October 24, 2019 6 By leonizer


Tomorrow, 25th of October, we will ask you a single question concerning ELEANOR on our DISCORD channel. The first individual who answers it correctly will get the choice between one of two prizes:

– free STEAM key to Eleanor 3 game


– free ONE MONTH pass to lopgold.com

Rules that need to be followed:

1. The question can be answered by anyone, so long as they have a valid account on Discord and that we can PM/DM them to get their details. So if you have not validated your email addresses, now’s the time to do so!

2. The winner will be the individual who, as the first, will correctly answer the question. For fairness, you can only give ONE answer. So be certain of your answer before you post it, because once you do, that’s it!

3. If no one answers the question correctly after a certain amount of time (24h from the contest start) we will announce a winner and give the prize to the person whom we feel was closest to the correct answer. So be as specific and clear as you can to better your chances.

And that’s it! Head over to the DISCORD, sign-up if you haven’t already (I don’t see why you haven’t already), register your email address and good luck to you all!



I should receive verified texts soon, as well as all images – development should start at the beginning of next month and from that moment it shouldn’t take to long to complete it.


Meanwhile I’ve already started the development of our pirate game. This project will be not only huge cause of the number of visuals it has (34 animations and around 600 still images) but also 2d assets we’ve prepared for it.