CVR: Midnight bliss next week

November 24, 2023 10 By leonizer


The development is almost complete – this week I’ve received and implemented verified texts, additional images (still waiting for BONUS ones) and tested everything a few more times. The game interface is complete, and right now I only need to prepare preloading rules for the web version and secrets that you can find around the map (I need bonus images for that). I plan to release on 1st December 2023 on

What’s more, we have completely planned VOLUME 2 – an expansion we plan to add to the base version of the game. It will include 3 new characters (2 of them you know from the Eleanor 3 game) and one completely new one. What’s more, we gonna present even more kinky sex scenes with characters you gonna meet in VOLUME 1 – in 3 new themed rooms. I was assured that I’m going to see the first renders to the expansion today.

The game will be released on STEAM much later – I plan to do it when we got VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2 available. If you want to be informed about the STEAM release, click here:

How to Show Adult Only Games on STEAM? To find this option, login first, then click your name at the top right corner of the Steam client and then select “Store Preferences.” Under Mature Content, check the “Adult Only Sexual Content” box to view these types of games. Your change takes effect immediately

I just can’t wait to present this game to you – give us a week so we can polish everything and implement all the functionalities we need.


When I complete CVR:MB I will focus on rebuilding the LIVING WITH TEMPTATION. I’ve received a lot of new ideas from you, especially from one well-known fan, taking an active role in our community, who sent 33 pages of concept for American Sunrise.

Finally, we found some new outfits for Tracy and Lisa, but we still need to polish them a little more. With those elements ready, I’ll be able to create a prototype where I’ll test 5 periods per day mechanics and then start implementing actions and events to it. Meanwhile, visual artists will be working on extra content.

I’m excited about this project, and much work is ahead. I’m thoroughly convinced that the new ideas will significantly improve the gameplay experience, and with the content we gonna deliver, it will be worth waiting for.