ELEANOR and TRACY update

July 29, 2022 14 By leonizer


CHESTNUT is completing renders for ADRIANNE (and he is doing such an amazing job with the new rendering style) and when he completes this task he gets back to ELEANOR rendering.

We have amazing plans oriented around this project – so far SZUGA has created amazing locations where the action will take place.

ELEANOR and DRAKE have decided to live in a modest and not expensive place. At least before DRAKE’s business doesn’t start to earn decent money.

RICH BITCH pub where we’ll experience the nocturnal MIAMI’s life – fancy drinks, glamour dresses, and a lot of seed in the bathroom.

Rear entrance to the RICH BITCH pub which has witnessed a lot of drunk fights and infidel wifes sucking cocks behind their husband’s back.

DRAKE’S new office is located in the small building he is renting from a young (and attractive) businesswoman called GRACE.

GRACE’S humble but clean and cozy apartment.

BOGDAN and SENKA don’t have the “humble” word in their dictionary. Fancy apartment with an amazing view of South Beach.

BOGDAN’s illegal casino attracts the richest and most depraved individuals from the whole of Florida.

He tries to keep it undercover to avoid unwanted attention and SENKA helps him to deal with all problems that could be solved by corruption, blackmail or paid sex.

When you gamble really hard and let BOGDAN earn a lot of money, you may land in the RED VIP ROOM where all fantasies are real.

During the day SENKA runs a legitimate business – model and hostess agency. But maybe… that’s also a cover for something?

FAITH is the owner of the hair salon where ELEANOR debuts in the role of the hairdresser.

After the events in the SERBIAN CASINO, she lives a comfortable life in MIAMI together with her husband… Really?

PRIMA D boutique is the most prestigious fashion store on South Beach. You’ll find a girl from ADRIANNE & OLIVER game working here.

Do you remember COCO from the SEX SHOP?

In the following LWT expansion, she will play a bigger role and could become Tracy’s lover. What’s interesting, COCO got a female partner called CADENCE and we’ll have a chance to find out many more spicy details about their relationship in the incoming project which has been not revealed yet.