Shhh! We’re almost there Justin!

January 26, 2024 13 By leonizer


I have excellent news: this morning, I received all the missing images I required for the first preview of the American sunset. That means that I still require some time to implement them into the game, but right now, I have all the assets and can complete the development without any worries.

What’s still missing? Some technical fixes, a little bit of web optimization and Iksanabot’s blessing. I want to present him with the new version of the game and get his opinion about it. If we agree that no crucial changes are required, we’ll publish it on next week, probably still in January.

I’m eagerly anticipating unveiling the redesigned version of our game, which represents a natural evolution of the LWT concept. It’s something I’ve wanted to develop since day one, but I lacked the skills and know-how to achieve it.

We’ll have a much more detailed story with many new tempting subplots to follow, including new characters that will blend into the existing events, letting our key characters shine in various new scenes. Gameplay will be the most significant improvement. Switching to a quest-based game from the mundane stat building will benefit in much more enjoyable gameplay, and a detailed quest tracker will help you to easily follow the scenes you like to see. Instead of passively waiting for something to happen, you’ll need to perform actions to get that scene so all your successes will be earned – not given.

Super thrilled about your opinion on that! See you next week!