Club Velvet Rose and Horos

March 11, 2022 13 By leonizer


Yes! Finally I’m able to present images for the incoming CVR sequel.
We plan to start rendering process next week.

About the game

The club was closed for a couple of years – the new owner decided to renovate the old building and invest a lot of money into previously not used spaces creating new theme rooms. What’s more, owner has changed the club policy – masks partially covering faces are no longer required. What was the reason for that? Nobody knows… yet.

The staff has changed to – ABIGAIL is the club host welcoming new guests and then providing them with fresh drinks and organizing various contests in order to keep customers active and entertained. If you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to even meet the club manager – his / her identity isn’t revealed yet.

This time you’ll be playing as HUGO who recently married innocent HAZEL and moved to a new neighborhood. They have met intriguing couple living next door – CARTER and ESHANA. What’s interesting, HUGO isn’t aware the fact that his wife is involved into an indecent relationship with recently meet neighbors.

We’ve prepared intriguing story which is based on very well designed connections between characters. Every character has own background, sexual preferences, reasons they have entered the club and secrets that need to be protected.

This game will be more mature and emotions oriented then before. You’ll be balancing between love, desire, deception and lie. It’s up to you how you gonna spend your time in the club. You may fully focus yourself on your wife, try to forget about her for a second and seduce any girl you desire (when HAZEL she is not looking) or… try to open yourself, listen what people got to say and help them fight they private demons.

In terms of visuals we’ve using our new shader together with already rendered backgrounds. So results are going to be spectacular. Below just the first samples.


VERONICA is going to come back as a regular club member. Unfortunately she is doing this behind JAMES back.

CARTER is penetrating NORA’S pussy and her husband is watching them aroused. What’s more – he is hoping that her new lover is going to explode inside her.

HUGO and HAZEL are saying that no matter what they will love each other forever but… she is nervous because today she is going to reveal HUGO her secret that could ruin their marriage.

JADE finally decided to agree on CARLO’S invitation and today they are visiting the club for the first time.

HAZEL loves HUGO but she is internally struggling between being faithful to him and indulging in the forbidden fruit.

This is ABIGAIL – the host, barmaid and the right hand of the club manager.

This adorable smile belongs to DAISY – young escort girl who entered the club with one of her customers pretending that she is his fiancee. But she got much more secrets than that.

CARTER and his exotic fiancee ESHANA. They might look innocent but believe me – there is something forbidden between them and HAZEL. How is HUGO going to react when he find out?

Yes, that’s right. VERONICA’S body is just impossible to resist.

NORA and her husband ASHER got a special agenda for this night. Can you guess what’s their goal?

MIKE enters the club with DAISY. He is not only CARLO’S business rival but also HAZEL’S boss. And yes – that complicates a lot of things.

HUGO and VERONICA – would you like to join them for a one night stand?

Club manager is trying to cover his identity – are you able to guess who that might be?


DAMAN is progressing with the texts – so far we got around 40% (more or less).
I just can’t wait till I’ll be able to start developing this game – especially the combat system.

HOROS penetrating MANDY’S pussy after he tricked her with her own magical potion.

ALENEITE and her husband EARL enjoying HOROS company – Lady is known all around the town because of her sexual appetite .

TITO is ejaculating over tavern’s owner LUCRETIA while HOROS is tasting her lusty pussy.

Freshly resurrected NAVANA THE BLACK chokes on HOROS cock. It’s a bizarre experience that our hero will remember for a very long time.

Girls has just sealed the deal with HOROS seed inside their pussies.

HOROS performing another quest – this time instead of his deadly sword he is using his other tool of destruction.

In terms of magic HOROS is just the beginner – NAVANA is helping him understand the problem.

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