Sasha is ready for a date

May 13, 2021 15 By leonizer


Today we’re releasing our another small game for LOPGOLD.COM members in PLAY IT FIRST section. In two weeks we gonna release it for our player on and

Sasha Brown is a rising pop star who has had a love for music since she could walk. Like many before her, she desires that center stage and spotlight and when she met with a club owner and her future manager Linus, she thought it was meant to be!

She did her part, sang for him at his club, laid down a few demos tracks, and even slept with him to better her odds. Now, it’s been months since she moved in with him and she has yet to land a single deal since…

Sasha need to prepare a special evening for Linus in order to convince him to help her jump start her music career. So she got some decisions to make before the date and then use the results of her choices during the romantic meeting with her lover.


We’re having very fluid progress with copywriting and now it’s easier to estimate the release date. The most probable date is the first half of June. So before this summer holidays you’ll have a chance to experience something really extraordinary with Julian, Serena, Jade and their new friends / foes.


At the beginning of this week we’ve implemented an update to SC which includes following features:

  • new save system with auto save and 3 save slots
  • updated visuals thanks to AI – now in FULL HD