Penelope and Tracy

March 17, 2022 8 By leonizer


We got good news for all noir fans – I’ve just received complete set of texts to our PENELOPE update to the ROMANCE AFTER DARK game. I will start the development of this expansion when I complete LWT:RDX.

PENELOPE is troubled with the situation with her son and hopes that TREVOR will be able to help her solve this crisis

TREVOR is surprised that despite all she’s been through, she still looks amazing!

Detective dreams about asking PENELOPE to sit on his face and grind her pussy over his lips.

He senses that she won’t be against him ejaculating deep inside her pussy.

I just want to remind you that you can get ROMANCE AFTER DARK on STEAM here:

LWT: RDX development

I’m constantly progressing with the project and I need to admit it isn’t easy. The amount of scenes we have is just enormous and building the right connections and chronology between them is a very complicated and responsible task. In terms of texts, I’m only missing WEEKEND ACTIONS WITH LISA – we got the rest and already everything is put together into the game file. In the following weeks I’ll be building connections between scenes and start to test everything.

In terms of the scale – the expansion (WGW + weekend actions) got new 4100 images in total (both static + animations) while the base version of the game has only 3100 images. Adding that amount of new content requires a lot of time to make sure that you’re putting everything together in the right order – with special care.

And TRACY did it again – she loves to see JUSTIN in the cuckold role

Ejaculating into LISA’S pussy is now possible with the expansion – she will move much further than the NO TOUCHING rule

TRACY has enjoyed her first serious gang bang experience