Work in progress – Eleanor & Horos

March 3, 2023 5 By leonizer


As I mentioned a few ago, we got texts and images ready for the ELEANOR demo. The demo will contain the first day of the game and will include some introduction to the ELEANOR’S current situation in Miami as well as hot erotic action during their evening visit to the bar. I plan to start developing the demo after the release of the HOROS game (FULL VERSION, not the HOROS DEMO).

CHESTNUT is progressing with the renders and so far, everything looks very good – some new samples are below.


Yes, I’ve made it! Almost! The demo is 95% complete – it requires just a small touch to make it ready for release. I’m very excited about it. Everyone who saw the demo so far was impressed with the presentation.

Next week you’ll have a chance to witness it by yourself.