Let’s talk about American sunset

December 8, 2023 11 By leonizer


Today I want to reveal some information about LWT: AMERICAN SUNSET. I’m thrilled with the development – everything is going super smooth, and the whole team is doing everything to present you with this game version as soon as possible.

At the end of January, I’ll present the first fragment of this concept to all lopgold.com members. Probably we gonna let you experience the 5 first days. In that preview, you’ll be able to experience new mechanics, interface, events and improved visuals.

It’s always the most difficult to start, especially when you’re building a relationship sim with many different features., including daily actions with girls in various locations in different time periods, articles and novel writing mechanics and even a shop where you can buy games on your NextGen console. We’re also rebuilding the event system, making the appearance of every scene much more logical, predictable and easy to follow.

After I code all of this, adding new content is a much easier process – I’ll only need constant deliveries of new images and texts. Rebuilding the old content into a new environment won’t be difficult, but… I want to improve many aspects, for instance:

  • more advanced and sensual photo sessions,
  • a trip to Vegas with improved renders, an option to come back, and exploring new scenes with which you can interact,
  • swinger’s Club needs some love, too – you wanted to go there again after the first visit, and I plan to include more rooms and more characters to make it as hot as possible,
  • new interactions in the cabin during weekends – maybe going there together with Tracy and Lisa,
  • and more.

So it’s still a lot of work, but I plan to update the game regularly. Suppose I get a significant part with new content ready (and thoroughly tested). In that case, I’ll publish an updated version online for all lopgold.com members to let you experience everything as soon as possible.

What’s also super important – is the brand-new content. We got insane ideas for the events, including new characters and faces. Also, I’ve received just a crazy amount of breathtaking concepts from one of our fans, and I plan to implement some of them into the game. Right now, Iksanabot is writing a set of scenes oriented around Justin’s birthday.

So far, we’re rendering new daily actions and introductory events, but we’ll move forward with these new images soon.

Stay tuned for more information soon.

NOTE: Those images are early previews only.