Adrianne and Oliver

February 11, 2022 4 By leonizer

Today I want to tell more about the changes in our render technology:

  • our team has designed brand new shaders for OCTANE renderer which perfectly suits our needs – emphasizes the beauty of our models, let us present an enormous amount of details and makes everything look so high quality as never before
  • in most cases, we’ll be rendering characters together with backgrounds (and not putting characters on the background as a post-process in Photoshop) and thanks to that we’ll get just amazing results in terms of image quality, lightning, and the ease of selecting any angle we want during sex scenes

Such an approach changes a lot in the rendering process – instead of preparing dozens of renders of the single location from various angles, we need to prepare the 3d model of that place and then use it directly in DAZ software which we use for rendering all our images. This gives us enormous flexibility in defining the day/night period, let us play as a movie director where we can define any camera angle we present the scene, etc. The results are just amazing. For now, it’s much more time-consuming than the previous workflow we were using but we’re getting used to that.

We’ve decided to use the hybrid method (use only new shaders and keep the same post-processing workflow as always) for some of the following titles (SENSUAL HAUNTING and other secret project). But that’s not everything – we’re preparing assets for a huge project where we’re going to render characters together with the background to provide the ultimate visual experience.

* * *

So, coming back to ADRIANNE and OLIVER – it’s going to be an adventure game mixed with a visual novel. You’ll be able to travel around the city, visit different places and interact with the characters. This game will be story-driven – we’re putting grinding stats aside and emotions in the first place.

What can you expect? The adorable main character with her head up in the clouds, conflicted with her husband, taking a much more realistic approach to life. She is beautiful and naive, still believing that her Instagram career is going to speed up but… he wants her to find an honest job and start treating her life seriously. Yes, she is a rebel and there are a lot of emotions inside her. Is she going to channel them into the right direction or… get lost in her bad decisions?

Prepare for the visual feast and open your heart for ADRIANNE – a little sweetheart who wants more from life than she is ready to offer.



Game will be available both for LOPGOLD.COM (first priority) and later for STEAM users. Release in 2022.