up and never came back. Lived on the streets, thieving and muscling his way around the town with other orphans.

He grew up watching the ships come and go from the docks and as he got older began his apprenticeship on the first ship he could. Shawn was so motivated that he learned his trade to the letter and knew every knot, rule and even legend of the sea far better than any seasonal wayfarer.

It was in the dark taverns where Shawn listened to the tales of pirates – the sounds and promises of fame, glory, and gold would spark his fire to want to secretly be one. Live by a code and not laws, sail where you desire and not for others and get the respect you earn and not the ones you inherit. But in the meantime, he will keep scrubbing decks of any ship that would need his hands, until fate would turn its eye to him and grant him his wish.

Captain Perry

Born into pirate royalty, the young princess of two famous pirate captains was deemed at birth to be the most famous and notorious pirate to ever grasp the helm.

She was raised on her mother’s stories of plunder and freedom and trained from rigging lines to swordsmanship from her father, it was at the young age of thirteen that she took command of her first vessel.

Her legend was to grow from there to one of god-like status as stories of her raids, crimes and even charity spread farther across the oceans. Now long after her parents have passed, Perry continues to not only rule the oceans but build up an army to help free it from anyone who would poison her idea of a free world.

She was merciful to the ones she knew was worth saving and merciless to the ones who wished her harm.