Argh! Lovely pirate ladies!

November 22, 2019 5 By leonizer

So, let’s take another look on our UTBB cast. Please meet Emma, Alma and Renee – datable characters.

Emma White

Emma was born and raised in a floating brothel where her mother and her “friends” raised her and kept her from harm. Her last name is all that was known of her father: white and strong, just as she was.

But as time continued and Emma came of age, she was forced into the business as well. Her first time was with a young steward from Spain whose captain wanted to become a man like the rest of the crew. He was the first of many, but his face was the only one she would remember in the sea of one-timers and old men.

She was a slave on the water and many women jumped into its icy embrace than to spend another day on the ship with another man. But for her and the others who waited, their patience was rewarded as a pirate vessel cam aboard and freed the women. Emma saw a fierce red-haired woman barking orders and leading the raiding party; it was the first time she ever saw a woman take charge of her won life. She pledged her life to her and would stay at her side and that was the story of how Emma became Captain Perry’s first mate.


Alma was a fighter, pure and simple. Where she was raised, the weak do not make it through the night and would be a burden to the strong to take care of. As far back as she could remember, she helped her father catch fish for her village and then train to fight until the sun would set.

When it was dark and she was full from supper, she would fall asleep to the sounds of her mother’s singing. As years passed and she grew, this was the life she lead, until the day the white people came. Their arrival brought diseases and soon greed took over their intentions as they killed and enslaved her village.

Her mother died on the ship from the disease and her father was killed to make a statement to the rest to not try to escape. But once the ship made port, she and a small handful of people fled and hid. Alma hid on another boat in hopes it would take her back home so she can purge her land of the white devils.

Renee Burton

Renee was raised with the idea that you should protect the ones who do not have the means to do it themselves. She stood up to bullies, dogs that chased wild cats and even cursing sailors who made fun of her and her younger brother.

She was a protector and guardian to her family and would do anything to protect them. But times were tough on her and her family and with the rises in taxes and her family already being hounded by debt collectors, Renee took up a contract for abroad service that would promise of helping her family. Her time at the academy was swift and her determinations surpassed everyone else.

The first woman to graduate from it and the first to earn the rank of Captain was sent out to the Royal Port in the Caribbean. Away from family and was hard for her, but she kept a stiff upper lip and would do her duty right and not just for King and country, but her family as well.