LWT: American sunset EARLY ACCESS

February 2, 2024 43 By leonizer

This Friday is significant for us. We’re releasing the PREVIEW of LWT: American Sunset, and we’re eagerly waiting to hear your opinion on our work. Be advised – this is only a preview, not a complete game.

IMPORTANT: EARLY ACCESS means this game is incomplete and it’s still under development. MEMBER’S got an exclusive sneak peek into the game PREVIEW to experience it at the early stage of development.

Living with temptation: American sunset PREVIEW provides you with access to the first 12 days of the game.

What can you experience?

  • fully playable 12 days to experience the early moments of the new game concept
  • new scenes adding much more details and tension to the story we are all familiar with
  • switch from a mundane stat builder into a quest base game with a friendly hint system
  • massive gameplay overhaul and switch from 24h system to 5-day periods
  • completely redesigned daily interactions with girls, including new outfits and actions
  • introduction of new characters, including Justin’s sexy new publisher and gym coach
  • all locations we have in the game are animated and most of them have day and night versions
  • impressive new module making Justin’s work as an author much more interesting
  • magically improved images and animations for the content from the original game
  • everything coded in RENPY with dozens of save slots, options to roll back time and more

What are the changes?

In comparison to the original game, we’ll have a much more detailed story with many new tempting subplots to follow, including new characters that will blend into the existing events, letting our key characters shine in various new scenes.

Gameplay will be the most significant improvement. Switching to a quest-based game from the mundane stat building will benefit in much more enjoyable gameplay, and a detailed quest tracker will help you to easily follow the scenes you like to see. Instead of passively waiting for something to happen, you’ll need to perform actions to get that scene, so all your successes will be earned – not given.

What are the plans for further development?

After the PREVIEW release, we will focus our effort on completing a much more significant part of the game. I aim to present you with a game that will evolve with every new update, presenting more new content, without the need to restart it to get into the new parts.

In the first stage, we plan to convert all original content to the format of the American Sunset. It will require some time because we want to expand some already established key scenes in the game, like weekend in Vegas, night in the swingers club and much more.

Meanwhile, we plan to incorporate new scenes and characters into the project – at first only as an introduction and then, when we’ll have the crucial scenes from the original games added, new quest lines with those characters will added to the project. Remember, to monitor our blog to get the updates.

We want your feedback!

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the implemented changes. We’ve put a lot of work and heart into the modifications, but if there are aspects you don’t find as a move in the right direction, please let us know.

If you find any bugs you can let us know via this contact form: https://blog.lessonofpassion.com/contact-form/