At SUNSET, my SHADOW found BLISS chasing the fading light

February 23, 2024 7 By leonizer


I worked very efficiently this week, adding almost everything to the game build. So that means that we have :

  • all old animations transformed into video format, already implemented into the game
  • all new quests are linked with a chain of actions – still balancing some conditions
  • new enemies, including different kinds of spiders, goblins, zombies, then sub and main bosses
  • hunts for legendary creatures assigned by Gideon Ironclaw, who stays in Swingmore, taking care of his old friend Oswals
  • 4 new abilities, including FROST WAVE, BANSHEE SCREAM, FERIE LIGHTS and BERZERK, could be learned from a magical tomes
  • beautiful cumshots hand drawn by our 2d visual artist

Still to do:

  • new 40-frame animations from the renders that I’ve finally received and then implement them into a game
  • new weapons and armor + some custom elements
  • special attacks for selected enemies
  • solid language verification and text formatting
  • caching rules concerning image preloading for the web version
  • testing, testing and testing

So it’s safe to predict that I’ll release WOS on around the 8th of March. The STEAM version will come later because it will require more work.


While I’m building WOS, my team is preparing renders and texts for LWT.

What new elements do we have compared to the first version released as a 12-day preview?

  • module of weekend actions with Lisa (still missing some images that need to be changed, for instance, training with Lisa in the new gym location)
  • weekend module for Tracy, with the new sequence during night hours on deck, where she appears in a new outfit (still missing some additional images, but not much)
  • almost complete LEVEL 2 questline for Tracy, with a new photo session including 3 different clothes variant
  • modifications to the ‘Become Tracy’s cuckold’ quest line in the weekend cabin, making it entirely optional and not required to complete if you don’t want it to
  • almost complete LEVEL 2 questline for Lisa – still missing new renders for a slightly expanded scene in the club, before going outside, behind the club
  • questline ‘Pool party with Derek’

What is still missing:

  • LEVEL 2 interactions with Sandy (2 short sex scenes)
  • more renders, including girls scattered around town, ready to interact with you
  • new daily interactions for LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3
  • expanded Vegas scene
  • texts for certain scenes
  • more images and animations post-processed with a new settings (I guess we have around 80% needed for this part, so it’s a huge progress)

While waiting for materials, I will start implementing LUSCIOUS SECRET expansion into the game next week. This is a massive task, and I’m sure I won’t be able to complete it with the incoming update because I want to implement some changes and add more interactions with Hannah, Keiko, Coco, and other girls.


We’ve set the full rendering speed to AMERICAN SUNSET, and CVR is getting less attention right now, but we’re still considering this project very high on our priority list. Soon, I plan to reveal more images and want to assure you that our copywriter is working hard to deliver texts by the end of this month.


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