Hot wife story REMASTERED

April 16, 2020 6 By leonizer

For all LOPGOLD MEMBERS – today we’ve released HWS in remastered version. Available for all members now and for everyone for free in 2 weeks on and

This is Richard, a successful man, devoted to his work, married to a beautiful woman who, to make the scene complete, does not understand him. And so, Richard has decided to do what many other prosperous, frustrated husbands before him: he has hired an escort.

An escort who happens to be Michelle, his wife, roleplaying a scenario that both have agreed upon: he will pay, and she will be his fantasy through a hopefully long and steamy night.

Remaster of our classic adventure game where depending on your choices you may guide this evening into various directions. Prepare for new content and completely redesigned visuals (FULL HD).
9 endings and a lot of erotic sex scenes.