Busy week – work report

March 1, 2024 7 By leonizer

My schedule was packed this week as I focused on two main tasks: tying loose ends for the Web of Shadows project and transferring Luscious Secret texts onto the new engine.


Regarding HOROS – I can confirm that we’re releasing the game next week.
Everything is almost ready, and the whole game works well. A lot of new stuff, both in terms of the new scenes with our best animations so far, new kind of enemies, weapon, armor, and spells. Redesigned interface, quest system and new type of items that would allow you to fast travel (even in the FULL EXPERIENCE mode), get more EXP or decrease your chance of being attacked by that enemy. Exciting expansion that our courageous Horos personally suggests with honesty.


The development of Luscious Secrets is going smoothly, but we need to adjust the scene structure. Currently, there are instances where making certain decisions could lead to Hannah not being available later in the game. This could potentially be problematic since we have a new scene featuring her that we want to include.

As the rendering process continues, we receive a steady stream of images. Unfortunately, our team faces unexpected injuries (as bad luck always seems to come in pairs), but they are still working tirelessly to complete the project as quickly as possible. We have completed about 50% of the newly designed VEGAS scene and added more daily interactions with our female characters.

Additionally, we are creating new settings that will be utilized later in the game. For instance, as Tracy has a suspenseful encounter with a stranger, Justin observes from the grimy staircase. Later on, Amber and her husband Blake plan a date for them to partake in spouse-swapping with Tracy. This scene will continue to escalate as they invite Justin and Tracy to their beach house for a sensual and exhilarating experience.


As the WEB OF SHADOWS rendering is complete, Chestnut was finally able to come back to Eleanor in Miami project.

Right now, we have core gameplay and the main plotlines and endings ready. In this stage, we’ll focus on adding more hard-core content, including Theodore’s character and Ben from Eleanor 3. Also, Marina from Adrianne & Oliver will receive her own events and more…

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