It’s almost time for OFFICE ROMANCE

November 1, 2019 4 By leonizer

Yes! Rachel and Teresa are almost ready to meet you. Next we’re going to release OFFICE ROMANCE on where you will have a chance to spend some lovely moments with them.

Mike works as a Senior Designer at a web-developing site alongside of a woman named Rachel. Rachel used to be one of the women who mocked him when he was fat in high school, and she was given her position due to being engaged to Teresa’s nephew. He decides to take out his past aggressions by breaking up her marriage and making her fall for him.  

Office Romance is a game where the player, in the role of Mike, slowly tries to break Rachel down into an unfaithful slut who falls for him within 30 days, ruining her marriage to Steven. Since Rachel is the primary focus, the stats determine how she interacts with him.

Deborah prefers attractive men, so if your Charisma is high enough she’ll go along with about anything. Chanel works professionally for the VIP section of the club, meaning Money is all she cares about. Teresa can influence the endings based around Lust and Control depending on whether she has been satisfied during an office event or feels vindictive for him spurring her.