Living with temptation expansion

December 9, 2022 35 By leonizer


We got some important news about LWT expansion today.

  1. We will split this expansion into two parts to release the new and awaited content for LWT as fast as you require. Waiting a few more weeks/months for everything would be a waste of time, and I know that Tracy and Lisa are the most desired characters, and we just can’t let you wait that long.
  2. In the first wave, you will experience the following elements: NEW SCENES WITH LISA AND SANDY, TRACY AND COCO LESBIAN ROMANCE PLOT, and… NEW PLOTLINE WITH HANNAH. So content for Lisa and Tracy lovers, plus some new meat for people who like to flirt with new girls.
  3. About the KEIKO character – personally, I never was a fan of the way she looked. She wasn’t too attractive and maybe even ugly in comparison to other girls cast in this game. So I decided to throw away all renders we had with her and render everything new, starting with the new design of that character. You deserve only the best quality, and that’s what you gonna get. When we get the character ready, I’ll present her on our blog.
  4. So in the second wave, we’ll have OFFICE-ORIENTED KEIKO SCENES + NEW SEX SCENE WITH TRACY IN THE OFFICE. But that’s not everything – we’ll add more content to the second part of our expansion, but for now, we won’t reveal what it will be.
  5. When I receive complete texts and visuals for the first wave of the expansion, I’ll start the development immediately.



Over a month ago, one of our blog readers called SLAYER posted an intriguing idea for a spin-off where TRACY runs a DETECTIVE AGENCY. Together with LISA, they try to solve different kinds of cases. Sometimes they will control the situation using their brain and deductive skills, and sometimes … the situation will control them while they are naked and tied down by their opponent. That would mean that this time you’ll be playing as TRACY, and JUSTIN will be a non-playble character with who, you, as a TRACY, will have a chance to interact. We could start with a single case, and if you like the game, we may add more and more cases / general content to the main game.

Please let us know in the comments what you think about this idea. To be honest, I’m intrigued by that idea – it’s a fresh concept to change the side and play as TRACY and see the action from her point of view, and adding the detective aspect into the game could make the gameplay really engaging.

Just let us know what do you think – if you like that idea, we will seriously think about developing this.