First preview of the American sunset – work in progress

January 19, 2024 14 By leonizer


I’m excited to say that we’re moving forward with completing the first preview of the game. We gonna present it in a near future and we gonna ask you for opinion.

What do we already have in the first preview?

  • It’s fully playable, and all additional content I planned to implement is already there except for some images. We still are missing some visuals but I hope to receive them fast. By playable, I mean it’s fully working – new QUEST TRACKER, new mini-events, the introduction of the characters at the right moment of the game – everything.
  • The new interface is almost complete – I’m still thinking about the presentation of the girl’s statistics, and probably that aspect will change in the future.
  • I’ve added the music to the game – both old tracks you know from the original and new ones.
  • Improved images from the original game – the old renders with the new postprocessing (harmonization of the image with background, new shadows, blur effects, etc).

What is still missing?

  • I need to create animations from the materials I’ve received – the old renders with the new postprocessing need to be upscaled by AI, put into a beautiful sequence of images in AFTER EFFECT, and then rendered and saved into a video file.
  • All other static images, which also received a new postprocessing treatment, need to replace old images in the game folder which also means that… we need to prepare new cumshots effects as well.
  • In the first preview, the number of animations and cumshots will be very limited, so it shouldn’t take too long to implement animations and cumshot effects to what we actually need at the start.
  • Moans, climax and sex sounds need to be assigned to animations.
  • Browser optimization – definitions of files that must be preloaded before we display them on the screen.
  • Final tests and blessing from IKSANABOT.


After the PREVIEW release, we will focus our effort on completing a much more significant part of the game. I aim to present you with a game that will evolve with every new update, presenting more new content, without the need to restart it to get into the new parts. So all saves should be compatible, and if we present you an event – it’s final, there will be no need to play it again to see the changes we’ve added to it at the last moment.

Because of this effort – to achieve complete continuity, we’ll publish some game fragments later than others. For instance, we can theoretically present you all the events with Tracy we have in the original game. Still, because I plan to expand the fragment that takes place in Vegas, we need to wait a bit for that because I’m missing new characters and content I want to present there (and that blocks us a little bit from progressing Tracy’s storyline further).

We need time to prepare all new assets that will modify/replace the old ones because we don’t want to force you to start from scratch repeatedly with every build we release. With a single playthrough, you’ll start soon; you can complete the game when we complete it one day.