RELEASE: Web of shadows

March 8, 2024 26 By leonizer

Finally! We’re ready to present you our expansion to HOROS game, called WEB OF SHADOWS!

Embark on an epic adventure game fused with a visual novel and a dash of RPG elements. Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline featuring intriguing characters, engaging gameplay, and unique erotic encounters that will leave you breathless.

What is included in this expansion?

  • introduction of 2 new characters – the Spider queen Silkara and the farm girl Rosie, together with new plotlines and endings
  • inspiring new events with already established characters, full of new kinks and interesting background story
  • highly improved animations (for new content), with double the amount of animation frames and more visual variety
  • dozens of new enemies to defeat, including spiders, zombies, legendary creatures and even the Minotaur
  • the new set of skills, weapons, armor and new types of items that influence the way you travel around the world
  • improved quest system with the TIPS & TRICKS for players that need help
  • refreshed game interface and dozens of other less significant fixes


Throughout his journey, Horos encounters various individuals – from ruthless merchants to literal murderers to those more interested in his body parts than his quest. Each character has been carefully crafted with unique and defining features, staying true to the fantasy genre. There are delicate, nymph-like women standing next to voluptuous ones, as well as those whose appearance cannot be easily described.

In this expansion, we introduce Silkara, the Spider Queen whose past is intertwined with that of Petra the Sineater, the cruel ruler of this realm who thrives on pain and fear. We also meet Rosie, an innocent girl in need of Horos’ help to defeat the spiders attacking her land. Her ancestor may hold the key to all of Horos’ problems, which leads to yet another resurrection.

From the original game, we have Lucretia, the caring innkeeper who will treat you like her own child; Kara, the daughter of the blacksmith, and Fabiana, who leads the Majestic Owl cult. Mandy wields witchcraft; Teriani acts as any elf would multiple times; and Lady Aleneitte will show you what noblewomen do with their husband’s permission. And this is only scratching the surface – by the end, Horos will surely be exhausted from all he has experienced.

Sex scenes

To put it simply, have you ever played a game where you first assist a resurrected necromancer in celebrating her return to life, only to then engage in a threesome with a friendly vampire and the shopkeeper’s daughter? And that’s just one small example of the wild experiences awaiting you. But we don’t want to give away too much just yet.

With the expansion, we’re adding an impressive amount of new sexual encounters including threesomes, lesbian fun, domination, intercourse after… magical apples, with a dick enlarged by a magical needle, with a recently resurrected (from dead) princess and much more…

Simple role playing game

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s dull: scavenging from vanquished foes and abandoned riches, acquiring armor, weapons, and various items to improve your abilities and odds, and engaging in combat. But don’t fret; the main focus will still be on the sensual encounters, and we won’t burden you with a complicated system. However, you’ll encounter numerous enemies, some that you can overpower and others that will require clever tactics to defeat.

We add more adversaries to the already formidable lineup of foes, including a new breed of zombies that are not exactly fresh (in fact, they’re quite decayed). The caverns house spiders that fling webs, guarding their queen known as Silkara. In the sewers beneath Hythe, you will also face off against various types of bandits and thieves. Get ready for epic hunts for mythical creatures such as Lurker, Wurm, Ripper, and more. And let’s not forget the newly introduced bosses – Silkara, Minotaur, and the infamous necromancer Steve…

Prepare to learn new abilities such as Berzerk, Banshee scream, Ferie lights, and Frost wave. Additionally, the selection of shops in the area has expanded, offering a wider variety of weapons and armor. Keep an eye out for new items that can help you quickly move around the map, earn more experience points, or decrease your chances of being attacked by enemies.

Diversified scenery

Countless hours have been dedicated to perfecting every aspect of each location, from its conception to design to final representation. However, this attention to detail does not mean we have limited ourselves to a handful of key scenes. On the contrary, this project boasts double, perhaps even triple, the number of locations compared to our most expansive projects thus far.

Web of Shadows offers an array of captivating destinations to explore. Have you ever ventured into caverns filled with spiders that tower over you? Or delved into a goblin kingdom, where treasures are safeguarded by the goblin king himself? And have you ever pondered what may lie beneath Erk’s enchanting curiosity shop, or if there is a hidden passage leading to Petra’s private chambers? Not to mention the treacherous marshlands teeming with zombies and secret locations protected by legendary creatures.

Key features

  • intriguing and original storyline, filled with just crazy amount of thrilling stories, subplots, twists and turning points, mixing desire with monster slaying and discovering your past
  • colorful, funny and diversified fantasy realm awaiting your exploration, where your sword and your cock are your biggest assets that no one is going to question
  • easy to learn and enjoyable to play RPG combat with over 60 different enemies (optional – if you want to focus only on a story, we got a special mode for you)
  • character progression, including stats changes, gaining new attacks, magical spells and the option to manage your inventory by purchasing new weapons and armor
  • interactive sex scenes with amazing animations and hot cumshots to experience, with significantly improved visuals for all new content from WOS expansion you’re going to love
  • 14 different endings to discover + sex scenes, and magical orbs’ gallery with bonus images means it’s a paradise for all trophy hunters

STEAM release is planned for next month.

Enjoy the game and share your thoughts in the comments about your favorite new scene. Also, let us know if you want us to add more content because we have many ideas for HOROS and his adventures in the realm of slaying and romance.