Work in progress

October 16, 2020 16 By leonizer


I’m constantly working with David and Maria to release their story as soon as possible. Progress is significant – next week I plan to start beta tests. So far everything look very good – not only unique and extremely alluring visuals but also very passionate texts from our female writer – Neale. History is reach in details, plot twists and super hot erotic scenes to discover.

Expect 4 dateable characters:

  • MARIA, your wife who is only waiting for the moment when you to sign the divorce papers,
  • VALENTINA, your wife’s best friend, Italian with curvy body and eyes to die for,
  • LINDA, antique shop owner, very romantic and sensual character, awaiting your gentle touch,
  • SASHA, co-owner of the restaurant which she run with her husband, ready to cheat him with you.

In terms of visuals we got 50 animations (30 frames each), 660 static images and almost 50 cumshots. Every single one of them look awesome!


CHESTNUT has just completed rendering process so it looks like we got all visuals ready. Great job! So far I’m going to give him a little rest from ELEANOR and I’ve assigned him to one of our secret projects.


YAMYODA has already provided me with the first part of visuals and everything is simply amazing! Also SZUGA is working hard remodeling all locations – take a look at the new versions below.