February 24, 2023 17 By leonizer


I’m disappointed that we aren’t able to transfer our old models of TRACY & LISA into a new generation GENESIS X. They were designed so long ago that all programs that allow such transfer are incompatible with V4 / Beautiful bends models. We’ll continue our effort, but I’m afraid it won’t be possible at all.

That is a letdown, but the world doesn’t ends because of that. And here comes some good news: we’re thinking about the REDUX version of LIVING WITH TEMPTATION 2. I was planning to use updated models there, but it looks like we will stay with the old ones. That would limit us in terms of available clothes, the flexibility of the poses during the sex scenes and some other aspects, but YAMYODA said he will do his best to overcome those issues.

Our plan for this REDUX is as follows:

  • refresh all locations used in the game – use the original assets where possible, refresh used objects, add some more details, update materials and render them again with much higher resolution and better lightning. Some locations were based just on the pictures, like the church with an awesome scene in the confession booth – we gonna model this location in 3d to get the best possible angles and moments from that scene
  • use actual models of TRACY, LISA & JUSTIN but use the latest shader technique that would significantly improve all materials/skin on their bodies + everything will look more natural and authentic. Also, we plan to refresh all materials used on clothes to make them look as spectacular as possible
  • the rest of the models, including ANTOINETTE, GABRIELE, RICHARD, etc will be transferred to the latest possible version of GENESIS X so we’ll get a significant increase in body quality (those models are designed with VICTORIA 6, a much more modern version than V4/BB used on TRACY & LISA)
  • our first release will be a complete REDUX of LWT2: REVELATIONS (including all content from the full version of the game), and then we’ll add the expansion with extra content and scenes
  • I plan to change the gameplay a little bit – I’m thinking about two approaches – move visual novel oriented with linear action and critical choices during the gameplay or more adventure-based, which would be the extension of the original concept (traveling between locations and selecting the events you want to take part in). Let us know in the comments what you would prefer.
  • everything will be rendered in FULL HD resolution with the option of further upscaling to 4k if needed

In a few weeks, we gonna present you the first samples of the new visuals.


The first build of our demo is complete (however, it still misses MUSIC & SOUNDS + browser optimization). I’ve sent it today for our internal review – CHESTNUT SHUFFLES, who is responsible for renders to many of our games, including HOROS, is an old-school RPG fan and I’m curious his opinion about our approach to the combat in this game. We are using a straightforward system here. Still, thanks to the level progression, you’ll have more options with time, so when the more difficult enemies appear, you’ll have various tactical options during combat. And don’t worry – if you want to play HOROS only for adventure and maidens, we have that covered. There will be a game mode that will allow you to play the game without the need to fight with monsters, so you can only focus on the story.

In terms of content, this demo is rather generous. You’ll have a chance to have sex with 4 girls and travel around 3 types of terrain and visit the city called SWINGMORE. I’m very excited about your opinions – I plan to release the demo in 1-2 weeks.