After the release of American sunset

February 9, 2024 13 By leonizer


The overwhelming positive response to American Sunset is truly motivating and encourages us to strive even harder for our future releases!

We’re analyzing all your comments and will implement some changes in the next version of the game. For instance, we will add a new day period at 6:00 so you can perform not 5 but 6 actions a day. Also, we’re slightly redesigning the interface to make it a little more subtle.

Presently, several people are creating content for the next update. With the next release, we plan to let you experience much more. For Tracy, you’ll be able to complete the redesigned NIGHT IN VEGAS scene with new female characters that take part in a wet t-shirt content. In the future, we plan a significant role for those girls so you can interact with them more than once. Also, we plan to include an expanded version of the weekends in the cabin, where you’ll be able to interact with Tracy during night hours on the deck, where we’ll see her in a new outfit.

With Lisa, you’ll be able to move past the sex in the club scene (with a slightly expanded intro) and experience new interactions in her bedroom when Tracy goes to sleep.

What’s more, we plan to add many more daily actions for girls – right now, you can move to the 2nd or 3rd level of the relationship, which means plenty of new interactions, and some of them will end up with erotic animated scenes.

We got planned level 2 interactions in the club and on the beach for Sandy.

Also, we’re unlocking the possibility of interaction with new characters around town – DOMINIQUE, COCO and PABLO.

It will take us a while because there are numerous new scenes to render and texts to write. Meanwhile, I’m rebuilding old scenes and creating interactions between everything.

Some renders, to tease your eyes, below.


Meanwhile, please look here:, where we reveal our plans for American Sunset on STEAM.