Web of shadows and American sunset

February 16, 2024 11 By leonizer

This week, I was doing two things – assigning new tasks oriented around the American Sunset and building Horos: Web of Shadows.

First, let’s talk about HOROS

The development is going exceptionally well. I implemented all texts and visuals into the game, and I’ve already started to make connections between the scenes. The first event, including Rosie, our new character, is already fully playable (but not balanced yet – the fight with the spiders in the cave was insane, even on a very high difficulty level). Also, I was able to convert all older animations into a new format – thanks to that, we’ll save disc space and browser memory, solve some preloading issues, and provide much better image quality and fluidity of the animation itself.

The plans are ambitious – we’re adding new scenes and new enemies to fight. This time, Horos will have to face a lot of spiders, minotaurs, the goblin king, thieves, and bandits, and Steve the Unstoppable, the powerful necromancer, surrounded by a gang of rotting corpses. But that’s not all. We plan to introduce legendary creatures you’re going to hunt. Those creatures are potent enemies that must be tracked first and then killed in a challenging and violent battle.

With the WEB OF SHADOWS update, I plan to introduce some kind of bestiary – an encyclopedia of all enemies in the game, with some stats, short descriptions and images.

I also want to reserve some time to redesign the interface and add new skills, weapons and unique abilities your special enemies could have. Moreover, we plan to introduce skills that allow faster travel around the map, even in the EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING mode.

Get ready for a wild ride, because there’s gonna be a massive update with tons of drool-worthy new content. Not only will you have the chance to get it on with some fresh faces, but you’ll also have the opportunity to do battle with some badass beasts. Time to level up and unleash your inner monster slayer!

And one more thing – the new animations, used in the HOROS game for the first time, are so badass! All new animations we gonna present in the WEB OF SHADOWS expansion have 40 frames and a very high dose of awesomeness.


Today STEAM accepted our landing page, so for the first time, we may officially announce it!

Ready to dive into the steamy world of adult-only games on STEAM? First, make sure you’re logged in and click your name in the top right corner. Then, select “Store Preferences” and check the box for “Adult Only Sexual Content.”


We’ve now started to render remodeled Vegas scenes, including new characters in the wet t-shirt contest. Those characters, Amanda with her husband Blake and the blonde-haired Courtney will have much more meaningful scenes in the future. Also, we’re preparing many new daily activities for LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3, including various sex sequences.

What’s more, the process of populating the city with people continues. Thanks to the new renders, you can interact with all the girls you’ve met around the city.

Also, we could post-process the latest part of the old images.

So yes, Tracy and Lisa get a lot of attention from us.