HOROS vs goblins and zombies

February 10, 2023 2 By leonizer


I’m proud to say that I’ve significantly expanded the combat system. So right now, HOROS will not only be able to use his sword in 4 devastating attacks, but also he could use some dark magic.

We’ll have level progression like in the ALMOST NOBLE HERO – with every new experience level achieved, you’ll get more bonuses to your base stats, and you’ll learn new skills – both physical as well as magical. In total, HOROS could learn 15 skills, but we’ll probably add more in further expansions. Skills like HOLY NOVA, HEALING AURA, MUTILATION, VAMPIRE KISS, CORRODING SPARKS, etc.

That would improve the gameplay significantly – at the begging, with very easy opponents, you’ll have only one kind of attack. With your game progress, when enemies represent a higher difficulty level, you’ll have several options to choose from, making the game more diversified and tactic based. But still – easy to learn and full of fun. We have in mind it’s an erotic game in the first place.

You’ll face goblins, swamp people, skeletons, zombies, and even dragons. Depending on whether you’re in a desert, on a swamp, or in the forest, you’ll face opponents corresponding to that location. Also, the difficulty level will grow with your game experience, making every fight an engaging experience.

We try to keep it simple – 3 key stats such as STRENGTH, MAGIC and ARMOR, which will be boosted by the equipment you’re wearing. Also, you’ll be able to use consumables such as healing potions and stuff during combat.

There is still some work to do with this module, but I’m progressing very fast, learning many new things about RENPY.

I plan to release the extensive demo probably next month.