Horos – DEMO is ready

March 8, 2023 15 By leonizer

Yes! Today we’re releasing the DEMO!

“People say it was a miracle I survived. My wounds… they were too deep; I should’ve been dead three times over. I was lying on a pool of my own blood when they found me, babbling like a madman. The farmers were inclined to put an end to my misery and spare me needless suffering, but they couldn’t bring themselves to kill someone in cold blood, so they dragged my not quite corpse to the stables to let me die in warmth and at least a bit of comfort. Except… I didn’t.

When they saw I was not only alive but recovering, improving… they took me to Swingmore. There’s an innkeeper here, a good woman, someone who wants to take care of me, to let me… I don’t know. I don’t know nearly anything. But here I can rest till I’m ready to decide. To decide who I am, and maybe discover who I was.”

This is the story of how you got your new name, Horos, and the man you became with it. The monster-slayer, the lover of many. The seeker of what you lost.

* * *

This demo has a generous amount of content:

  • you’ll be able to have sex with 4 characters, including Lucretia the tavern owner, Kara the blacksmith’s daughter, Mandy the witch and Nuala the guardian of the sacred Elven three. Sex scenes and interactive and requires a few playthroughs to discover everything that girls have to offer
  • various enemies are waiting for you – goblins, a lot of them. We also have the 3 types of swamp people and something special lurking for you by the lake
  • in terms of the story, you’ll have a chance to play the intro and the first quest, during which you’ll get familiar with the characters and the world

Please bear in mind that it’s only a demo, a fragment of the full game. The full game is still under development and might be slightly different from the version we’re presenting today. For instance, in the full version, we plan to have all fights in the game skippable so you can focus on discovering the story and not killing monsters. Also, we plan to use the map to help you keep track of your current position (the number of territories you can visit in the full version of the game is much bigger). If you got ideas for some changes or tweaks, please let me know in the comments below – I would really appreciate that.

I’m very excited about the possibilities that Renpy offers. Developing HOROS was pure joy for me – I hope you gonna love it!

You can play the demo here: https://playforceone.com/game/horos-demo/

You can play the demo here: https://playforceone.com/game/horos-demo/