New type of animations + CVR:MB update

November 17, 2023 6 By leonizer


As we mentioned before, we are experimenting with new types of animations.

With the Web of Shadows expansion to Horos, we plan to introduce 40-frame animations – longer than usual, with two independent types of movement. Thanks to that improvement, animations will look more natural without the effect of repeating the same action over and over again.

To provide even more versatility, we’re postprocessing those animations in After Effect, providing subtle modifications in terms of the speed and direction of the animations. Thanks to the AI upscaling, we can also present the animation from 2 perspectives: broader and closer, without losing quality.

What’s more, we’ve started to use dynamic body movement – hair, muscles, buttocks, boobs, genitalia and more. The body’s reaction is much more significant and natural. Those are our first animations using those methods, and we plan to improve/master them in the future.

The final modification to our already established method is to present those animations as video files, not a series of static images. It helps to save space on hard drives and significantly reduces the time needed to download the animation from game servers (and browser memory consumption), which is crucial for web-based games.

The plan is to improve and implement this method in every new project.




That was a very productive week. I’ve implemented the complete version of the QUEST TRACKER and tested the game with probably every possible output and situation, and it works great without any issues. What’s more, I was able to implement awesome music and SFX. For the first time, every girl has her own signature moaning sounds for the sex scene – you’ll be able to recognize which girl it is only by listening to their moans 🙂 Sex scenes and an ending gallery were luckily included as well.

I’m still missing some renders of the new interactions that must be built and tested. I hope to receive them at the beginning of the following week. Also, text formatting and text verification, plus the implementation of preloading rules, is still on the list of things to do.

If everything goes as planned, the release could occur on the 1st of December.