Tara comes next

February 18, 2022 15 By leonizer

Yes! Finally we got the complete set of materials for our latest Tara game. We gonna release this game very soon.

FREE base version for playforceone.com, with all the scenes we got in the original game, plus PREMIUM version with extra scenes for lopgold.com users (plus later on STEAM). In terms of content – FREE version offers 14 sex animations while PREMIUM ads additional 20 more.

What kind of extras are you going to find in PREMIUM version?

  • Passionate foursome between Tara, Ruby, Harry and Lincoln in the prestigious office located on the top floor. A lot of sex positions to choose from and outstanding cumshots to complete the evening. Are you able to watch your wife being fucked by another guy on his desk? His cock looks bigger than yours – is she going to notice that? Or is she going to accept other girl sucking your cock while Lincoln’s finger are penetrating her pussy?
  • Kinky sex scene with Paisley who live in open relationship with her husband that includes swinging, threesomes, orgies and everything else in between. Tonight she is going to stream with her mobile phone how she is cheating him with Harry and… during that video conversation her husband is going to give Harry some advises how to satisfy his little slut.
  • Wild adventure with Tara outside the pub during which she will let Harry fuck her in the public, just next to the huge van parked in front of the pub entrance. Do it quick and cover her face with your hot cum or ejaculate inside her ass while being watched by Ruby.


I would like to thank you for your feedback concerning our question form and share the results to let you know what are the preferences of our players.

What kind of theme would you like see in our games?

Contemporary – adventures in the modern times were the most popular theme selected by over 78% of voters. That isn’t a surprise for us cause similar results we got with the same question asked couple years ago. We’re aware of that fact and try to keep the most of our games based in that setting but we would like to experiment from time to time. Over 35% of you selected Medieval times with kings and princesses, Treasure haunting Lara Croft style and Greek Olimp with blond goddesses. More than 20% of you voted for Fantasy with dragons and goblins, Dystopian future with a twisted society rules, Space opera and planet exploration, Vampires, blood and magical seduction, Survival in the tropical jungle and Mighty pirates and lusty barmaids. The idea that you didn’t like the most was: Jurassic world and the love from the first bite which means no T-REX and velociraptor in our games, what a shame 🙂

What kind of characters would you like to see?

Slutty wives cheating husbands on a regular basis and Innocent woman initiated into a hot wife life style dominated the next category with over 70% of votes each. Then characters with around 50% of votes are Bored housewife experimenting with sex with black studs behind her husband back, Young teacher having a romance with the university student who isn’t able to keep it secret, Girl forced by economical situation to sell her body for money and Trophy wife suddenly losing her husband with criminal past and all her financial assets. The least popular choice was Evil witch using innocent maidens from the village for her pleasure.

What kind of various type of characters, based on their ethnic background, would you like to see in our games more?

The most popular response was It’s okay as it is – you don’t have to change anything with almost 50% of votes. Then you’ve voted for More Western European characters, More Eastern European characters, More Asian characters and More Hispanic and Latino characters (all around 30%).

What kind of kinks would you like to see?

Cheating partner and Wife swapping were the most popular choices with over 60% of votes. Then Swinging, Dirty talk, Voyeurism, Cuckolding, Role playing and Exhibitionism (all over 40%). Electrostimulation was a big NO with only 5% of votes.

Which is your favorite gameplay model?

Adventure game – traveling between locations and interactions with characters won this category with a very small margin (56%). That’s interesting cause we haven’t developed to many games with that gameplay recently, except the recent Romance after dark, and that makes me very happy cause I would like to develop more games with that gameplay model (Curt Maddox for instance). Then another 3 choices with votes over 50%: Classical dating sim with a lots of stats to follow, Simplified dating sim oriented over relationship, Visual novel with key choices during the game. So taking a quick look at those results we can state that interesting story and characters comes first.

* * *

Some of you mentioned, in the comment section, that the question “What kind of characters would you like to see?” wasn’t satisfying enough with the selection answers you could choose. So let’s make another round – this time in the comments below you’ll propose the type of characters you want to see in our games and we’ll include all your propositions in another version of the question form and I’ll ask everyone to vote again.

Please write your propositions in the comment and keep 100 chars limit per your idea please.

I’ll create new question form next Friday.