Curt & Eleanor

October 14, 2022 4 By leonizer

Cowboys and cowgirls!

Get ready cause Curt is next in the line. The game is already under development – this time I’m using RENPY and everything goes super smooth with the coding process. To provide as much content as possible, I’ve asked for some additional images and text for extra scenes and I hope to receive it quickly.

Also, we will include an extra character with her own original and intriguing plot. I’ll reveal more about her in 2-3 weeks. Moreover, we plan to add even more characters to the game – renders are already assigned and I’m preparing a brief for the copywriter. We’ll include those additional girls in the expansion.


CHESTNUT is doing an amazing job with the renders – this game will look insane.
In terms of the gameplay – it will be a simplified relationship simulator with engaging mechanics, intriguing characters and inspiring sex scenes including many kinks. Expect a lof of cheating, swinging, sex for money, wife sharing and more.