RELEASE: Club Velvet Rose

December 1, 2023 51 By leonizer

Yes! Today we’re ready to invite you to the club.

Welcome to Club Velvet Rose, an immersive and sensual adventure game that mixes visual novel and point-and-click game that will take you on a captivating journey into the intriguing world of a sophisticated swingers club.

Join Hugo and his wife Hazel as they embark on an unforgettable adventure, exploring their desires and pushing the boundaries of their relationship. Hugo finds himself drawn to the exciting possibility of indulging in the club’s pleasures while Hazel explores her newfound freedom and delights in the thrill of experimentation. It’s a delicate dance of trust, communication, and self-discovery.

In the club you can choose your own path – will you fully immerse yourself in the club’s atmosphere, allowing Hazel to explore her desires with various partners? Or will you focus on building meaningful connections and bonds with the club members, navigating the complexities of this intoxicating world?


The game offers stunning animations, captivating dialogue, and a plethora of enticing situations. Explore the depths of your desires, navigate the complexities of relationships, and venture into uncharted territories. The choice is yours.



– six adorable women looking for fun, ready to get dirty tonight with you

– interactive sex scenes with a lot of positions and hand-drawn cumshots to select

– beautiful animations presenting every sex act from 2 different angles

– sand-box type of game with a lot of decisions leading to 7 unique endings

– signature locations, modeled and rendered exclusively for this project

– sensual visuals including girls wearing stockings and other kinds of erotic outfit

– sex scenes and endings gallery + hidden trophies to find

– 100% uncensored images dedicated to adult audiences only


Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of Club Velvet Rose? Prepare yourself for a visually stunning and emotionally charged experience that will leave you breathless. Get ready to explore your deepest desires, engage in stimulating conversations, and unravel the mysteries of this seductive club. Welcome to a world where passion knows no bounds.

Moreover, a continuation called VOLUME 2 is already planned, and we’re working on the first renders. In this expansion you’ll have a chance to witness Abigail in sexual interactions for the first time, meet 2 characters from Eleanor 3 and place your wife into even more kinky situations.

Release of the STEAM version is planned at least after VOLUME 2 so there is no reason to wait – enter the club with MEMBERSHIP as a VIP now!

EDIT: Updated version available – please restart your browser window and start your new adventure.