Lord Hailing is coming

May 14, 2020 5 By leonizer

Yes! After successful release of EVIL SISTER we’re ready to focus on our next project.


Right now I’ve already started to build a game file and I’m completing it with texts written by IKSANABOT. I bet 200 GOLDEN COINS that it’s going to be most hilarious game we’ve ever developed.

Elluna is waiting in her pond to be discovered and… mess with Anthony’s life a little. She is not only sexy but also smart and knows how to manipulate people. Is Anthony ready to play according to her rules? Or maybe he will try to outsmart her? Expect brand new plot line with amazing story twists, impressive locations and monumental quests.

New brilliant events awaits! Very long with many paths to follow, with dozens of animations and erotic scenes, including gangbangs and other group fantasies in a quantity we’ve never experienced in our productions. CHESTNUT will never forget those long the nights, when he was rendering images, trying to figure out who is putting his dick into that pussy on the left, who stands behind him and who is stroking his manhood to be ready to penetrate her on the next image. But the effort was worth it.

What’s more, we’re putting a lot of effort into limiting the grind and changing that experience into more story based game flow. I’ve ordered new renders and story elements to boost that feeling and make the whole gameplay as fun as possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Cause this game is going to be rebuild in UNITY, you can expect IMAGE and ENDINGS GALLERY, ACHIEVEMENTS and BONUS IMAGE. Additionally SAVE SYSTEM and full screen, high quality visuals.

So far we got almost 70 animations and 740 static images but with the new content under development we will exceed that numbers.


We’re very excited how well sisters were received. LOP GOLD MEMBERS got an option to rate our latest projects and it looks like that so far LWS has rating 4.5 of 5 points so… it’s our best rated game ever. Good job MISTRESS RUBY and IMMB.

I know that a lot of you want to see more adventures of Serena and Jade and we’re listening to your voices. Expect more info about one of our secret projects next month.