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March 11, 2021 15 By leonizer


Today we’re releasing our new FREE game that lands first in our PLAY IT FIRST section at lopgold.com
After 2 weeks we’re going to publish this game for free on playforceone.com and lessonofpassion.com


Abramo decided to go with his best skill: constructing stories and became a writer to achieve success as an author of romantic novels. Unfortunately, he’s terrible about writing to deadlines and his money is running low to terminal, as well as his morale and sex life.

Take control of Abramo life – focus on his career of pursue romance options with Angela from the reception or Jessica working in the local premium sex shop. 

Relationship simulator with 2 adorable girls to fall in love. Chat, flirt and date them and if you’re interesting enough, expect much more. No time limit – enjoy your time with them as long as you like.

  • 2 interesting girls to follow – Angelica from the reception and Jessica working in the sex shop
  • simple and enjoyable stat building
  • flirting, giving presents, dating and for a desert – beautifully rendered and animated sex scenes
  • 3 different endings
  • 11 sex scenes and 226 static images (FULL HD, animations 30 frames)

NOTE: If you want to get more familiar with ANGELICA you’re more than welcome to try the first game with her – NIGHT WITH ANGELICA


This week we’ve implemented promised changes to our UNITY based games. Process was rather smooth but if you encounter any issues please let us know via this form: https://support.lessonofpassion.com/

This crucial update mean:

  • increased compatibility – our games are now accessible from every browser, both on PC and MAC
  • games work much faster and consume less CPU power
  • better cache management means shorter loading times for long animations and some other visuals

Games affected by this update:

  • UTBB (in the moment of it’s release)
  • ELE3: VA
  • My name is David
  • Pledge
  • STT: 4M
  • Living with Serena
  • Living with temptation 2: Revelations
  • Serbian casino
  • Christian and Faith
  • HWS: Remastered
  • Wild wet west

This isn’t our final word in this department. We’ll try to rollout changes to all of our UNITY games and in the next step… you’ll see it soon.

2020.03.12 UPDATE

I’m going to reveal you a secret – there is a small symbol on MY NAME IS DAVID menu screen that gonna lead you to a place where you could sign a treaty with the devil and get instant access to all endings and sex scenes. Do you want us to implement such mechanism in all our games? Or maybe temptation to sign the treaty would be to much and would spoil the fun with every new game? How about marking a game with that symbol 30 days after release date? Let us know in the comments what do you think.