End of February work progress report

February 25, 2022 6 By leonizer


BUBX is preparing new renders and I want to admit that visuals look awesome. It’s a huge step forward from the original materials we’ve designed for the first version of the game. What’s more, the gameplay changes are so significant and playing the game is very refreshing and enjoyable experience – your choices matters, not mundane running from room to room looking for any available action and spending time on clicking buttons. This time story and meaningful interactions comes first. Also the texts will be completely rewritten and expanded by NEALE, the girl who delivered us scripts for ROMANCE AFTER DARK, ARKHAM THE DARK LEGACY, WAITING 4 YOU and more.

Next week we’re going to release 2 games


HOT WIFE TARA in BASE version for lessonofpassion.com and playforceone.com + PREMIUM version for LOPGOLD.COM subscribers. Later we plan to release this game on STEAM as well.


Finally we’re releasing our game on STEAM! Original game + HIDDEN TRUTHS expansion in one package – the 3rd March.

How to Show Adult Only Games on STEAM? To find this option, login first, then click your name at the top right corner of the Steam client and then select “Store Preferences.” Under Mature Content, check the “Adult Only Sexual Content” box to view these types of games. Your change takes effect immediately


Starting this Monday I’m comming back to the development – I hope to receive all texts till the end of this month.



I hope that next week we’re going to present first materials from the incoming CLUB VELVET ROSE 2 game – I’m super excited to see both new and old characters with new shaders, clothes and everything. Also the club was seriously re-decorated and expanded with new rooms so it’s going to be a nice surprise as well.